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I like her voice and her introspective way to do music. So we are in a dream inside a dream. Her expression and her photo are really balanced in this oniric world. I like her voice and her introspective way to do music. So we are in a dream inside a dream. Her expression and her photo are really balanced in this oniric world

Italy, milano

Interesting & quite original

It's always nice to discover something a bit different with a lot of chart stuff very samey these days. This track had an original feel and arrangement to it and with a slight native Indian feel to it but more contemporary. The vocal were interesting except when to affected by technology. Used which was less appealing. A slightly better production is called for to break bigger but I would say this artists is worth investigating..

United Kingdom, London

Like nothing else..

That's what I like. It has so much personality in this sound, that I will recognize it everywhere I hear it. Some people would say that they'd like to hear it in a different way, whatever. That is a trip, a nice piece of work. Well done!

France, Paris

Raving heart


Cool track...... Overtones of sade......meets Florence and the machine Like the funky drum riff... Non stop. guitar riff steps in and out nicely. Cool intro leads well into track. ... Bass riff works well too

United Kingdom, Dartford

Sade feel


I really enjoyed this song. The music was very intoxicating and had a soothing feel... the melody line was reminiscent of Sade, and I really appreciate her style and compositions. My only complaint was not being able to make out what was being said. I think if there was a little more clarity on the voice the song would be perfect other than that it was very well written and done with great passion.

United States, California, riverside

What a beaut


There's a very strange mix going on with Templetree's offering, 'Raving Heart'. The song is immediately arresting with a very minimal echoing start. It's a lovely haunting melody, which I guess I shouldn't been surprised by, being created in the songful landscape of Wales. However it"s got a lovely phasey quality to it, with multi layered vocals. Personally, I could have sat and listened to stuff like that for an entire song, but as the music finally blends in, you're confronted with a very dreamy landscape and a garage band sounding accompaniment, literally plucked out of a very low fi recording. It's a mesmerising mix of grungy guitar and dreamy vocals. Certainly worth the attention of your ears.

Germany, Leipzig

dreaming listening raving heart


Is very interesting in your research on the use of repetitive and hypnotic voice. listening to your song i enter into a dream dimension with veiled visions. undefinided figure move on to a dilated space between light and dark

Italy, Riccìone



Raving Heart review. this song is a strictly Alternative piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Alternative style as I said everything recalls the Alternative genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in Alternative piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

Italy, italy



esome You did a phenomenal, fantastic, extravagant job on this piece of music. Your song is a piece of art and I am confident that if you continue this type of work with the right amount of passion then you will go far in this business. If you don't mind my saying, I think you should reach out to some graphic designers, photographers, producers, editors, collaborators, labels and anything and everything else that has to do with the business because you have the talent to go far. You just need to get in touch with the right people.

United States, Florida, North Port

"Raving Heart", Templetree - DESIROUS REVIEW


Hi there, I like this chilling song. thank's for the review ask. Kind shanti it is. I hope to ear more from you. Get an wonderful summer, check my profile psychedelic scenes inside. With love, Pedro Miguel.

Portugal, Coimbra

something different than nice


great use of the offbeat couple with interesting and tantalising riffs this is worth listening to and very original , the way all the instruments have been put together sets the scene for an enjoyable listen , thank you Caz

New Zealand, Christchurch

Curious but so nice.


Sade (the artist) makes a trip to the World Music world. A smooth voice, some percussions, tribal laments and a throbbing pace make an interesting song that becomes seductive and finally addictive. That vocal game makes its little effect. Good job.

Belgium, Brussels

Raving Heart - by Templetree


oh man..... you need this song in your playlist for road-trips or chill-time !!!! do you like Sphongle, Massive Attack, Orbital or Steven Wilson ???? THIS is just as trippy and ambient, and then some....! the starting notes let you know this is going to be a laidback trippy song journey.... with swirling vocals starting the "trip" in earnest, the tabla style percussion giving immediate sway to the listeners body..... when the groove finally kicks in, its a pleasing lo-fi gaze style, four/four shuffle..... you are instantly provoked into a head-bobbing meditation.... the vocalist keeps the song in the realm of hallucinogenic bliss, strengthening and rhythmically embellishing the structure of the song throughout.... my bet is you will totally enjoy this song, and it will beckon you to return to your Raving Heart, again and again......

United States, Mississippi, Jackson



This song was a nice change from most of the tracks I have been reviewing on here. I hadn't gotten to something that was this smooth. There is a mellow sort of vibey that continues throughout, but one might miss a lot if getting too complacent with their listening. The track has continuous sound design elements that seem to sweep throughout the track, creating a nice sense of journey from the start to the finish. Great example of something that is not overly complex musically, but keeps things ever changing due to tasteful sonic movement. Great job.

United States, California, san francisco

Exceptional sounding recording


The song impressed me deeply much. The unusual introduction begins with gentle rhythmic sounds of a darbuka. Harmonically melodies inspired by modular syntheziser effects creating a great space in the backround. Also the versatile bass-lines in the chorus are very special. The singer beginns with her unique and fantastic arabic voice projection but the whole composition is more various. Soft melancholical electronical based themes underlaid by bass guitar characterises this smooth composition. Great arranged chorus line with influenced by patterns of Maqam intervals brings exceptionally beauty into the song is a extra factor. Sounds really mediative together and creates a great space in the backround. The romantic passion of the lyrics comes from the heart and makes the meaning of the song engaging for me. Mixing and mastering is brilliant in appropriation of different music styles. Professionell orchestrated electronical melodies in the backround carries the recording. This is definitely a extraordinary song and complex arrangement. I like the psychedelic sound of the music. Overall a good work from Templetree. She managed an exceptional sounding recording. It´s a original and I´m sure you will likewise add it. Let others know your recommedation.

Germany, Hamburg

Concievable high


I like this song's got a great groove and it cruises along nicely,..the singer sounds alot like SADE but singing a more rock groove than her stuff but thats whats good about it. In fact i think you should push the vocals up more above the band, out in front because there were some double trac vocals that were buried in the mix some backround vocals that need to come a bit but other than that ,nicely done and look forward to hearing more...oh and i like the name of the band as well....M1

United States, California, Oakland



Well this is a odd track, it’s not really my cup of tea, but saying that the track is well produced and recorded. The vocals are good and fit the feeling of this track. I do like the name of the band very cool indeed. It takes a while for it to get going but when it does it’s very hypnotic and trance like almost like it’s taking you on a journey, to where I’m not sure but I think I might want to go again. Keep on rocking. Peace JC

United Kingdom, Ryde



The latest song from Raving Heart reviewed here is Templetree and its soulful mood created masterfully by Raving Heart. Well worth the listen and maybe a purchase; check it out today on N1M~HERE!!

United States, Rhode Island, Narragansett

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