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Good Vibes!


I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production,i can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with the vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Not Feeling This

I'm not a fan of this simply because there's no direction or real pattern in place. Then the voice could be delivered a little smoother if you ask me. We can definitely turn this into something though with the right guidance I love guitars.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Ambient Minimalism


Starts with bass and what sounded like a siren turned out to be a guitar with delay. As near as I can tell it’s a guitar and bass and spoken vocal. I thought I heard the click of a drum at the beginning but it must have been something else. So as near as I can tell improvised bass, guitar and spoken word. The players sound like they have some concept of harmony and generally achieve ambience. The best comparison I can make is minimalist free jazz, but verging more towards harmonic resolution and less toward dissonance and cacophony. In terms of rock - a pared down minimalistic Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd free jam- sans drums and keyboard. I suppose it’s experimental in terms of composition. Interesting effort.

United States, Florida, Orlando

a new approach to sounds and experimenting.


this song reminds me of the old days kinda a different approach to reality /// its a conbination of poetry and sounds of experimentaion...good luck to you in your music endeavors and be happy.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Experimental Trash

I would categorize this recording as experimental, not indie - blues - folk, For me it's not really worth listening to it. Technics: The song is not even mastered and obviously not normalized to 0 dB.

Austria, Vienna

interesting track but....


This reminds me of the recordings I made back when I was just starting out... I can relate to the fun, the loose attitude and the humor... but it's not my cup of tea anymore. I think with time and practice the Wild Bunnies could be a band worth watching out for in the future.

United States, New York, New York

Hold bunnies


wow what a beautiful song love the sounds and muscianship............this song has a really good melody lines I can hear this song over and over............they the song was put together is very unique..........just love the way its sung the vocals are spot on the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village


Truthfully, sounds like you address higher than high on this one. The chords are good. I'm not sure of the genre but sure somebody had the best of time once or twice. Keep up the good beats. You do have an old skool swag on any case.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

The Wild Bunnies


Some times you find out that these can represent real characters in real life. The diversity of characters is what makes life interesting. I just hope that different characters should not include those that are detrimental to others in the society. I did enjoy your music.

South Africa, Cape Town

Best of Times

It's really different from what maybe expected of the title,I think that the listeners are being deprived.It's a bit of compromising with one's self,finding yourself deep into a hallow hole in the poetry corner. This would be a knockout tune for soul searching.

United States, Florida

Hello my friend


I like the toons. I would love to hear more. Nice work.. Indeed. Its like a script. I like it. Its also a build up. Sounds original and unique. Add some hip-hop to your flow it will ride.. Check me out man

United States, Texas, Houston

note dall'inferno

note dall'inferno devono star male laggiù' per sentire note buttate a caso e fa paura sentire satana che parla se l'inferno esiste magari faro' un giro ma non per sentire questa musica. ciao

Italy, dalmine bg

Born to be "Wild"!


This song is so good, I play it everyday while I'm in the shower. This is a track everyone should listen to. This pop song will pave the way for future musicians everywhere. Little girls around the world will know there’s a powerful, pop artist they can relate to, and little boys around the world will learn the true definition of being a man. This track, by no means, is degrading, bland, over-used, repetitive, or an extremely stupid waste of time and money. No. This is a Grammy award-winning track written from the heart with no ulterior motives. And if anyone disagrees, just remember, “I’m right, you’re wrong, sexy sexy thong.”­

United States, New York, Brooklyn

Best of Times by The Wild Bunnies


This sweet tune meanders thru a field of wildflowers. Then the thunder comes and shakes up the earth. The spoken word portion of the song is in direct contrast to the background music. This song is very different and interesting. I'd like to hear more by The Wild Bunnies. I wonder if all their tunes have spoken word? It's a cool idea.

United States, Illinois, Hillside

The Wild bunnies Best of Times


Ok so sounds really sleepy and not sure where this is going I found it difficult to listen to and I am not sure if the emperor has any clothes on here. It's good to experiment and the bunnies are doing that. So mabe if I could have some cosmic enhancement to my sence it would sound differen some times tracks sound good when stoned but not so good the day after. So if its altered state of mind your playing to not sure where that audience is .. keep on rocking

United Kingdom, Gloucester

Best of Times,


I don't care for the supposed lyrics, they are disparaging, the music belongs in a movie or at least parts of it. I believe actually high when doing this psycadellic music, which to me requires little thought.I would only recommend background for sync on a movie where appropriate. The voice could be used as character in a movie. Definitely not for lyrics or singing. Join a band where great electric guitar can be used. Since this is extremely random. Sorry, keep moving forward as possible.

United States, New York, Pittsford

Great Times


Hello good evening great title when I read this title it took me back to that late 80s early 90s some of the best times I had in my life that's when I really started getting into music in that late 90s early 2000 I grew up listen to all genres of music gospel jazz Rock soft rock Christian rock just to name a few. Music today is not the same as they used to be the change so much for the worst old school is way better special doing this day and time that we live in that what's going on all over the country we need more love and we need God number one. Thank you for sharing your music with me continue stay creative keep on making great music and you took me back you know I started reminiscing before my wife passed away but thank you again for sharing never stop making grey music The Best of time God bless have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your but thank you again for sharing never stop making grey music The Best of time God bless have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your but thank you again for sharing never stop making grey music The Best of time God bless have a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your

United States, California, Every Where

Habbit OP


As long as ya had fun mak8ng it. Hat is intersting to say the least. Ounds like a solo cid tttttttriip! Going through the quasim ok Tina and I want to get back into this game again for my sake

United States, Florida, Madeira Beach

A fine line between Art and ...


The musical fragmentation adds to the wonderfully annoying voice that darkly extols the menace of the cynic. The lack of genre related musicality leads to a questioning around what on earth is this all about. In theory we are on a trippy ghost train having consumed large quantities of super strong cider. However for this poor listener I need more kindness and less Fine Art! Could be an age thing or my high anxiety!

United Kingdom

Lo-fi But skilled

I felt the quality of the production could have been better, same with the lyrics. Confused on what the concept or purpose of the song was nonetheless am glad i gave it a listen, although i wouldn't recommend.

United States, California, Sacramento

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