Your Song "super hero"

Man you got a lot going on here. I could hear this in a variety of movie's ranging from battles to romance. Well orchestrated and arranged plus a good recording that's not over done with the background theme that complements the whole story. I can tell you took a lot of time and effort into this project. Hellofadeal, Write On~~~


Música instrumental muito interessante. Climas ritmicos que nos convida a viajar no tempo e no espaço. Batida leve, efeitos de teclado formidáveis. Uma viajem musical, no tempo, no espaço e pelo mundo também. Som de tambores soando de fundo, dando um clima muito viajante. Tudo isso realmente só pode vir de alguém que tenha ótimas idéias musicais.

Rad Stud

The sound is really, kind of trippy, spacey, and industrial. It also has a bit of a poppy side to it as well. It totally sounds like a theme for a hero!

Super Hero is Great

This is a very dynamic track that, for me, promotes visualizations of the classic spy movies on foreign territories. The orchestral instrumentation is very well woven into this rock/jazz track that is very reminiscent of…. dare I say… some of the more recent work of one Mr. S. Clarke. The groove, is bit of funky and with the underlying guitar screams in sections is also sort of Crimsonishk (nope… you can’t spellcheck that one)! The synth like bass line provides a bottom end that is gritty enough to replace the guitar that a rocker might normally expect and with the brass support the track is sufficiently full. I applaud you effort Ralph in your ability to ‘paint in vivid color’ with your music. I’m sure anyone can picture an experience that this piece could easily provide the soundtrack for.

"Solid track"

Full range of sounds gives it almost a "theatrical" impact! Great track & keep up the good work! Good to know that there are musicians still interested in doing "good" music!

Super Hero with caps on!

Not obvious to me was the soundtrack nature of this submission. I like it. There's variety, movement, and tasteful instrumentation arrangements and renderings. Have heard a lot of synth-based sounds on the music site here, which I've attempted to listen beyond personal preferences and quality control (to discern what the composer was really attempting to accomplish) but this track's aesthetic is perfect for me; well balanced, good progression, intro and resolution natural and very appealing. Well done!

Super Hero

A dark repetitive semi- orchestrated movie like theme tied to the character of a super hero.It creates a visual imagery of strength and immortal powers resonating in the lower frequencies.

Movie man's Dream

Listening to this makes me think of music for a movie, this would work great as part of a movie soundtrack. It is well put together. and thought out. Really quite moving with how it has been put together.

Review of Super Hero- By Ralph Tomaselli.

Good TV show theme music. Couple of things though. One the opening is too long. It takes about what seems like an eternity to get to the main theme of the piece. Also it is a bit repetitive when it does. The mix is loaded with reverb so it is a little too spacey for my tastes. The track has potential and the artist displays plenty of talent. Looking forward to hearing more in the future.

Trouble with the style.

Hi Ralph: Thank you for asking me to make a review on your song; I am honored to do so! In order to be objective on my review I will forget that I know your trajectory and your success; I will only judge everything like what I am; a music producer, I will do this using a lot of quotes of successful people to avoid me doing lectures on your work. I have a feeling that this baby was very prior to Conditioned by media where it looks you did improve a lot on the final concept. Lets go back to the very basics; Rock music is a powerful music based on Blues with a lot of power, say Drums & Bass and of course Guitars (when Jazz acoustic guitar got a tube amp and overload the valves we hit a new style) My constant struggle with technology is not to sound robotic, please don't misunderstand me your song is almost perfect, The name fits but the style..."To achieve style, begin by affecting none" E.B. White, The Elements of Style or "Forget about style; worry about results" Bobby Orr. I will work real hard with my rhythm section to sound powerful and find a realistic rock guitar here. "The measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure" Stephen Richards. Myself: I listen to my songs after a while and then I start listing items to be corrected, you never end. If you don't feel like start to fix this one I will recommend you to change the style as Instrumental and then you get rid of all my info as not useful. "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn" Orson Wells. You have a lot talent and good songs this just need a little work on it. Cheers from Minnesota. Respectfully; El MAGICO.

Sounds like a movie sountrack

Mr Tomaselli once again paints a visual picture with his music.... Using synthesized sounds and haunting echo to illustrate a suspenseful backdrop that could work in films or television that involve the viewers sitting on the edge of their seats. I particularly enjoyed the use of the deeper French horn-like brass to add to the richness of the sounds... Anyway, very nice soundscape

I like the swing

I like the swing because is striking and has animated presence, is a feeling very well done and in a great content to shine, and ambienta something nice.
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