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That's a sad one!

The last line has the main message. That's a crying in your beer song if I ever heard one. Very brave of you to put that one out there. There has to be a window open after that door closed, so I'd like to hear the next song.

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte

Sad Song

Songedge, What a sad song but great lyrics so true to life as most people would have experienced the loss of a loved one from cancer. This song has a great catchy hook with a true country sound... Nice...Cheers Johnny

Australia, Melbourne

Traditional Country

Great musical content with a great traditional sound . The lyrics are meaningful, and for a great cause. It’s a decide song that people can relate too. I think it is a song people can feel from the heart because of a love one that was lost .

United States, Texas, Midland

Kenneth Warner

HEY I would like to say it was a honer to hear this song I have lost alot of members in my family including my father and this song really hit home with me so thanks so much and if you would like you can check out my single Love that lasts a lifetime by Kenneth Warner and our Band Suthern Accent and thanks again for your music

United States, Virginia, Fort Blackmore

Would have worked good in the 50&60 country.

Sounds like an early 60s country song to me. A little to depressing for me, but I'm sure there are a lot of people that would really like it. Good dance tune, good tempo, music was good, I did hear a few spots in the vocals that went a little off, but overall a good song. Best Wishes to you, Gary Lewis

United States, Maryland, Damascus

Very relevant

This song hits very close to home. My mom and dad both died of cancer and I was very close to them. Life changed after they passed away. It left any empty feeling in my heart. Great song that a lot of people can relate to because there is so much cancer around. Enjoyed this song very much. Kudos to you.

Canada, New Brunswick, Mill Cove

Great music

I grew up listening to all types of music Gospel Jazz Country R b rap I really like this song very creative and very unique this song well composed and we'll written and I really appreciate you and thank you for sharing your gift and talent with me and others don't stop making great music I lost love ones to cancer and other disease ???? I myself was born with sickle cell anemia I will keep fighting daily and thank you so much for your time have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week please send me more music God bless you in all ???? your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Love the Pure Country Sound

Now this is what TRUE country music is all about! I love the instruments chosen, steel and fiddle are my favorites. The lyrics are well written and the vocalists both executed their singing well. Awesome performances by everyone involved, from writer to preproduction to tracking and mixing. Well done folks!

United States, Tennessee, Gainesboro


Whos Gonna Make Me Songedge - Lorne James review. this song is a strictly country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in country style as I said everything recalls the country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy

On Who's Gonna Make Me Songedge, Love it

The Melody, Message and Music, Amazing. Thank you for the Country Sound. I have always loved the Opry and for what it has stood for, Keep up the Great Work. Amazing Music. kevinjhermanmusic, Chicago

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Good song

Who's gonna be there? I know the feeling, brother. I recently lost a good friend, last year my daddy, 10 years since Mama left us. You know, nobody loves you like your Mother, right? Nice song with a good bluegrass feel to it.

United States, Texas, Rockdale

Whos Gonna Make Me

Hi folks. Great sounding country song and great voice. Funny thing. When I first heard that she had left, I thought "rats" not another love 'em and leave 'em song, but when I wait until the last when you expressed that she died (and I hope that wasn't rue in your life - in which case I feel for your lose) then I thought what an excellent country song that expresses a great appreciation for one's lady. Super bang up job. :) There is one spot where the wording may need to be re-worked. Close to the start, there is a phrase you have "who's gonna make me laugh with a broken heart." I may be just me being picky, but in my flowing grammatical world, I would have tried to create a phrase that would have said something like who's gonna make me laugh when I have a broken heart, or now that I have a broken heart. Something like that - just for a more thorough expression of thought. Maybe you were aiming for what you did; just a thought. It's just that I was caught a bit off guard thought wise when I heard that. Such an awesome song. I would be amazed if it hasn't climbed the charts in the country world. Blessings, Trev. :)

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Review of Who’s Gonna Make Me

Pure country melody could have been for hundreds of country songs, nice vocals nice message and instruments from fiddle to the guitar and harmony all in place ,this is one of the old times like tunes that you seldom hear anymore, the melody is in sink with the vocals from the begining and never varies off course, if you like pure old country this is one for you, sat back and enjoy this tune Songedge does a great job on this tune .

United States, Texas, Cushing

Music doesn't match the lyric

First of all, this is a nice classic country song. The melody is not very original but okay. Unfortunately, I have to say that the music and the lyrics don't go well together. The music sounds happy and you want to dance to it, but the lyrics are rather sad and thoughtful - that's a no go. I also don't think it's a good idea to tell us at the very end that it's about a deceased person, you think beforehand all the time it might be about a lost love. Your voice is good but unfortunately not every note fits. To be honest, I don't understand, today it is very easy to edit the vocals afterwards and to avoid such a thing.

American Samoa, Fghjkk

Whos Gonna Make Me

Whos Gonna Make Me by Songedge is a nice retro 1950's style country shuffle about losing someone near and dear. The vocal performance is good and fitting with the genre and style of the time. The music and production are solid and tasteful. Please forgive me the "spoiler" that at the end of the story, we find out the person in the story dies. I mention this because I think perhaps leaving the reason the person is gone open to the imagination would give the song a broader appeal. Nice job!

United States, Pennsylvania, Catawissa


This is a nice songIt has a Country Feeling but..I do feel that Vocal part need to be better ( I do not think that Singer use full vocal potential.. and on top hit some notes off the tune which is no go in Music It is ..good for life performances but I do not think that Radio Stations will "jump" and play..same goes with Music Publishers They are Hard to please .. remember Vocal is Making the Song..send It to Music Industry People and let's see what They will say.. I wish You good luck with pitching.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles

Traditional Warmth

A very traditional lyric, subject and melody. The singer has lost his true love and wonders who will mend his broken heart. The harmonies are nice, the arrangement in tight and the fiddle is very sweet. The mandolin is also tasty. Very good production overall. This is perfect for those who long for days and songs of yore. It will fill that hole and take you back to simpler times and simpler days. Godspeed my friends and best wishes on your journey! Take care and keep rocking that country! :)

United States, Maine, Portland

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