Love for lovin' life

Music can take us to places outside of ourselves. The song lovin' life by Ralph Tomaselli does just that. Whether it be to a beach on a coast where the waves break at our feet or to a sidewalk cafe along the shore having our favorite cool drink. This song conjures visions of a lazy careless time with a special someone or friends. Beautiful piece of music with a relaxed vibe. Scott ... WFJ

Very mellow

Lovin life is a very laid back cool piece of work. Production and instrumentals are great on this piece. Kinda reminds you of a walk along the beach or being out In A park somewhere and just watching people and traffic drift past. All the best in your music . HughieQ.


Interesting track here. It's one of those tunes where the groove can turn inside out if you don't catch it off the top. It happened to me just now and I had to replay it a few times to zone in. But overall cool track - different for Ralph Tomaselli compared to others he has posted. Nicely done.

Nice track

It is good to hear the sound of instrumental jazz once again.Keep up the good work I'll be looking forward to listening to your Music. Bigrughmusic!!!

lovin life

'Laid back tune kind of smooth Jazz background..Personally like the groove,nice keyboard sound Is it fender Rhodes or something.Tune is very well balanced as well.KEEP UP the good work.CHEERS &have a very warm pleasant day,indeed.IGOR

Great 'Kick Back' Music

Ralph, you have a great track here. This is the type of music I love to sit back and relax to after a brain storming day. It just swayed and smoothed out my feelings as I heard it. I enjoyed it all the way through. Great work, man!

Lovin' Life

Hi there, Lovin' Life is a nice and smooth instrumental Pop - Jazz song made by Ralph Tomaselli. great musician, that's for sure. Enjoy it and share it. Thanks a lot ! Wannislas

Ralph tomaselli

Lovin life is a nice slow mellow Song that you would love to hear when you were out on a date its smooth groove town sets it up For romance glass of wine and your arm around a woman that you love this is a very nice song love the way the piano is play in the ocean effect in the background good job wish you the best of luck

"Lovin Life" Review

Nice smooth drum beat. I love it when the Rhodes comes in. Around 3 minutes in I started to get a little bored with it. I think it needs some kind of change at some point. Over all it's a nice chill song.


digging the mellow ambient tune. has that "feel good" vibe to it. it depicts the title very and the combination of elements are put together very well. The structure is very strong with nice subtle transitions that make this very relaxing to listen to. should have put words to it. keep up the good work


Good music with a solid melody and instrumenration. The drums were a little repetitive but the keys kept the song going. If you were to add more current sounds and effects it would catch the ear of ther listeners faster.

Lovin; Life

I think this song is wonderfully done, the keys are smooth the melody takes my on a mental journey though time. it makes me feel like I'm on the water with my man with no care in the world. Please keep it coming. I love it.

Smoothe Smoothe

Really nice i could put this on for just about anything driving, walking or retiring at evening background sounds would recommend without fear of offensive words. i don't know if you have mastered and release this track but i would very global sound could do good in other countries as well.

Jazzy Flow nice sounds smooth

From the opening notes you get a nice warm smooth feel . The piano leads the way with melodies having a nice warm calming effect.The other instruments support the piano lead melody nicely with no distractions . The mix sounds very well , the sound of what I think is an ocean and wind was just OK for me and I felt this was the only point of not needing something. Very well done overall.

Very Good !!!!

Very good, puts me in a state of intense relaxation and peace. my greetings and congratulations.
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