The Red Gates Revival
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The Red Gates Revival
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The Red Gates Revival

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About The Red Gates Revival

This is a solo project

About The Red Gates Revival

This is a solo project

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Over the past few months people have sent me messages asking questions. I went through them and found the most repeated ones:

Question: "What does your band name mean?"

Answer: When I was a boy I asked my father why we didn't feel our feelings all at once. He said that our feelings are locked behind gates in our hearts. Our minds let our hearts know which gate to open based on the colors of the gates.

Question: "If it is just you, why not call your project 'your name' instead of something made up?:

Answer: I heard a discussion somewhere about being able to seperate the art from the artist. If you find out things about a painter or writer that you don't like then you probably won't like what they have to offer. Let's just keep it about the music.

Question: "When can we get new music?

Answer: I am not a professional musician, meaning I can't live off of what I earn from music. The distributor pays me on average $0.001 for sales on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and so on.
So I work.
It is just me writing, recording, mixing and mastering. The first albut took me almost two years to complete. The second was quicker, about a year or so. I have an hourly paid, outside job in South Louisiana. Between the heat and the fucking mosquitos, most of the time I'm just too tired to work on anything.

There were other questions, but those were asked the most.
Thanks for listening!

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I uploaded a project I was in as a drummer from the late 90's called Godshame

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