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Heck Yes

Fuck yeah, this shit is the bomb. Keep rockin mate very nice work

Nice Surprise!

Okay, let's try this again....when I wrote my first review of Reprieved by The Mighty One I neglected to use the dropdown menu to give this great song a 5-star rating. It defaulted to 2.5 stars. It is, indeed worthy of 5 stars!!! Sorry Might One!!

Nice Surprise!

I just heard Reprieved for the first time. Normally I like softer rock and didn't expect this song to impress me as much as it did! I don't know a whole lot about this kind of rock music, but I know what I like...and I sure liked this song! I'm converted!! It appears The Mighty One really is mighty. Ilook forward to more albums from this artist.

Hell Yeah Dude

Awesome man! This is totally going into my playlist! Such a great message too!

reprieved--review by Starla

wow--what can I say--great--the recording is done well and so is the arrangement--good changes and nice vocals all around--I think more hard rock than metal--the lyrics are very interesting and not trite--I'm not sure, however, what the reprieve is from--

United States, California, long beach

Yeah Yeah

Oh Yeah. That's It. I really like it. Put together nicely. Great song. Vocals are awesome. I hear radio airplay. Keep at it and keep up the great work. Now this is ROCK!!!!!!


Great sound and the beginning just grabs you and punches you in the chops. Vocals are good and keep you listening. The ending is perfect. wouldn't change a thing. Kudos.. Gearbox

heavy track

hey TheMightyOne, Awesome track. I love this style of music when done right. Nickelback sucks compared to you stars! You would love "Filter" and their album "Title of Record". The recording quality and thickness of tracks is very similar. You should reach out to them as they could tour with you dudes. Get your music out there man!


Great rock sound! Sounds good. cool stuff. Keep the good work

Portugal, Almada


Good work on pulling it all together. I can recognize influences all tied in but yet it's still your individual art. Catchy melody too. Sudden ending though? I know most songs of this genre end like that, but maybe end it with the background vocals echoing alone? Either way still good song, I like it



France, nice

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