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Hello the Fifth My Review!

Hi here it is my review first of all the music to your song is wonderful very creative and nice soft not to hard on the ears and radio friendly you are very talented on a scale or 1-10 here is my ten keep up the wonderful work and thanks for giving the whole world something wonderful to listen to best wishes and I do hope I have said something that will be of use from J.Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.

Radio City Nights

Hallo The Fifth ein sehr gefälliges Thema und liegt gut im Mix und ist instrumental sehr gut umgesetzt.Was mir als geneigter Zuhörer nach dem Intro fehlt ist ein Sänger oder Sängerin die dem Titel whrscheinlich sogar Hitcharacter verleien würde.Trotzdem eine schöne musikalische Impression Greats from Germany G.W.Scott

Expressive journey

The guitar, within the context of the Rythem and the instrumentation, sings to the listener. In fact, arguably, it speaks! This is an expressive instrumental, made more accessible with its clear and story-like texture. The thematic textures of the Well-balanced arrangement invite the listener towards irs inevitably subtle, nonetheless suitable conclusion. Almost a Shame it hasn’t got lyrics

Well done.

An artist from Banksy City ? Why not ? And a very pleasant surprise indeed. City Nights is a beautiful instrumental (one can just regret the recurrent theme is not an solid, hummable tune everybody would memorize) on the guitar ; and the title is more than appropriate : you get the feeling there is someone out there, driving through the town on a summer night, with open windows.. A nice melody supported by a simple backing -perhaps too simple ? The overall sound is good, but a drummer, a bass player and more attention to details might have provided a more interesting arrangement. But anyway, this is a good track and noone can deny it ! Phil, France.

The fifth

Nice tune , makes me think of clouds. Good engineering good production. I don’t know what more to say really. I’d suggest it to anyone who likes instrumental tunes. Good luck to the artist. It’s a cold world out there

Radio City Night

The Fifth nous offre ici un instrumental, tout est en place, les riffs de guitare lancinant, une espèce de jolie balade slow rock. Mais on aurait quand même envie d'entendre du chant, la découpe couplet refrain est faite et une voix manque (à mon avis) Pour résumer, it's very good, but may be you could add a singer.. :-)

i was waiting for the words

i realized about a minute in that this was just an instrumental. when i read singer songwriter i assumed that this would have lyrics, but that aside it doesn't mean i didn't like it. it had a hook, followed pop structure, very easy to understand and put words over it later if one should choose, if not, pretty ok song in itself anyway. as far as it goes, ill have to hear what the other songs soundalike to judge the artist, but if they all end up being instrumentals, i would highly recommend changing the style for consumers to better understand what they are getting into


I like that you didn't try and force words on top of it and left it instrumental. Some guitar bens a little "weak" but not that bad. I would have put a more dramatic contrast in the effects on the two guitar parts. Maybe even incorporate some midi instyruments in the medely.

Radio City Nights

Radio City Nights is a smooth instrumental which is made up of many different parts. It's smooth chilled melody is lovely on the guitar and holds the track together. The song has many layers, keyboards, guitars, synth drums, effects and this is where I unfortunately must be a little disappointed. The song deserves a more polished finish where the drum track is divided and E.Q. applied to everything. I am guilty in the past of neglecting the overall sound quality of each instrument before final mix and only say because the song is good and deserves another mix. With deepest respect ! Peter

Suggestive instrumental song

Nice tune with a deep sense melancholic feeling in it. What especially strucks me is the suggestive atmosphere in the song. I get a feeling of a lonely man walking in the city a lonely cloudy night, reflecting about life and with a melancholic mood. This is really a song, tune I like. It´s is guitar based and would suit perfect as a film theme, Movie theme. This song grows on me and I will play it many times from now

Happy movie

This is a soundtrack song if I ever heard one. Made for the part of the story where things are resolved and we reach a happy part where people are smiling at each other, or where things are no longer so complicated because like the song, it is simplicity thankfully restored. Good job. Well done, mate.

nice song

Hi guy from The Fifth. Nice tune. Musically quite well done. Good musicians. This tune conveys a feeling of a rocky and windy North Seashore to me. It's very well worked out and you hear none of the slightest mistakes. Good guitar-playing and sound and the drummer has an enormous steady pace. Wow. The chordscheme is quite original but due to the fact that it`s an instrumental piece without singing in it the structure is proclaimed a bit in a blur. But hey. Nice tune and I m really curious for more of yours. Check out my music on N1M search spiceypete. Greetings. Pieter B. from Ghent, Belgium

Radio City Nights

Hello, I typically review a with significant lean towards commercial viability. Can this song be placed / pitched to an established artist? The other alternative is with an artistic approach... you as the artist... in which case it's either liked or it isn't. Seeing how this has no lyrics I'll give feedback on the overall elements that are present in the tune. Melody is pleasant and easy to listen to. Nice job. The track itself feels covered... what I mean by saying that is the "presence" feels diminished on my system... (both sets of speakers as well as (3) different types of headphones. It lacks top end... (treble) and as a result there's is an overabundance of mid-range "boxiness" If it were me I would find some instrumentals by artists you like and then A ? B the songs back and forth to hear the differences. There's a tremendous amount of information available to learn from when one does this. Suggested listening Brent Mason's CD "Hotwired" There's a lot of uptempo country type stuff but also a couple of tunes more in keeping with your song. The structure is good and makes sense... again nice work.... Instrumentation is good but a little out of balance... example... Kick is a wee bit loud. Along the same lines.. when you A / B your work and somebody's else material listen to the balances of all the instruments...for example...... where does the kick drums sit in comparison ? Go thru all the instruments and check into this concept as you will learn a ton and after all... that's what this is about. It's a good start but now is the time to re-write and re-mix... a necessary evil but always well worth the effort. Good Luck and Keep Writing! RW

Review of radio city nights

It's a good sound and a clean mix and a good arrangement with a nice flow from start to finish. I felt however that the tempo was just a little slower than it should be. Maybe 3 to 5 beats per minute faster. It could be lack of words or that the guitar is slightly dragging off tempo from spot to spot. This song could be a lot more than it is as far as adding words and harmonies goes. To get as far as you have with this solid sounding structure is not easy but I think with work you could do more and have a higher level of success with it
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