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About Thomas Brothers

Wilford Thomas Biography

Wilford Thomas was born in Jamaica and raised in a little district call Content just on the outskirts of May Pen, Clarendon. At age 8 he joined the church choir and sang at Christmas Concerts in his hometown. His friends always wanted him to sing and record his songs. Wilford and his brother Carlton and loved to sing. Country & Western songs were his favorite. Marty Ro ... read more



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About Thomas Brothers

Wilford Thomas Biography

Wilford Thomas was born in Jamaica and raised in a little district call Content just on the outskirts of May Pen, Clarendon. At age 8 he joined the church choir and sang at Christmas Concerts in his hometown. His friends always wanted him to sing and record his songs. Wilford and his brother Carlton and loved to sing. Country & Western songs were his favorite. Marty Robbins big hit song..."Elpaso" made him quite famous in his district even in the church they were making requests for him to sing that song.

In the 1970’s he was known as “Black Pearl” (named after his pearly white teeth) He recorded a song titled “Take a message” which got a lot of airplay on the radio stations in Jamaica, at that time he was guest singer along with Glen Washington for a band named “Names and Faces”.

Wilford migrated to Canada in 1980 and was employed with a security company, as a patrol driver on the midnight shift. The radio on the job was his only company. So he would search for suitable stations to listen to. One night he came across a county music station named CFGM, which made him very happy because he had never listened to a country radio station before, country music was only being played once in a while on the radio stations in Jamaica.

Gene Watson, George Strait, and Jim Reeves were some of the singers he listened to the most...Gene Watson and George strait songs played a lot’ he was fascinated with this one song, "I don't need a thing at all"

A few months ago on a Sunday morning, Wilford was on Youtube searching for Karaoke songs, he came across the song "I don't need a thing at all" as he sang along with the music, it just seems right and sounded good.

He asked his brother Carlton Thomas (Thomas CCT) and some friends to listen to it, the response was overwhelming. Hence the reason why he decided to record this song

I would like to this opportunity to thank his brother Thomas CCT who has motivated Wilford over the years and is producing this song.

I do hope you all will like this song as much as I do.

Thank you all.

Carlton “E-Sentt” Thomas aka Minister Tommy CCT / Tommy CCT is an Akademia award-winning singer/songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer.
His Early Life
Carlton Thomas was born in Howell’s Content Clarendon, Jamaica He went to Denbigh Secondary school, now Denbigh High. His mother Cordilla White and father Wilford George Thomas are of Cuban ancestry.
E-Sentt started singing at a very young age, from the day he learned to talk.
He and his brother Wilford used to play at community sound clashes (musical competitions where crew members showcased their skills against each other), whenever they got the chance to do so.
People from the district would come to listen to them, and after their performances, they would choose the winner.

As time progressed they started singing at youth clubs, schools, and social gatherings. His brother Wilford was always doing solos. In 1973, E-Sentt formed a group called the “Third Generation “and became the lead singer. The name of the group was then changed to “The Improvers”.

The Improvers performed in Jamaica, and worked with many famous artists, like Mighty Diamond, The Culture, Barbara Jones, Maytones, and the list goes link Records was distributing the group’s hit song “Out where the Sun Shine'' which gets a lot of airplay all over Jamaica, and England. Unfortunately, many people are guilty of bootlegging this song.

Well-known artists, Game-Changing and Frenchie King from England did some songs for them. One of the tracks entitled “Moving” went to #30 on top of the pot in England. Despite all these successes, the group derived nothing, and their pockets were empty while the pockets of others became full. As E-Sentt puts it, that's the life of a singer. E-Sentt released “Out Where The Sun Shine” YouTube and ” Moving” in 2020 YouTube

Personal Journey

E -Sentt experienced many obstacles and because of the struggles he faced, in 1980 he got the opportunity to travel overseas and he migrated to Canada. He continued to practice his trade as a tailor and designer.

E-Sentt is an awesome tailor and a talented designer with 46 years of experience. He started his business on Eglinton Ave West, at Oakwood Avenue, Canada, sewing for international artists. His store was called Tommy`s Fashions. At that time, he was the lead singer for a band in Canada when he met Prince Mohamed Aka George Nooks. The band he was singing with George Nooks. He was using the band for performing at nightclubs, along with Julie Spence, Nana Mclean, and other artists. E-Sentt loved the music but he gave up the band, due to financial challenges and focused on his tailoring and designing business.
Even though he had something good going, the producers were not giving him the recognition he deserved.

