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Starts out Rocking, stays in pocket.

Starts out rocking, and it stays right in the pocket.. Nice groove. Good harmonies. Lyrics are easy to understand which is always a plus. I'll venture to say it fits well inside a description of a Strong West Coast character. The bridge works nicely and develops to a good hook. Guitar has a great bit at the solo. Really fun to hear a song with a guitar solo that doesn't wimp out, but still nice, short & sweet. Great hook to end with. Great song.

United States, Texas, Houston

Fly's High

Light and crisp, really takes me to a time when Boston reigned the charts, and well deserved. It feels like flight of take off, airborne and carefree. Very sleek composure of many instruments and sounds, with a nice metal edge. The keys are great and the mix overall was very professional. I found myself lost in the vocal technique that had a quality that matched many of the pop stars of the past. Enjoyable and majestic.

Canada, Ontario, Thunder Bay

Very fun

I love the use of the keyboards, The lead vocal is very nice as well as the harmonies , I like the chorus alot nice and punchy , The female vocals adds a nice touch to the song, I really do like your sound.

United States, California, Arroyyo Grande

A really good Hard Rock!

I really like this song because keep the same feeling, the same taste of awesome songs from the 80´s. If you like good music, listen this track!!! The world needs more bands like this one!!! Chers!!!

Brazil, Curitiba

The Mighty Chosen

The first thing that strikes me when starting this track is that the production is very good compared to most songs I've come across on N1M. This is "studio quality" with a tight, yet airy and heavy production. Quite soothing to the ear! So, the song. It is a heavy rock tune with a pretty "classic" build-up with a riff driven and sturdy momentum. It has an uplifitng feel with some elements that reminds me a bit of the newer stuff from Devin Townsend. Now, reading about this band, that is no coincident. Seems like they are old (?) acquaintances and the above mentioned Canadian appearantly has had a finger in both production and some of the song writing (all though not this tune). As a Dev-fan, I don't have ANY problem with that. The traces of Devin is also only as weak fingerprint and this is far from being a rip-off. On the contrary, The Mighty One has identity enough on his/hers/its own. The vocal reminds be slightly of some of the early material from Norwegian heavy rockers Audery Horne, with a melodic yet powerful feel to it. Backing vocals are a bit "generic" but they sit well in the mix and fits the song like a glove! COnclusion? Melodic, feel good heavy rock with a strong musical idientity! I like this, and given the chance, I'd definately check them out live and I will definately check out the other TMO-songs on N1M. I was pretty close to giving this a 4, but I need to keep some head room for future songs, too ;-)

Norway, Oslo


Listening to this song, i notice right away, that the vocal harmonies are incredible! The music, is very well done. Well executed. But, again, back to the vocals. The main vocal is so perfect, spot on for note value, so well done, that you imagine someone like, Damn Yankees, or maybe, Winger...not to compare, but this sounds like something you would hear on any radio station...the production is heavy and very thorough...from the crushing, yet clean bass tone, to the middy guitar tone, all of it works. It blends together well and it only adds to the already even quality of the song as a whole. Best luck in your bright future!! CHEERS

United States, Massachusetts, Rockland

nice and Clean

Got to admit. Didn't see this one coming. Thought it would've been a slayer style!!!!! But very good songwriting. Love the Beard!!!! Great hooks. Hope you get to get to the California to be Dreaming. Rock on brother!!!

United States, Wisconsin, Madison

it is the chosen one

Chosen by the band TheMightyOne is one of the best sounding songs that I've ever heard on numberonemusic .com. Its just a good sounding uplifting song. They have a great vocalist with a positive message and the music composition itself is well written and sound quality is phenomenal. I give this song a 5 out of 5. Its just a perfect track with very talented people that put there hearts and souls to make this music. I want to hear more from this group in the future

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

An interesting blend of genres

It's hard to get a handle on this song. The downtuned guitars, heavy riffing, and technical leadwork add in shades of Progressive metal, but the vocal pattern and chorus are similar to 90's alternative acts such as Foo Fighters and Fastball. Guitar work is excellent the whole way through, and the solo is classic hard rock in all its glory. Recording quality is excellent as well. Instruments are mixed perfectly, with no one instrument drowning out the others. I especially liked the intro and main verses, but thought the chorus was a bit rough and didn't have the same smooth feel as the rest of the song. Overall, a catchy tune with lots of tempo/key changes throughout that might confuse or put some listeners off.

United States, Texas, San Antonio

a nice stadion rock song

What a nice stadion rock song! In the best tradition of Bruce Springsten and especially Van Halen - but a little bit harder -TheMightyOne are rocking as its finest. The song has a catchy melody and good guitar riffs. The drums are groovy and impulsive. The singer hits the notes and has a pleasant voice .The sound and the production are professional. I like this song, so ....Keep it on!

Germany, Berlin

check this out!!!

Hallo TheMightyOne! We are REMEDY from germany and we just listened to your song Chosen. We all like it very much and we hope that you will upload some more songs!!!! Keep on rocking!!!!Greetz from germany ODW!!!

Germany, rimbach

Good stuff

What for me is the most important element in how legitimate a band is, is the lead vocalist. Yes, everything thing is important too, but without good lead vocals the whole thing is stunted. Limited to what it can become, where it can go. That's not an issue here. That's a really, really good singer. And everything else is good too. Best wishes for success.

United States, Oregon

Universal is what we are...

Universal is what we are... cool lyrics within this really awesome Rock song. This sounds like a professional recording, everything is tight and in place, very good performing of everyone. I like the guitars and drum sounds and the song writing fits nearly the mainstream radio length. It seems that there haven't been any mistakes made. This is no daring song. Keep on rocking!

Germany, Stuttgart

great sound very catchy

when i hear these guys i can hear some ole school influence resinating from the sound of them!!Seems to have a little punk added to it to spice things up!!Very cool band that I'm excited about hearing more from!!!

United States, Pennsylvania, Lewistown

very good band

metal forever! It is our life, our path day by day, our constant expression, our being and way of being. break the leg and go for more! from Argentina I greet you with my warm respect and hopefully the road crosses us on a stage. in a festival and let's make of ours and what we know from boys that is to give the best of ourselves to our audience. Sincerely Omar Fabian Melink

Argentina, Buenos Aires

The Mighty one: REview

So at first listen I really like it! Very melodic and vivid. Structure of the song flows good.. vocals are nice. Not a fan of the delay in drum mix. I'm a drummer. I'm really interested in their other songs.

United States, Ohio, cleveland


This song shows skill in its instrumentation, but it is far too repetitious and as such I think that it should be shortened by about a minute to prevent boredom of the listener. I would go on to say that the music is mislabeled in its genre, It is more of an alt-rock song than hard rock. The vocals aren't pleasing to listen to for me. This type of song facilitates a vocal quality such as Foo Fighters or Audioslave. I would listen to the song if it was shorter and the vocals were a bit more gravelly.

United States, Ohio, Cincinnati


If there is a band which can go with gospel to people this is the band.Good metal sound.Good composition.Words are interesting and singer has a good voice.Message is balanced and proper.Good band.

United Kingdom, Birmingham

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