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3 years ago

I don't know what you'll think o this <3, but I've worked so bloody hard at it & seriously enjoyed the missions....Here's some creativity from the wknd (& loads of years building up to this in work hours) - a fresh Psychedelic Trance voyage into the magical beyond by Templetree - Running in The Wilderness mix.... all original material created, produced & mashed up into a frenzy by Templetree (Great Oak Records) really hope you enjoy!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. & if you'd like to buy the album linked with this mix 'Running Wild' & so support the artist's creativity - then please see the buy now link below. Big love!!

Please spread & share <3....

Caz Templetree
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3 years ago

Hey guys :)

Great Oak Records - the label of Templetree & friends is at:
(expired link)

There's tonnes of posts about latest events, live performances from Templetree, fresh releases & inspiring poetry & art for you, so it'd be ace if you feel like joining us there to stay updated :).

So if you can go ahead & give the page a like, then we can stay in touch & I'll let you know about upcoming parties & fresh creations on the go.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Big love,

Caz Templetree. xx
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3 years ago

Hey :)

Just wow :). I've been so emotionally overwhelmed by all the positive feedback on N1M recently, it's just been so inspiring. My Facebook page has gone from 111 likes to 250 in just a few days - which feels so great & I'm really feeling that Templetree is starting to really get out there! & it's all due to this amazing website & ....all the proper lovely people such as you on it!!!!

To say thankyou & a Happy Spring Equino, I've posted a 5 hr Cabbagecaz (dj) mix of mine that I've just done.... it's at: (expired link)

So, Thankyou :), seriously, at times, whilst writing all my music, I was so isolated & lonely & ....now, hey I'm with the one for me - which seriously helps matters!! AND Templetree's going places!!

So, with this inspiring feeling, I've felt compelled to write more posts on my page to help get Templetree out there & I'm gunna add a couple more tracks now, just to say a big thankyou for all your efforts to help Templetree *****BIG massive heart vibes to you*****

I'm listening to the Cabbagecaz mix now - maybe you'll join me? :D .... it's Friday, let's party....

So, if you feel like it :) then please check out my page for updates & there's loads of new posts which I'd be thrilled to bits if you'd like to share.

Hey, I'm so happy about it all, I've just organised a party to celebrate, which you're welcome to - though is in Wales. Is only a likkle party, (there's more in planning stages for Celt Events 20th Anniversary....)but it'll all be Templetree (Great Oak Records) material, so I'll try film it & get the footage to you if you can't come - please be there in spirit though ey <3.

Here's the flyer....

Big love,

Caz Templetree. xx

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3 years ago

bRave Perception.

Slowly but surely growing a gentle way,
To flow with the beats & dance through the day,
To hear such sweet music that lights up the soul,
With pulses of bliss driving the consciousness whole.
Such energy dear channels hope for the smile,
For love to be felt amongst loved ones so bright,
For sincere laughing heighty, be young & so free,
So rooted in heart, so bright eyed for the keen.
Such passion for living be found amongst notes,
Of the driving of the giving to the prayer we devote,
For freedom, for dancing, for love of the rave,
& you find yourself glancing, no behave, it's a rave.

Flowe Hearken Wise.

Beauty is in the magic behind what drives our force, not at the superficial glance...
Magic is at the root of our action of love, the fork which from the fire prances,
Understand those who would rather to know, to feel to excel from the source,
Beyond fractious desire, comes desire of the heart, behind which the faeiries grow the wings strong,
Grow songs of the soul, making the mind summon whole the grand picture the moment does grow.
Weeping the willow, shimmers lowly &magnificent, heighty & grandiose, yet so meek,
Seeking the thrill of the edge of the will to know reeking of centre we peak,
Loving so tender, the twists & the turns of life’s wonders & churns the hearts emotions to speak,
Of depths to the soul, those only the ancient will know, once becoming of wisened olde feet.
Keepeth of thee whole, so gentle & bold, so knowing to moment’s dear eye,
For the wing of the sight, comes as dawn from the night, as the story unfolds itself, rise,
Egoless, ne’er to worry, for those who are meant to go thinder, will speak to thee amidst starry dawn,
& the dance of the swans will rise slender & gracious & the swift will be coming along,
Fly thee over meadow soft, high over moor chose the path to the ways of the olds,
& the speech of the whisper, of the spirit of horse rode, thy way hidden in luxurious groves
Of mindful high rise, seeing beyond the skies, from a shimmering waveform of sound,
& the horizons smile, as the ducks laugh & wile away time through the rushes they found.
Wee ducklings so tender, so fruitful, the splendour of waking to eyes of such grace,
For the doors to the fender, the beautiful, the mentor of shaking of bass to the sighs,
Brings heartious meaning of deepest true meaning, the je ne sais crois of the breeze,
& the fathoms of the feeling, of the thrust of true meaning, of the most exuberant breaths as we squeeze,
Such wholeseome hugs of the soul, to be loving, knowing whole, the truth of the gibber ye spoth,
Around &atund & so crucially wound to bring peace to the bounce of the eye.
I love thee, the morning says, do I speak unto the Kingfisher with such sparkle, yes of course,
For the ways of the mountain dew, trickles into the brain as fodder for the choice & the force.
So, go unto the ways of olden tongue my freunden, hark wisened bow hear hugs to the core of oak,
& the green fortifying beams of magnificence, will charge thy way into just letting go with the flow,
Knowing O knowing O knowing O.

Caroline Mulcahy
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3 years ago

One of my poems :) I really love this one....

Grip The Moment

One knows life when the urge comes to grip tight to the moments we feel the love.
Hold the heart dear, be truly exasperate to those we care about to make sure all know,
How much it means to be in times of joyful appreciation of the loved smile’s bounty,
Being with those we love, are the moments for which we strive,
Giving us the reason & the will to fight to better all,
Oh hold dear the love in the eye, for it is the power behind every hour’s toil.

I just received my copy of my book 'Conscious Erotica' in it's latest edition :) , is printed as required, so much writing, which some of I've used as lyrics to my music - Templetree. It's quite a big book - at 360 pages long, illustrated with my art. The above poem's in it.

I can feel this huge sigh of relief that I've managed to get it out there :), is such a cool feeling. Took me 12 years to write. & now I'm getting stuck into my next book, which is really coming along :).

Here's the link to it if you feel like checking it out on Amazon.

Big love xx

(expired link)…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

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