DAWAN is a native of Detroit, MI (Eastside). DAWAN is natural when it comes to singing. At the early age of 4 is when he began to sing, little did he or his family know they were witnessing the start of a talented young man with a singing career awaiting for him. His first love is truly performing and singing. When he was 5 years old he appeared in commercials sponsored by the "City for Youth,... read more

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    Jun 24

    StarSpotlight TV

    United States, Michigan, detroit, 7800 east jefferson, 48214
    DAWAN Headlines
    Starspotlight TV Live
    Performing New Smash Hit
    Only 4 U, Get Involved
    Opportunities befall us all
    It’s up to us to break the fall
    Every little thing isn't set in stone
    Yet we cringe and cling to things of old

    A little step and a giant leap
    To things we think may never leak
    I awake within the nighttime hour
    And realize all of my own power

    This is true and well I think
    But how long before again I sink
    Inspired now truly and amazed
    Yet will it turn all into a world dazed

    My art is back on track it seems
    To successes filling up the beams
    I wander restless through the night
    And have stopped completely all this fright

    Amaze me will you with what I have done
    And everything that I have won
    Yet still more is to be achieved
    Again success I will receive

    I am the one walking on this path
    And fear not for there is no longer wrath
    when you are with me at my shows...................DAWAN
    All Ages
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