Brent Fortman

Guitarist Music Consultant
A superb lead guitar and acoustic guitar craftsman, musician, husband, father, and brother.

Jon Charles Fortman

Composer Drummer Guitarist Keyboardist Production Management
Loves a glass of good wine with family and friends.

David von Rosenberg

David was composing epic masterpieces before he graduated high school. In a future project, Jon Charles Fortman plans to produce and showcase many of these works.

Jeff Schmeckpeper

Guitar Technician Guitarist
As technical as he is musical and awesome in both respects. Jeff was composing music before most of us could play scales. In a future project, our composer/producer, Jon Charles Fortman, has hopes of producing several of Jeff's works for an album to be released under the musical entity: Cheshire.

Brad Thompson

Local Fort Worth star. Superb musician, writer, husband, and father.

Kelye Carter

Soulful, acclaimed vocalist who can go from Janis Joplin to Barbara Streisand in the same song.

Jay Sewell

Guitarist Horn Player
Superb engineer, sky rider, steel guitar, organ, and French Horn player.

Dave Fortman

Bassist Drummer Guitarist
A-list producer, superb musician, lead guitar, bass, and drums craftsman, husband, and father.
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