Thomas Kaxe / Den Store Verden (The Great World) / Mars Is Burning (For You)

Old gear

Sometimes old gear lets you relive the past and old songs. This is a good song,Lyrics paint a picture of where you were at the time you wrote it,And it also lets the listener paint there own picture. Just add some other parts, mix it and there you go! Or just re-record it with just an Acoustic and vocals it could be great either way.

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simple and interesting

A nice intro -very classic but straightforward and effective. Perhaps after that the song needed some more arrangements and instruments. I also like the title of the song -unfortunately it is almost impossible to hear the lyrics clearly, even if they sound important. Perhaps if the track was not so old... it deserves a better recording indeed, and also a solo or middle eight : because it sounds a bit monotonous -I like the slowing down of the guitar at the end, it is a good way to finish off a song. So keep up the good work, there is potential in this : it just needs to be expanded to a higher level. Thanks for this simple, but interesting song.

rec quality needs work

Need some better equipment 2 stars for trying with what you got tho.. So I definitely gotta give it to him for trying but I'm like half deaf so I couldn't hear you that louder than the music always...

Mars Burning

This song has real potential. I understand that it is an old recording with old gear. I think that if you re-record with separate vocal and guitar tracks you can make this song stand out. If it were my song (and this is purely my opinion and personal taste) I would add a couple of instruments and throw in a few arpeggios and walkdowns on the guitar to fill the song out a bit. When you are singing the "mars is burning for you" line would be the perfect walk down point for a guitar or bass. You can easily download a simple drum program to put a rhythm track in. It can be as simple or complex as you like, but it will definitely add depth to the sound. I would also highlight the vocals over the guitar. That's just a couple of ideas for when you record this one again, which I highly recommend. Thanks for reading, Adam

Mars burning

Nice melody structure and clever approach. Kind of rough recording as the artist states. Might do well with a bridge to change up the rhythm pattern. ( a bit too repetitive. ). But overall a nice song.


Thomas además de tener una voz característica, bonita, es un buen compositor de melodías. Le hace falta mejorar el dominio del instrumento, unas clases de guitarra le vendrían bien, no hace falta que sea un prodigio solo dominar un poco más la guitarra, y como siempre digo en sus canciones, le falta una banda que le apoye pues ganaría mucho su música. Una batería o un cajón flamenco (cajón peruano) y un bajista que haga coros para empezar sería perfecto. In addition to having a characteristic, beautiful voice, Thomas is a good composer of melodies. You need to improve the mastery of the instrument, some guitar classes would work well, it does not have to be a prodigy to just master the guitar a little more, and as I always say in his songs, he lacks a band that supports him because he would gain a lot its music. A drummer or a flamenco drawer (Peruvian drawer) and a bassist who chooses to start would be perfect.

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Real feel!!

Really enjoy the originality of the song. There were a couple areas where the pitch kind of wavered a bit but the overall song was very smooth and moving. Definitely recommend remaking with your new quality. Could be a nice soundtrack song

Go Ninja, Go ninja, Go!

Bro.... Talk about some lyrics and Rhythm from the heart! Very inspiring and real lyrics, I think everyone can relate to in their own way. The struggle is oNly real if we let it be. \m/ great chorus and really good recording and mix down! Keep at those skillz Ninja!!


Hardest part (in my opinion) for a home recording musician is the engineering past .... arrangement, EQ and final mixdown. Since this only has two parts, vocal and guitar the mix is critical. The vocals here sit in the mix in volume where the guitar needs to be and vice versa ..... maybe just some compression on the guitar ..... double track the guitar and give each track a different flavor (i.e. reverb, delay, phase VST amp etc.) and spread them 75% L&R let them sit in the back so the vocals and lyrics are up front and the lyrics can be understood .... try various versions of this till you hear the difference it can make.


This recording sounds like its been done in a bedroom. vocals need more training, maybe try a harmony.. is very repetitive. but theres a song in there waiting to shine out. maybe try a proper studio and get more rewards


I'm glad that you wrote back and added this song it is a very good song very unique and creative well composed and well put together keep on going and making great music never stop your craft have a blessed day and may God bless you in all your endeavors peace.

A solid effort in songwriting

This is actually a very decent song suffering from a poor recording. I would say worth recording again. A compressor on the guitar Mike would really help the guitars uneven strum sound. Some notes pop when they shouldnt amd some dont when they should. An eq on that acoustic would also warm the tone. Being able to hear the clarity and quality of the vocal through a seperate Mic would also give the singer the ability to test out some compression and reverbs and could only improve a halfway decent voice performance
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