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The Ridin Dudes

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Ridin dudes debut is an autobiographical introduction to a promising roots band

The ridin dudes first self penned song is a very much autobiographical introduction to a band that shows huge promise in the roots scene,mixing country with swing style melodies and an honest sound production that probably matches their live sound.Excellent vocals and well played backing of drums,bass.guitar and piano this tune had my foot tapping from the start and I look forward to hearing more original songs from these Austrian roots rockers. Recommended for anyone who likes swing,country and rock and roll.

United Kingdom, LONDON


The Groove of the Dudes is a strictly Rockabilly piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Rockabilly style as I said everything recalls the Rockabilly genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Rockabilly piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

Cool Groove

First of all, my deep respect for a first own song that's pretty good. However, the melody isn't very original, you could say it's a classic and the lyrics - well - are quite simple. But still the way you perform it is really good and has moved me to listen to the song till the end and that's something. Go ahead and try to find your own style and perhaps lyrics that are a little more sophisticated and interesting and that stand out a little more.Good luck!

American Samoa, Fghjkk


Real nice Keeping it real thats what I like Keep playing the way you do as long as you are happy with it thats what matters ... Many out there just go with the flow but if its in your soul then keep it that way

New Zealand, Auckland

Toe Tappin!

What a fun and bouncy song! I could see myself dancing to this one! Great Vocals and well done! Hooky Chorus and good guitar pickin' too! Would love to swing dance to this one! Enjoy Everyone!

Canada, Alberta, Red Deer

Swinging, pulsating swing dance song

Nice, swinging intro and feel. I like that your intro was short, but, and I hardly ever say this, it could actually be a couple bars longer, as your tempo moves. I like the breaks. This initially seemed like it was going to be jazzier, but quickly turned into a Texas swing sort of sound. The production quality is awesome, as is the musicianship and singing. I like the counter melodies/backing vocals. The harmonizing is a wee weak, but since it's lower in the mix, it's fine. My biggest complaint is with some of the lyrics. The chorus is weird, but fine. But the line I really have a problem with is "well it all started out a few years ago". This is a detail that doesn't need to be stated. Insert more detailed lyrics that build plot or characterization. Good luck, and great first song!

United States, Georgia, Grovetown

Dude larrikins

This is a really jivey track. Some nice piano,great drumming, Groovy vocal harmonies. Nicely polished and engineered recording. Nice emulation of a 60's twangy guitar feel. Good shit, love it. And I didn't even know there was real musos in Austria, forgive me!!!

Australia, Finch Hatton

Playful and dancing song

Vintage guitar responding to singer phrases, honky tonk piano riffs and neat melodies, a voice tune and reverb effect on the voice track particularly adapted to the style of the song, an efficient and powerfull drumtrack, good guitar solo: this tune sounds directly coming out of 60's! All is perfectly arranged, applying all rules of the genre. Would imagine it in a quentin tarantino movie! Good job.

France, Toulouse

Hello from Jerzy..

This is something refreshing .. some nice cross over..Country.. Ragtime...nice combination..but...vocal is not so good ..if You will get a better vocal I will gave You 4.5 is now it will be hard to pitch that song to Music Publishers and Radio Stations..( AM / FM )..I like the energy and great work on Instruments...You did a Good Job and I wish You success...I'm sure next time will be better song...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Mood changing music!


While this isn't the genre I immediately make a bee line for, I must say I'm impressed. In the first five seconds I wanted to click next, however by 10 seconds my entire mood changed. These guys are playing real music true to themselves and it resonates as you listen. It's simple, cheery and toe tapping. Not only did I listen to the song in it's entirety, I pressed play again. Great job guys!

United States, Florida, Jacksonville

The Ridin Dudes My Review!


Hello guy's great song also you fellows play well the music was well produced created well even the vocals were good you did a good job the harmony was also done well on a scale 1-10 hear is my 10 keep up the good work thanks for giving the world something nice to listen to from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/Universal Music Group.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Nice Vibe!!

I like the energy the energy of this song as well as well as its vibe. I like the lead vocal very much and the guitar solo. It has a very happy and energetic feel and the sounds is well balance. Very good overall work!!


This is a GREAT mix of country, rock a billy and swing. And i love it. You boys can sing, great harmony. The band is tight, the production is right on, obviously very professional recording. I would expect to hear this on the radio, unfortunately, radio programmers wont play it because its not contemporary enough. And that sucks. I face the same challenges with my music. I would suggest trying to find a label that will release one of your songs on a various artist's album. That way when it comes in to a program director, it has the labels name on it. GOD BLESS

United States, Texas, Ft Worth

Rockabilly Thing

I dig this song and I've really never gotten the whole rockabilly thing, but I like the story line and the song has a catchy sound. The guitar licks are not overdone, which can happen sometimes in songs like this one. I could hear this song jamming as the credits role down in a movie about some musicians down on their luck and stranded in a desert or something. I'm looking forward to hearing some of their other songs so I can get a better feel for what they are trying to capture when it comes to their sound. All in all, "The Ridin Dudes" band name and description of their music does justice for what you hear in this tune.

United States, Texas, Houston



love the song, been listening to it over and over. keep up the good work and i know you'll go far. i think you guys are absolutely WONDERFUL and DELIGHTFUL to listen to. So now you must DELETE all other competition haha. good job

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Great Start Guys


I give this first song a thumb's up. The style to me seems to be more of a jazz, than rockabilly. For a first song though, I see the potential for more to come for this group. I would recommend less repetition with the lyrics and chorus, and more change up so that the flow of the next song is smoother. The chorus should be a little more distinguishable from the lyrics. But would love to hear more.

United States, Arkansas, Fairfield Bay

Fun little jam tune..


Hey guys, great work for your first write, especially! Structure was good and the melody is fun too. Your hook is a little weak, but I can tell you spent a lot of time on your production and if feels like you had a great time playing it... AND THAT'S HUGE! Again, great work and keep it up! If you want to work with a Nashville songwriter... let me know! ;-)

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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