Call on Di MostHigh

Call on Di MostHigh


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reggae parlato

reggae parlato speravo cantasse ma parla e cerca di cantare tanti effetti e parole a volontà' ma musica poca ma ha qualcuno può' piacere speriamo un'atra volta di sentire un po' di musica ritenta puoi solo migliorare

Italy, dalmine bg


Im always gonna like a track about Rasta so this is just nice, most tunes sounding like dancehall i never usualy listen to but this got me from the start before the music started so im good to hear it again and again

United Kingdom, london

Don't fret, just Call On Di Most High!

Tefkemet advises us to Call On Di Most High no matter the situation but especially if you are lost in space. Good advice. He delivers his lyrical message in a combination of styles including singing and melodic rapping over a light dancehall beat with layers of mellow pads. I feel that the beat could be more pumping and dynamic. Overall a great inspirational uplifting song with room for improvement on the overall production.

United States, London

Check out the chant


Creative chant clear concept the beat seems nice but didn't hear it loud enough but some songs are dominant with the word and some with the beat over all I think it is a wonderful piece bless

United States, Florida, ft lauderdale

Call On Me

Don't understand your choice for the into. The riddim is a good one but I don't feel your choices throughout the track. Sorry, I think you could have done better. Don't know who's your manager or advisor but you are certainly ill advised and won't make it far.

Grenada, St. George's

Very Nice


Always love Reggae and was qiuite surprised by the real feal sound of roots and culture. The introduction is quite sublime and the message crisp and clear. The harmony of the singer refelcts the reggae vibe and culture of Rastafari ... >

United Kingdom, Sheffield UK


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Brazil, São Paulo




Liberia, Monrovia

llame a Di MostHigh

Quieres vibraciones positivas? yo te la doy para que sigas adelante buscando la verdad que no le pertenece al hombre sino al Dios creador del cielo y la tierra llamado: IEVE-יהוה en su lengua de KeNAAN. RAE'MIM

Peru, Lima

Call on Di MostHigh


A soulful spiritual song of confidence in the Almighty God in times need for guidance on this journey of life for ultimate instructions and protection, knowing ones call will be answered in good time as the Almighty never leave nor forsake his people

Jamaica, Spanish Town

Few pointers

Call to the most high 27/7. I call hime to help me change certain situation but the most high is always there Never tired Never Sleeps. Nice little Tune, The recording can be done better need some MEAT inna it. The is as far back as the Vocals no Power. Too much sound effects and there loud You can still make it sound dreamy, just need to sort out the levels. I trust better is yet to come so please keep up the good works

United Kingdom, Birmingham

Call On The Most High

Total spiritual song. The vibes was heard from the start of the song. This is a semi-chant with part the song is done is expected with the mode of prayer chanting with music. Very interesting composition. The volume of the vocalist need to increase a bit. Would like to hear some harmonies in the song to strengthen chorus and impact phrases. Good song, A touch up with mastering and composition in terms of music, and you will be there. Good luck on your venture...

United Kingdom, Luton

Excellent title

The message is on point. The lyrical arrangement of the message is a 5 out of 10 (in my opinion), the melody sounds tight except for the beginning where I get lost with the special effects. Overall, I would give "Call on Di MostHigh" a 7. Very inspirational.

United States, California, Hemet

Reggae Rap Message

Very appealing to the Rastafaran Culture, will go a long way within that group. I do not have other comment .. I would like to see Awards offer to artistes on this site for songs on this site.

United States, California, Beverly Hills


You have a unique sound brother , keep pushing your frequency and message out there... authenticity is everything and so is confidence,, keep up the great work and when you have a moment spare feel free to check me out ,, come over to the lucid laboratory. Theres only 3 songs there for now but eventually there will be more. i hope you resonate with what you hear.. Be well be safe and all the best with your future endeavours Namaste

England, Earth


Nice rhythm it’s true to the right round of Rasta fair.It tells the biblical truth and spiritual concepts on the movement of Rasta. I can feel the vibes on what the song is saying on Interns of who Selassei really is to Rasta. It also motivates ones of the consciousness and depth of Rastafarian in full velocity. Big tune and May Jah guide you and protect you. Jah bless Rasta

United States, Florida, Delray Beach

New Style

This Track is a Spiritual vibe with a unique lyrical style. Straight reverence's to the most High. This track delivers a calm yet upbeat sounds and chants. Tefkemet displays versatility in his lyrical craft. Lyrics sliding smoothly like a hot knife through butter. Definitely a different touch to the reggae community. I like this track and I'm sure you will like it too. Great job fireman.

United States, Texas, Houston


To much sound effects are to loud and to many of them unique sound and word play needs more practice adlibbs are loud also could be lower and reverb a little to much needs to focus on a more professional sound and mastering the song before putting it out sounds like a ruff draft could be a nice tune.

United States, Georgia, Snellville

osirus b review

i like this track its a mixture of bashment and hip hop .. with a bit of ambounce back ground music .. this artist is singing about and praising the most high jah rasta fari the most high its a concous lyrics with uplift message . i think this song will go far

United Kingdom, Birmingham

The review

 Keep up the good work it a good song I would recommend this song to a friend .it has that chill and just have a good vibe type of feeling to it cheers man keep up the good work one love blesss

Jamaica, Westmoreland

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