Got Me Gone Dance Remix

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This song is so hype and perfect for radio.This group needs some real support from a record label.I do love her voice and in her pic she is very good looking.So I will rate this song high

United States, Washington, Seattle

Review from CandGirlHaynes on Got Me Rmx.

I LIKE IT!!! Very Different. Creative and a rare sound which is Great.

United States, Georgia, Stone Mountain

House Music =EDM Now!

It's cool, I like the concept and energy from this remix! Strong vocals sound almost like Kelly Rowland on this track! I would like more tighter production and arrangement when it hits the chorus and bridge! Over all it's definitely a song that makes you groove and whip them hips! Nice chatting and incorporation of classic lyrics to fill the songs parts! It can break in the rave clubs and kill overseas market! Keep up this style and just beef up the arrangement to keep it on a EDM fans pre party ritual!

United States, California, Los Angeles


Why is this song not on the Billboard Charts Yet? i know a few garbage that is playing on the radio that is not up to par with this one. I like the effects, not too much, the vocals... you have this energy in you that brings out that fire. Good Job!

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

old feelings from new sound

I love the creativity here, I felt like I was at club or rave type environment, the effects I thought were gonna push it too hard, but it did just the trick, I really do like this track for its no fear feeling approach towards new age sound with a trance type groove, I danced the whole time. Two thumbs up!!

United States, Oklahoma, tulsa

I can definitely see this song in a club

This song really makes you wanna move and groove! This song will no doubt end up in a club someday!

United States, California, Victorville

got me gone

The over-all vibe of the song is very energetic . i can see the whole floor moving at the same.Bounce,bounce,bounce.Very sexy song. The producer should make a name for himself/herself.Is the original song off of your album?I would like to hear it to understand how the remix was crafted. The only issue I can hear is pitch issue.Seems that the vocals and music are in a different key. When corrected the song will flow smoother. It will be a more natural attraction to the song. Good music kutie.

United States, Ohio


Originality!! Club, TV, movies, you just take ur pick!!

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

nice sound

like is sensational.. you could actually, not be bored with gets you up!!!...tremendous stuff!!!!.. something to smoke a blunt to

United States, California, woodland hills

Got me now

OH yea like this, crossed beats and She has a nice voice, a bit less low sub in the kick though.. please HulkCity Switzerland

Switzerland, Dicken



United States, Texas, FORT WORTH

Got me gone

I'm not a big fan of remix. The singer is great, though the auto tune stuff drives me nuts. This is not a style I can judge. Nice tricks, lots of nice tricks- where's the performance? OTOH, it is done very well and with total involvement and dedication. It's starting to grow on me. My 2 cents, Eric Blackmer

United States, New Hampshire, Peterbrough

Ohhh interesting sound

is very interesting your proposal, mixing the urban sounds with electronic music, like this project, congratulations for this song

Colombia, Cali

Review of "Got Me Gone Dance Remix"

Sometimes it seems a bit odd and too many effects but works well. This is a kind of music that fits perfectly on the catwalk or in a clothing store. Nice work!

Portugal, Guarda

Got Me Gone Dance Remix

This is not a genre I know a lot about but it sounds good to my ears. I thought the whole point of selecting a genre when you request to be a reviewer is that N1M send you that genre to review. Tut tut. Anyway, great vocal, cool beats, and interesting production. I found the song a bit long with not enough added interest, but I guess when your in a club high it'll seem like a couple of minutes so good job.

United Kingdom, London

hi there

Man this jam is hot, high and great feeling way that's ,aces you free and happy. I think the tone of your voice during you vocals should be higher just a bit. But great music keep it up. By the way check out my music, please show your support and I also have some specials links for you if you ant to branch your music in other location worldwide let me know, inbox me at the link above!!! thanks and God bless

United States, Georgia, rincon

RR Music Records Reviews

The song Got Me Gone Dance Remix so like crap. The song need so work to it

United States, Georgia, Macon

Got Me GONe Dance

Good vocal singing .Girl Is good Need more of her.Song is to confusing & to repetive Needs work. wish you the best . Good luck to you guys. :)

United States, Florida, Spring Hill

GOt Me Gone

Infectious beat but a little repetitive to my ears. Solid production. Not sure the different sections hang together.

Canada, Ontario, Niagara-on-the-Lake

your tune

I liked some of the cool effects you have going here. I think it could work as a dance song. It has a good beat going. I did think the beginning was a little rough though and the mix could be better but overall I liked it.

United States, Florida, bradenton

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