I don't know why

Love the chord sequence and lyrics! One thing about this track is that it transfers the raw emotion of the song in very basic way with just the guitar and vocals. Some tracks are like that. They sound best without a lot of extraneous instruments and voices. That being said, if you decide to record this again you could add a slight amount of reverb to the vocal to make it an even more effective vehicle for the message. I wouldn't bother with a bass line or percussion though. The simple route is definitely the way to go with this song.

I Don't Know Why..

This is a solid Musician and Composer with talent with a soulful and unique voice. Thomas Kaxe is a Singer & Song Writer who has a feel for the chords and plucks the heart-strings with his words. NOW IS THE Time for you to sign up for America's Got Talent or take a plane and fly over to appear on Britain's Got Talent. You will be carried on Love's wings you will fly. Your talent is meant to be sown to grow a tree where others will gather to hear your anointed songs world-wide. So why wait? Just do it! Y gotta be where you are in truth meant to be...don't get lost in just one way and one love. Just step into your own light, then watch as all the love lights will be gathered to hear you when you sing your songs...songs of unity of One heart, One Way, One Light.

I don't know why

A cool little track that could be developed into an anthem. Yes, this a simple recording, but the heart of the song is easy to feel. The lyrics are beautiful and perfectly accompany the guitar with it's melody. The singing is totally sympathetic to the sensitive song and give it an organic vibe. Definitely would like to hear this polished but the gem stone is here and ready to shine. I look forward to the master, great start Thomas !


I like the guitar: strong and acoustic. The vocals are intimate and personal are appropriate to the theme. This song succeeds because it is from the heart. This is a perfect Indie song. When I listen critically to a song, I listen for the following: Theme, Story, Expression - then musicianship and lastly production. This song is perfect. The theme and story align. The expression is consistent with the requirement of the theme. It is simple, straight-forward and not over-produced. The final product is true to the theme of authentic love and devotion. There are no detractors in the form of over- ambitious drummers or rediculous string-sections conjuring up I,ages of cupids. This is raw and real. Thank you, Thomas Kaze for writing a great song and keeping it real.

Great Melody, Lyric

Thomas Kaxe's song, " I Don't Know Why", is a really good song. Lyrically and Melody is on target. Guitar skills need work but works ok for the presentation. Would love to here more from this singer songwriter for sure.

I don't know why review

Nothing more personal than an artist singing raw with only their instrument. There's nowhere to hide especially if the recording lacks any professional recording aspects. You either have talent or you don't and the song is either good or bad. Fortunately I think you do have talent, and your voice has a nice tone to it. The song is also a nice song. However there are at least two places that I heard where you could have cur the song shorter and it would have worked better. Your song doesn't need a ton .of additional instrumentation but with a Beatles style quartet it would really fill up well. A compressor on the guitar before addimg reverb would adf a lot of control to the strings that were hit a little harder than the others

Clean and Honest

Thomas' music is interesting. However, it fails to grab the audience...it deserves better. Thomas deserves better. May I suggest a lift and a Chorus? With the lift the music should signal a change, this keeps the audience interested, perhaps motivated. Then following this different passage, the lift, the Chorus, which in a song is the pay-off, which should give the audience, the answers, or point of your song. Keep writing Thomas, also you have a nice voice and a nice clear style.

Nice Melody

It's nice to hear a raw recording of a song with just the writer, their voice and their instrument. The melody is nice throughout the song and it has an easy listening vibe to it. i would love to hear the song with a little more production, for example, I can almost already hear backing vocals (female) in the chorus and parts of the verse. I would also like to hear the ending more refined. They lyrics are very good throughout and the song is meaningful and heartfelt.

I love it

I got to say that you did a very good job you got your own style and I'm with that no lie keep doing what you are doing in life everything we do does pay off at last it's not easy making music I'm with you brother

I Don't Know Why

Hi Thomas, "I Don't Know Why"... I enjoyed listening to your song. You have a very simple demo of your song, but on one listen, this is a song that if you cut a master recording it would hold it's own with the alternative giants out there. I didn't catch all the lyrics.. it would be good to add the lyrics with the song. I listen to lyrics last, I prefer to have the sound catch my attention , then I'll listen to the story. It's a good title, and would like to hear the words more... All the best, Digee

Jolie chanson

Thomas Kaxe,nous offre ici une jolie chanson folk simple. On a certes l'impression d'avoir déjà entendu ça. Une suite d'accords souvent employée, mais ça le fait quand même quand on aime le genre. Pourquoi? peut être de la voix, à a fois douce et juste. Pour rien de neuf sous le soleil, mais un moment sincère et agréable

Bonita voz

Me gusta mucho la voz y las melodías de este chico. Como en otras canciones que he escuchado, le hace falta una banda ya para sacar todo el potencial que tienen sus canciones y también perder la timidez que parece tener al cantar, se tiene que lanzar, dar más fuerza a su música para que brille más. I really like the voice and the melodies of this guy. Like other songs I've heard, it takes a band already to get the full potential of their songs and also lose the shyness that seems to have when singing, you have to throw, give more force to your music to make it shine more.

Great music

I really like the song and I really like your style it is very unique and creative and I like your writing as well as the great sounds of the guitar well composed and well put together I can feel any hear the passion in your voice and at anytime I would love to hear more of your creative music and never stop creating thanks for sharing your gift with me and the world you have a unique gift have a great day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.

not too much really stuck out

i heard the ukulele, and the solo vocal, but thats about it. it wasn't bad, but nothing stuck out to me. i couldn't really tell where the verses started and where the chorus came back in. at least i thought the chorus repeated but i could honestly be saying that because the whole melody sounded very similar. i didn't really hear any vocal hook, either with melody or lyrics, and i definitely didn't hear an instrumental hook. not saying its a bad song but, i don't have the urge to listen to it again, and thats what makes a song good. if someone wants to keep hearing it over and over again

I Don't Know Why

Hi Thomas, Your melody has nice shape and is pleasant to listen to. Nice Job! If it were me.... one thing I might look at would be the sameness of your sections (verse / chorus)... same rhythm... and almost the same chord changes.. When one does that.... it creates an ambience that continues to pull the listener away from your ideas that you're expressing lyrically due to the repetition of the music... In today's age of instant gratification you may be asking a lot of the listener to take the journey of this song with you. I'm not suggesting that this concept can not be used effectively..Joe Cocker's version of "Feeling All Right" is a great example of this idea working. But if one listens to that version... notice how the rhythm varies in order to create interest. Songwriting is a combination of Rhythm / Harmony / Melody and lyrics. All of these elements should be considered when crafting a song. You have a nice start to a song and as you more than likely know.... the hard part awaits you... re-writing... Remember to listen to some of your favorite artists and see what devices they use to "hone" their ideas... Good Luck and Keep Writing! RW
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