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my thoughts

Thanks for sharing your music. What a throwback to a time when innocence seemed to reign. Though it didn't. What a GREAT vibe on this song. Vocals are out front where they belong, the band is tight, obvious they have been in the studio before. Y'all must have had a BLAST in the studio recording this little tune.The extra reverb on your voice was a nice touch to a throwback yr. Thanks and God Bless .

United States, Texas, Ft Worth

Fill the jukebox

.........Wow this reminds me from the music from a long time ago .....the sound is amazing I truly love the melody line it has a beautiful reminds me more of the nineteen eighties but with a little more groove.......... The synthesizer sounds are really good and uptofate...... I would definitely recommend this this song and shar it with my friends on my Twitter and facebook account.....I want to thank this artist for letting me review his song I really appreciated......this is steve from voodood dancer thank you again..........great instrumental. Blincoins earned: 20[review posted] + 10[300+

United States, New York, Middle village

Fill the jukebox

A great song this from the Diligents, it does indeed sound like a 50’s jukebox in the swamps around Louisiana jukejoints. Fill the jukebox has that swampy tex mex greasy cool feel reminiscent of the Mavericks or some other Cajun zydeco gumbo swamp music. I really do like this number and the whole really cool vibe that takes you down to the swampland on a warm summer night with some wine and good food and great music to listen to. I wish you every success with your endeavours, keep up the good work.Well done .

United Kingdom, Helston

Fill the Jukebox

So nice to hear a bass/baritone singing rich low notes instead of the tenors so prevalent in today's music. The lead vocal is out front, but I believe the vocal harmony could have been more pronounced. 'Fun loving' hips'...made me giggle. Keep writing and good luck with your music.

United States, Washington, Bellevue


orecchiabile e cantato come va fatto con una seconda voce lontana che sta bene. pero' questa canzone ti tiene attaccato all'ascolto anche se l'arrangiamento e' normale ma anche l'inciso e' carino quindi positivo

Italy, dalmine bg

Fill The Jukebox reviewe

This is a funny song that is very retro in its feel. There are many things that a writer can do with a song nowadays. You can shop it to get a 'record deal' as an artist or you can shop a song to sell to another artist to do. That normally goes through a publisher. This particular song would probably not interest a publisher due to what is being played in today's music market. But, if you have a band with the image and sound similar to this song, you could possibly find a company that may want this 'older' sounding style. As far as the quality of the recording, it could use a remix to freshen it up. It comes off a little too heavy on the reverb and could use a better mix overall. If you are a playing band, keep playing and good luck moving forward!

United States, California, San Diego

Good song

Hello The Dilligents! I was really wonderfull to hear this soulfull old school song,it reminds me of a lot of great bands if that era . Really great to hear this! The future is the past:) well performed! Keep it up! All the best /Roger/borgsongs :)

Sweden, Stockholm

Interesting voice

The pitch of the lead vocal grabs your attention from the get-go in this entertaining ditty, reminiscent of a bygone era. A nice, tight performance supports the song, which reminds us of Johnny Cash or Waylon Jennings with more than a hint of Stray Cats. There’s more than a hint of pathos in the lyric too; it could be about a pleasant evening, or merely wishful thinking in the boozy aftermath of a broken affair, perhaps. Overall, a very solid effort, fun to listen to, with a catchy, singalong melody. Good stuff!

Easy to listen to

Has a nice easy feel, nice little swing, good vocal, a great filler tune for a listening list. I hope you all like this tune , good instrumental. Good luck I hope it reaches the folks and does well.

United States, Montana, Butte

The JukeBox: Song of The Diligent.

This is a song similar to the classics of the 50s' the music is very well interpreted by very good musicians who know this genre well, and the bass playing the fundamental, third and perfect fifth gives a better character to the style, the voice very well done with very good audio.

Argentina, Posadas

Fill the Jukebox


A song by the Dillengents, fill the jukebox, is a kind of country song with a bit of a difference, probably comes under the heading of Americana, reminiscent of 70 Californian country the likes of Neil Young, Johnnie Cash and The flying Burrito Brothers. Really like the low range vocals, which were placed well in front of the song and as such very easy to understand, unfortunately not all instruments are clear in the mix but the song still stands u well. All in all a nice little tune which stays in your head after a listen

Australia, Sydney

Unique Sounds

Good afternoon sir thank you so much for sharing your music with me I love the title I love the name of the group that diligence sorry I took so long to review your song I have so many reviews that I'm backed up on. You're very creative you have a very unique sound track is very clear your vocals is also Fitz the track. continue to go to the next level keep on running music specially during the time that we live in today keep on sharing your gifts and talents with the world and never be afraid to go to the next level. Thank you so much for sharing your music with me I grew up listen to all types of music country rock jazz gospel rap just to name a few who I'm a lover of music. I write songs myself. That wonderful day enjoy your week off you had a blessed weekend have a wonderful day and God bless you and I'll let you go to do in

United States, California, Every Where

Awesome Song

Great structure on your song. Loving the instruments. And the lyrics are cool. The song is very catchy. Would love to hear more of your works do you have anymore songs that i can hear. ready

United States, Texas, Dallas

your song

Hi guys, thanks a lot for sending me your song to review it. I like this song very much. It is a relaxed and quiet well written song, I like the fact that it sounds like the old rock and roll times with that voice taking the lead of the best inside the song. The guitars sounding in the left and right channels are very nice, very clean and clear to listen. The song is well produced, keep that great work up guys, many greetings from Germany, Alfredo from King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

Roadhouse Blues Honky Tonk

Love the groove... Love the feel.. sounds like a song I would do..LOL.. it's a song that I would be listening too in my rig, heading out to Bakersfield for gig....I would of mixed & produce differently.. but other than that.. fantastic Demo

United States, California, Smith river



This song has a Nice groove. It's well written, has good song structure. grabs you right away. The lyrics are very clear and easy to digest. They would register with anyone. Instruments are well mixed and support the song well.

United States, New York, Patchogue

Your next one will be great

Definitely different. Very unique voice. The lyric is very simple. I have to wonder what this may have sounded like in a fast dance beat. It isn't exactly lazy river however it isn't a dance step either. Word association? I was lost in the words because they had nothing to do with a jukebox. Different styles for different people. I am a singer/songwriter and publisher. The groove was different. That I liked. May want to go back to the drawing board with lyrics however. Musicians did a great job and the orchestration was well correlated. I will check out some of your other work, as the vocal tone is very unique. Overall. Not a fan of the song. Keep writing and never give up. Best wishes on your future endeavors.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Raw Americana

Wonderfully raw and real. This is the way Americana the way it was intended ala Son Volt, Bluejays, early Ryan Adams. I like the swinging southwestern vibe developed by the guitars. Good solid performance.

United States, Michigan, Saginaw

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