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It's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

It's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here from South Africa and I would like to say nice tune though keep up the good work your music is magical I also love the recording part as well your quality is on point

Goin Stewy

This is that get hyphy type shit reminds me of 2006 the golden era of hyphy. I like it this brings me back to them days having the door open on the freeway KNOCKIN some keak goin STEWY. I like the style and the way you switch up the voice to bruh. Sounds like it's like 4 different people rappin on this. I think you could have your vocals mixed better but all in all it's dope bro keep at it with the slaps bro good work

Yo this fire

I came a cross this song damn bro its fire keep pushing my guy. Id defently do music with you keep grinding fam Has that westcoast/midwest feel i like it a lot i look up to artist like this! Get it!!

My review

Intro is alright. Rap style iz unique. It sounds old school. Its not gramny material. But you are original in style. The beat is unusal. The theme is alright. Better luck next time. I hope u make it.

Hi I'm here to review

I like it. It sounds easy going, not to much knock, but I think it sounds cool. I got beats, similar, if you check me out too, suggested, and need assistance with feature, networking beats, let me know, it's decent, stay up!

It was ok

It was ok it reminded of of a Mac Dre kind of flow Rip Mac Dre I like how he rode the beat the recording was ok but at the end of the day people like what they like an I feel if it make u happy I’m happy for u


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I'm loving the Westside flow.... We should colab... I'll be in Cali soon..... Got me up on the gram @blkpearl_kee_kookie.... Your flow is sick Son ????????????????????????????????‍♀️❓????????????????????????????????..... The sound of your track is electrifying..... I'm down to review more....



A real UFO??0

The name itself is a eye-catcher and immediately caught my attention! The beat is real bouncy and the lyrics are pretty straight forward. Things sound kind of chaotic but i like chaos. The rhyme style and actually the voice sounds like and reminds me of the emcee Suga Free. This is very comparable...just the arrangement gets kind of choppy at different parts of the song. But It's unique and different and unconventional and i like that kind of hip-hop!

Interesting unique style

Keep working keep trying make music that moves you interesting unique style keep your head up it’s a difficult industry not everyone cut out! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up keep it up keep it up keep it up keep it up keep it up what’s good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice track dope flow beat is a slapper smooth lyrics gives you a different insight on some knowledge that should be getting know. But doesn’t the song is structured and sequenced nicely




It was OK I could hear every word he said to dude was ripping up the track like a G should to me just my opinion he should pick a better beat for this song but I still would bang this out my trunk....

UFO (Unique Freak'n Oregonian)

This track is nice. Nice unique hip hop/trap beat and style in the background.. Sound a little like Digital Underground. Vocals, lyrics and transitions were on point. Nothing negative found to add to this review. Good work!
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