Changing Lifestyle (His New Journey)

In 1995 E-Sentt was' ' born again’’. He became a new creation in Jesus Christ. He talks about his journey in the church where he has learned that the majority of sick people go to church to get well. Even though some will get healing and some will not. Many remain sick spiritually and physically because they lack the discerning spirit to identify persons who can guide them towards their “healing ground”.This can result in bad experiences. We have to be careful who we talk to when we are in need of healing.

E- Sentt firmly believes that people have to know God for themselves, listen to his voice, and he will train them to be like him. Through the trials, you will get strength and inspiration. It was a journey, but he graduated with honor from God. He now knows to walk as a child of the King.

In 2010, he released his first gospel album, entitled “Oh Why”. He goes by the name link. Thomas on that album. In 2012 he migrated to Houston Texas, USA. He released another album, entitled ‘Success” under the name Tommy CCT. The album was distributed by Tate Music Group. His third album entitled “You're Not Alone” under the name “Minister Tommy CCT '' was also released. E –Sentt believes he was not treated well. He did not get the publicity from Tate Music Group as he should have. They only lined their pockets leaving his pocket empty. He had similar bad experiences with Hit Man Record from LA and V-Pal Record.

What is E-Sentt Doing Now
E-Sentt has been writing songs as he gets his inspiration from God.
From all that he's been through, there's a song birth from his trials. His songs are packed with awesome lyrics that will change lives, and deliver to anyone who is going through hard times. His inspirational songs will point you to the Lord.

THE Unstoppable E-Sentt
E-Sentt initially made his mark on the music industry as a producer for artists. He's now a licensed publisher at ‘E Sentt Music Productions and his Label is Tablemusic Productions. He started showcasing his own abilities as a singer with his debut album, “Wave Of Success'' landed on top of the chart in the USA, also other countries along with his other songs such as “Always love Texas,” “This Is Not A Dream”, ‘Good Again” and many more. E-Sentt has also collaborated with JAI, Danever Scott, George Nooks, and O`shane White.
He's going forward by the grace of God, E-Sentt’s musical journeys are promising.
The best is yet to come from E-Sentt. He's looking forward to collaborations with his angelic voice and other promising artists on his Label. He has come a long way, still standing strong on the promises of God.
Check out his music, and be blessed, support this artist E-Sentt!

Carlton “Tommy CCT” Thomas is a passionate songwriter, award-winning reggae, gospel artist who hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. His musical talent started to emerge when he began his musical journey at the tender age of 7. During his childhood, he was inspired by musical icons such as Bob Marley, Gregory Issacs, and Mighty Diamond. He never let go of his deep desire and the magnetic pull towards music and began recording popular music with his first group, “The Third Generation” at age 15
He continued to be inspired and so he started a group called “The Improvers”. Their hit song “Moving Out Where the Sunshine” was released in 1978 The group performed many shows in Jamaica. They performed with musical greats such as Lloyd Parks and We the People Band. The Improvers were on The G. G. Records Label with the May Tones and the late Barbara Jones, Ruddy Thomas, and Leon Hyatt. They did memorable performances at the historical Crown Theatre in May Pen gracing the stage with “We the People Band”.

He migrated from Jamaica in December 1980 to Canada and was engaging in his trade as a master tailor. He did not abandon his passion and thirst for being a musician in Jamaica. He worked in the days as a tailor and in the night, he sang lead in a band from 1982 to 1983. His band was backing George Nooks at nightclubs on the weekend. He continued his career as an entrepreneur and decided he wanted to open his first tailoring establishment in Canada on Eglinton Avenue West. He was indeed a master of his craft and number one in his trade and became well known for creating unique designs for entertainers, and other clients. He influenced Bunny Gemini to be a Producer, Bunny did several songs for him.
He pursued secular music successfully for several years, establishing himself as a sought-after international act in England and Canada. In 1995 he received his spiritual calling and dedicated his life to God that same year. This life-changing experience marked a significant turning point in Thomas’ musical career as he sought to fulfill his mandate to preach the good news of the Gospel and to strengthen those who were weak and hurting. Carlton took time away from music to strengthen his faith in Christ and allow God to thoroughly prepare him for the next phase of his career

The year 2010 saw the rebirth of Carlton “Minister Tommy CCT” Thomas with powerfully written messages in his gospel-infused reggae recordings, using his talents for the Lord, as he was sent on a new mission. His first track “Oh Why Should I Love You, Lord?” was an immediate hit and has allowed him to garner continued success since, with album releases Oh Why in 2010 followed by his second albumin 2012 entitled “World Crisis” followed by the release of his third album, “You're Not Alone” on TMG Label in Oklahoma. Thomas migrated to the United States on March 2, 2012, where he released other albums and singles such as “Minister Tommy CCT”, A track from the album “Youths of Today”.This was a collaboration with George Nooks.

