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Mystery of Love (River Mix)

99 cents

Light (River Mix)

Syl Pike
10 months ago

Hi There,

I'm glad to announce today that both Mystery of Love & Light are available on iTunes and Spotify.
You can click on the 'buy' link at each song on N1M to purchase, but I warn that the software is not allowing me to link each separately correctly; specifically listing Light on Spotify. Hopefully we can rectify this glitch.
So in case your having problems, you can use these links in your browser.

Mystery of Love
Itunes: iTunes
Spotify: Spotify

itunes: iTunes
Spotify: Spotify

Thanks to all of you who nudged me into the stores, more to come soon. Its been fun and quite a challenging adventure wearing so many hats in production.



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Syl Pike
1 year ago

Hi Folks,

I hope you and yours are all hanging in and on during this trying time; what a time indeed. This Global Pandemic and its tide of change has definitely frazzled my sense of norm and yet it's given me space to look within. An unwanted experience but manifesting growth nonetheless. It's been tough at times and I pray you are all getting the support you need right now.

I was also born and raised in Nova Scotia, and ten days ago an atrocity unfolded like no other in our Canadian history. A quaint, quiet part of the world was overcome and shaken by another's rage. I offer my deepest condolences to the families of the twenty-two lost loved ones from this tragedy, and to those who've succumb to COVid19.

The good news is that new music is now coming down the pipe, soon to be delivered from my living room to yours, next week soon!! It's been a fun challenge wearing all the hats of production and I want to thank you so very much for your continued support of my music! Stay tuned...

Much Love And Light Your Way

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