The Fifth / Come Forth / Predator

nice song

Hey. Hi guys from The Fifth. This song is quite edgy, certainly the lyrics, but I must say that it rocks ! The guitars are good, cool voice, the composition is not bad either. I like it that you repeat the chorus at the end. But you could have tried putting a fade-out also. The lyrics are pretty kinky, but, sound very honest. Hey, this makes me wanting to have some strong booze at a hard rockcafe and go berserk... It's musically well done and the chorus really sticks in your mind. You could also have put some kind of bridge in the middle of the song though. I like elaborated compositions. A song is Always great when there's some kind of story told. Still, I'm curious for more of your songs. It really rocks man ! Keep on playing. Please check out my music: N1M search: spiceypete Pieter B. from Ghent, Belgium

You made me want to be a Predator

Bravo! What a great sound! All elements of this song were clicking. The singing was awesome. The music jammin and lyrics on point. I do too many reviews where a song has been stretched out to cause boredom to the listener. This was not the case here and wanted to hear more. The longer the song went on the better it got. Very rare for me to say that. You made being a predator cool and acceptable. All in all a great song~

Classic Rock Styling Self Proclamation Song

The Fifth is the moniker of singer songwriter Paul from Bristol in the Southwest of England. He brings a crunchy rock, yet cleanly produced story song with Preditor. His voice is nice and honest. Musicians on this track are good and I especially enjoyed the big crunchy distorted guitar sound and performance. In this classic rock setting, the lyrics fit even when it's including lines like "Can't you see I'm a predator? And you smell like prey." I enjoyed this song. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist. And maybe his prey.

Cant belueve it

You should be on the radio! Great lyrics and the chorus hits me hard. You sure got me predator! Keep on going. Yall just made a new fan for sure. Love it love it love it!!! I hope to hear more amazing craft from yall.

Rocking Retro Vibe of the Predator

The driving guitars lead the way through this rocker with some keyboard accents that keep the song interesting. It sounds like a song that could be part of a movie soundtrack for a slasher thriller or maybe one of those "I Know What You Did Last Summer" kind of films. The lyrics have an intriguingly creepy vibe that blend well with the overall mood of the tune. I like how the song kicks right in and doesn't waste any time getting right into the action. I almost want to hear more of the keys, but the understated parts come across well to give variety to the music.

Nice track

Theres not a lot of people that can make music sound like back in the days. That's a very unique talent. You should do something with it, I know what bad sounds like and you sound very good. Nice work.


You have a refreshing drive in the atmosphere of this track. you did an outstanding job with capturing attention with your intro and first few lyrical lines. By the time it came to the "Hook" I was entranced and was bobbing my head with the flow you delivered!..Really nice, up-tempo, captivating track you have here. Good work, Salute!




First of all, this is my first experience of "Stalker Rock". I think the term is unique. This track is also an interesting demo. It's obvious you put some time into it. With that said, here are my thoughts: I felt the lyric was a little trite. Change some words around a little. Not a lot, but enough to make the listener want to hear more where you are going with it. The singer needs to relax into the song and not attack the notes he's singing. In other words, make the vocal more flowing if you will. Maybe record it with a band and see where it goes. Again, I like the idea and with some small changes and band rehearsal, this could be a really good track. Good luck.

creating a persona

it is never easy, putting an imprint of originality onto such a well trodden path. The Fifth have done well to compose a melody which is fresh. The rock arrangement is highly credible as is the vocal performance. The lyric does not match my preference for a more subtle, poetic words, but, hey - that's simply a matter of personal taste. All in all, well done and good luck.


Greetings to you ''Fifth'', thankx for the review request. This is a great sing-along, swing-along song. It has a nice drivey, vibey feel. The only let down for me, is the drumming, I feel it is a bit repetitive, and tends to make the verses sound predictable and a bit sporadic. The choruses however, are another ball game altogether, they send the song into overdrive, great increase in tempo, nice and tight and really make the song come alive, this seems to make the choruses and verses at odds with each other. The other instruments are well presented, nice and subtle, and with good integration into the song. The vocals are great, nice and clear, great timbre in the voice, and make the song come alive All in all, a great song. Well done.


This is a solid track. Great lyrics with that classic distorted sound that grabs you from the start and perfectly holds you to the end. The chorus is uplifting with a catchy melody. The vocals are amazing and fresh. The overall recording quality is high but I'd of turned up the guitar a little but that's me being picky. Well worth your time visiting The Fifths page and listening to there music. Nice one guys !

Good Old Rock and think...

...I always enjoy a good old Pop- Rock of the 60'-70's type style...and yes from England...home of the the title suits our the World is in a Harsh PREDATOR chapter...blessings for the gift ...

Take a time machine......

back to 1984. Reminds me a lot of John Parr or Survivor. Both big rock bands in the 1980's that did a lot of soundtrack work. I am a drummer so would prefer real drums sounds. There are a couple of really good plug ins, or even apps, that could fix that right up.

Your Musical

I love the track keep it up we're on our way to fame and stardom... The way the guitar rolls man that's something... Keep it stay with it even when it gets hard it's a break through around the I'm on my first music video and it's a HIT
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