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90s is Back

When I first heard it I was like this has to be Alanis morrissette but after hearing the voice I quickly realized I was listening to a great song writer great instrumental but the vocal lacks the freedom of the music. It sounds slightly strained, I recommend the vocalist to let go and let the words explode from the diaphram.

United States, Illinois, Chicago


I think this is Good Song there is always room to make It better but is Good as It is..( just make It a little shorter around 3.5 min long ( is easy to do just cut out some instrumental parts in This song I'm hearing a Special Touch ( You must like It To )..Main Radio Stations very rear playing long songs ( for commercial reason and Music Publishers do NOT like if the Intro is to long )..just send It out and let's see what They will say.. I wish You good luck with submissions.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Love the piano

Great song. Love the piano entro and through out the song. Reminds me of a good ol 80s ballad. The stei gs are very cool too. Has a ci dynamic sound and vey haunting melody. Vocals are Lauper like which I think is very authentic and suitable for this style.

United States, Illinois, Chicago


The intro is good, yep when the vocals come in, the voice tone is perfect for this song, but just keep an eye on your notes they tend to be alittle weak, sing with conviction, that will help with the notes. I like the piano, and the strings really adds to it and makes it Pop. There is potential with this song, and what i mean by that is that a song like this could potentially be on radio, try community radio stations, good luck!

Australia, Melbourne


In the beginning the sweet sounds of soft panio play. Added nicely by an solid soft voice. Story line strong in love's event. Honestly one of the best songs I've heard on this network. Love it.. magic

United States, California, San Francisco

Abbystills are still doing it!

As a vocalist and songwriter, I'm always interested in learning about new, honest tunes to Brighton my life. I've come away happy after listening to the songs of Abbystills, The music is real and honest, and so is the wonderful female vocals. She's a real singer, untainted by whatever "style" hovers over contemporary music. The band is great as well. Again there's a simple authenticity. You can call their music country-ish, but there are many elements here. The songs are comforting, often times deep. Don't quit, Abbystills!

United States, New York, Brooklyn

Lovely song

Beautiful melody the feel of the music works you have interpreted the song very well if this is an original tou have some brilliant ideas just watch the vocal harmonies just a little more work and you will get it spot on!well done

United Kingdom, lONDON

Great vocals

Sensitivity, class and talent, nice backgrounds. Production for release I would improve a little. I enjoy the style and nice tone of voice. The songwriting and piano skills are the best .

Spain, Marbella

me gusta

Me gusta mucho su música, me gusta su voz, las melodías, el tratamiento cariñoso que le da al sonido de lo que hace, sobrio y elegante. Esta no es la que me parece mejor de todas las que le he escuchado, pero me gusta como siempre. I like his music very much, I like his voice, the melodies, the affectionate treatment he gives to the sound of what he does, sober and elegant. This is not the one that seems to me better than all I've heard, but I like it as always.

Spain, Sevilla


This is a nice song I like The Piano Track vocal part is ok but I do not like computer generated music ( trust me life Instruments sound Much Better )..if I be You I will make 2 versions of the song.. one for life performance and the other ( short one app. 3.5 min for Radio Play ) and also I will correct some of tune vocal parts...try to send it to some Radio Stations and let's see how They will react...I do not know haw Music Publishers will react ( who know what They are looking for but I know They Need The Best Quality Radio Ready Recordings... Iwish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job...

United States, California, Los Angeles

Some Will Cry

The work is hard to create a fine song and I respect those who make the attempt. This is somewhat ponderous. It is not a work that appeals to me but I recognize there is sincerity and an attempt at lushness lost in an overwrought lyrical step by step or paint by numbers song.

United States, North Carolina, Carrboro

So very NICE

So very NICE ... This is so easy to enjoy... My summary is an honest decree. ( Please just watch vocal pitch from time to time- although, I'll take emotion any day over pure pitch) Love the bridge pause... This should be a go to Artist for so many to enjoy :-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles


You are in possession of talent and that is a great place to begin. Your tune is in the mold of the classic pop culture of yore and lore. I envision this hit being played in rototation because of its simplistic beauty and warm and inviting cadence. The vocals she be redone however as there seems to be a bit of dissension betwenn the vocals. All in all I am impressed. Great Job.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

very good

your piece is very informal, outside the box. without ifs and buts, without frills. it is pure essence, it is pure energy, it is a concentrate of emotions and sensations, it is a dress for all occasions. I was very fascinated by the whole piece I listened to it several times and I never got tired, I never had the feeling of having enough but to always have to listen to it again again and again

Italy, italy

About Review

The melody sounds like it should be more powerful. It needs more energy I believe. Guitars and a good drum arrangement would help the delivery. I think that the lack of power takes the energy away from the vocal. It should build & we should feel the pain in the vocal. It's not there yet. The chorus needs an instrumental hook as well as the vocal hook. Something memorable. The bridge towards the end should be eliminated. The song should go no more that 3:30 . I like the little guitar touches towards the end of the song BUT I think the whole song needs a harder edge. Don't give up on the song, just re-work it a bit.

United States, New York, Uniondale


Found the intro a bit disjointed but the song clears nicely in the first verse.The overall sound is very minimalistic and very stripped down although I find it calming and like the vocals greatlyThe harmonies are very nicely textured and weave nicely to and fro.You can really feel the solemn vibe of the story being written and that's what a great song is able to convey.Very well done and sound quality is nice.Enjoyed your offering,well done

United States, Pennsylvania, Ellwood City

Soft melancholic ballad

This time I begin with the songtext of this very nice composition. The unique vocals of the female singer tells a story with dramtical conclusions from the heart. Its a story of life and farewell. The song starts off with engaging accompaining piano tunes. Additionally coming soft violin sound from the keyboard in the backround at the right time. There is immediately a great space with sounds from the keyboard which carries the whole recording with great inserted effects. This extra factor brings additionally beauty into the song. I find it extremely good and the songwriter has a god given talent. This is definitely a good arrangement for a very smooth melancholical ballad about problems and broken heart. But why do I tell this? Well, you might be a pop music fan, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for good music. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg


Hello! Piano in introduction; A low well present, a tablecloth of strings... This is all very classic! The voice of the singer is pleasant, a little childish... At the middle of the piece, a little pause with the solo piano: it would have been nice to have a real solo part. A quiet and languorous music... At 3/4 of the composition, a change of orchestration and harmonies: Well! In short, very classical pop music, enjoyable to listen to.

France, Saint-clément-des-levées

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