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Canada, Ontario, Hamilton, ontario
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Take 21
9 months ago

Thank-you for Listening and Enjoying our Music, from everyone in the Band;

Alot of Fans have been asking for a link, to download the music, If you wish to purchase or preview please go on these links, you can know buy;
1. Cool Breeze, at links;

Music Poem

Music is a privilege to all who hear her sing.
Joy, heart and happiness is mostly what she'll bring.
Her mood is your shadow: anger, love and irritation,
Her mood reflects your own in a way of imitation.
If you're sad, so she shall be.
If happiness is what you feel,
In her that's what you'll see.

If your mood is colorful, which is what is best to be,
Then colorful will be the tone of her sweet melody.
Music is something that we all take for granted,
But if you take the time to listen, you'll find yourself enchanted!

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Take 21
10 months ago

Cool Breeze now available for Sale on, iTunes and Apple Music.

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Take 21
10 months ago

Two members recently got infected with the covid; hope you like the 2 songs we put out,
A covid Poem;

Do you like this plan?
I do not like this plan
I do not like that plan
Sad , I am.

Do not forget the hardest part
that even though they’re very very smart
They will not stay six feet apart.

They will not touch and kiss their friends you say
Don’t bet on this if you don’t want to stay..

They should not ride a bus
If they have snot or pus.

And the gym they must cut off
If they have the smallest cough.

if you think they’ll mind the rules
Then you’re on a ship of fools

Do you like this plan?
I do not like this plan
I do not like that plan
I do not have a plan
Sad, I am.

God Bless all of you in this time of need and caring, from everyone in the group,
Take 21.

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Take 21
1 year ago

I like to say thank-you to all our fans, and for enjoying and listening to our music, I know a lot of you are waiting on the new album, Just an Up-date, mid July , we will put out 3 new songs and later in the year a new album,
from all of us in the Band;

Take 21

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Take 21
1 year ago

At Christmas, lights burn brighter,
and friendly hugs get even tighter.
The spirit of Christmas fills the air,
and people seem to really care.

Merry hearts are filled with cheer.
Families and friends all draw near.
The streets around are all filled
despite the cold winter chill.

Everywhere there's smiling faces,
giving and receiving warm embraces.
And for a time, sadness disappear.
Peace, joy and hope replaces fear.

All because God's love came down
and filled the earth all around.
So we celebrate at Christmas time
our Savior and Lord, holy, divine!

From our Family to your Family, Have a safe Christmas (Happy Holidays) and a
Happy New Year, from every one in the Band ;
Take 21 (Merry Christmas) See you in the New Year !!!!!!!!!!! 2020 !!

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