Minister Tommy CCT has enjoyed success on several internet music charts including number one songs on Reverb Nation, Charlie Mason Radio with the number one hits Road of Success featuring Danever Scott from Jamaica and Always Love Texas, a country and western-inspired ballad, topping HOT XR Radio Network’s Christian/Gospel chart with Wave of Success and has also enjoyed writing success with the European hit, “You’re Not Alone”, sung by female gospel sensation Cris-Gaye Batson. Minister Tommy CCT has won multiple Akademia Awards, including Artist of the Year, Best Reggae Gospel, and the Akademia Executive Award in 2019. The proof is in the pudding they say and tracks like “Plead the Blood '' and “Keep Jamaica Safe '' contain ample evidence that those awards were well deserved.
In his 2017 album” Chasing You” and singles, “Intervene”, “Downfall”, “Keep Jamaica Safe” released by Carlton Thomas. The single “You're Not Alone” Collaboration with Cris-Gaye Batson was released with VP Records.

E -Sentt got his new name from the lord as sat down one day in the2019. E-Sentt changed his life and … went back to his first love… Jesus Christ. E-Sentt firmly believes he is sent by God to this world to encourage and change lives through his music. He's an inspirational writer who sees things before they come to pass. He enjoys listening to Christian artists such as Chris Tomlin and Mercy Me. He also listens to Lionel Ritchie Lionel Richie, Town and country music. As he journeys on this path it is his dream to break into mainstream radio to go to the top of the Billboard chart. He has strong faith and knows he will climb to the top of the charts one day one day soon,

E -Sentt has received numerous awards and recognition. He was the recipient of the Akademia Awards on May 15, 2015, for best Reggae Christian Song with the album title “Harvest Of Plenty” 2015 Reggae Artist of the year and in 2019. He walked the red carpet in Los Angeles to receive the Executive Award for the song “Harvest Of Plenty” and walked the red carpet in Los Angeles,
He is very popular in Europe with lots of number one songs on various stations and internet stations.
With six (6) Albums released to date including, You’re Not Alone, Harvest of Plenty, I’ve Been Renewed, and Riding The Wave Of Success, all released between 2010 and 2018, Thomas shows no sign of slowing down and is still writing successful songs. While 2018 proved to be a big year for him, one filled with accomplishments, 2019 has seen a reenergized Minister Tommy CCT being obedient to God’s vision for his life and ministry and his rebranding as E-Sentt.
Carlton “E-Sentt” Thomas now resides in Texas with his wife Vivienne and enjoys a successful career as a highly-skilled fashion designer and tailor and also models his own creations. His winning combination of talent, beliefs, and artistic vision makes Carlton Thomas a leader and visionary in everything he does. A firm believer in living by faith and trusting in God’s word, the Road of Success promises a Wave of Success for E-Sentt for 2019 and beyond

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Thanks so much for all the Support. I`m excited to let you all know that my new albums "The Defender" and "Breath" are breathtaking, have enjoyed every moment in the studio recording them, and I hope you will love them too, love you.

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Greetings to you all friends! Thanks so much for your support, I1m back with lots more new music, The Thomas Brother, link up with my brother E-Sentt. Please enjoy these songs and they are available at your favorite downloads, have a nice day, love you all. the blessing of God maketh Rich.

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Thomas Brothers
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Greetings to you, friends, and fans! It’s been a while I hope you all doing great in this changing, and trouble time, lots going on, my YouTube channel has the latest with my music, please subscribe and hit the bell to get an update on new videos when it posts me always post a new video every week with buy links, thanks again for your support.

E-Sentt Aka Tommy CCT Minister Tommy CCT

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This was written by "Carlton Clovis Thomas" This song is to encourage the listener, we`re going through changeling time now, and this song is a reminder that God is in control, so we should not worry about anything, we should trust him, and knowing that he will come through for us.

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