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"Summertime" by HipCat

Track starts off with lively vibes, very brightly played keys, nice snap to the snare drums, solid backbeat that is very "toe tapping" to the listener. This tune would be very well placed in a soundtrack for a movie, in a section where there was drive through the city, opening/closing credits, or any sort of bright, positive mood was being conveyed. It has a polished and refined sound, whoever Mastered this track did an outstanding job with the levels, balance and production values.

Canada, New Foundland, St. John's

Great Nostalgic Feel Track!!!

Wow! This track takes me back to the time when music was REAL and had meaning! It's a slight reflection of 70's dance music when radio listening was very popular and you heard songs like this on the radio and they made you feel good all throughout the day. What a great production "HipCat" everything about this song is good. It's excellent!!! 5 Stars*****

United States, Illinois, Mt. Vernon

Just listen and feel "Summertime" !

This tune is so nice ! It is music giving a feeling of just summer. You know, that summer breeze. You will surely forget that your bad feeling if you listen to this music and will be blown for that refreshing summer wind. I feel in this way "Forget that you hate " then only be blown by summer breeze. His sound is nice. Especially, choice of tones and the arrangements are splendid.

Japan, Sapporo

Summer Time

Nice intro very exiting really like the way your drums come in. To be honest is not my first go to when it comes to music to listen to. But from a producer prospective yes I'll say very upbeat and groovy. Very well arranged keep up the good work.

United States, New York, Queens

Summertime is a great time...


HipCat brings us Summertime... an upbeat instrumental fusion piece which is reminiscent of the days of Kenny G and Dave Koz... The rhythm keeps your foot tapping throughout the song and the breadth and depth of space is maintained despite the tightness of a midi signal chain with all of its compressed characteristics. The midi drums with the spacial effects are also a nice touch to go with the layers of keyboard work. A very upbeat song to be sure!

United States, Texas, Houston

'Summertime' Review


This is a nice piece by 'HipCat' It has a nice upbeat pace from the start. It is the kind of music that can keep you involved and keeps your interest. It has a nice toe tap groove type rhythm, with a jazz feel. Music is nice escape on a journey. Nice variety of effects with a flare. It is a high energy piece of music that would take you back to the disco era, It is a good original piece of music. Great work!

United States, Utah, Logan



Great instrumental reminds me of background music theme to a video game. Maybe at the intro where you press start recomend having it copy writting then sent to a few video game creators. Could make yourself good profit have a good one ☝

United States, Michigan, Flint


i lik it great muzik wonderfull

Senegal, dakar


Wow ok - so this reminds me of the Whitney Houston, Sheena Easton, Vanessa Williams, Mariah type production. Which I still appreciate but have fallen away from. Having said that.... this track would be well suited for some video production. I hear it all the time in corporate or website videos. Radio commercials as well... Go to audio library submission sites like Audio Micro or Pump Audio. I would also say you know what you are doing from a writing/arranging perspective. Try to get back to some real instruments. Keyboard workstation tracks are cool - but incorporating live instrument tracks can loosen up the feel a bit. I know it ain't easy. But if you can write this material imagine what it could be with some actual players... would be pretty cool I think...

United States, Pennsylvania, Sodium City


Nice work keep it up.. you will become a lot if you invest in producing your own film music i like it. And i hope and pray that you reach the stars. the things we do in life will be blessed.

United States, Tennessee, Lexington

Makes you wanna...

Get up and dance!! This song was very uplifting and moved me... I dug all the different instrumentations going on and the overall feel of the song. I think if anyone was having a bad day or just not song well this song would lift then right up! I appreciate the work or into this tune and would definitely like to hear more from hipcat! Great job!!! :-)

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale


Hi Steve !!! I'm listening to your track, "Summertime" right now. Wow !! What a great, happy, uplifting track this is !! Really nice... I like it a lot !! Great Performance and Production too !! Fantastic Arrangement !! Very Professional !! I am happy to see that you also had a job at AT&T to fall back on (just in case)... I wasn't that smart. Who knows? Maybe all those years in music would have paid off for you... you are THAT good !! But in this business, unfortunately, the odds are against us. I'm paying for it now. I wish you much happiness and continued success with your music my friend. - Richard Danar Music (By the way, I don't give 5 stars to many people) :)

United States, New York, New York City

Good to hear someone really playing!

Hi Steve: Thanks for asking me to review your song, Usually I am very blunt on my opinions but I always prefer honesty than a lot noise and small talk. (I apologize for that). First what I like: Amazing mix everything is in place (isn't OZONE 6 a marvelous tool) good for you. The spirit of the song really matches the name. You can create a lot of little variations on a song.... Then why I am only giving you 3.5? On Lone Survivor you are getting a better intention of a song but the percussion is poor; on the contrary Summertime sounds perfect but I feel to many variations that I can't remember the main melody and then your beautiful song becomes a good background music, it is so difficult to keep the listener attention for a long time. At certain level we are chef's preparing our best dish and we can very easily overwork our job with too many flavors...the final approve will come from our customers that is the reason at the end why they take their choices. Please do not misunderstand me I am not giving you lectures on your Music, your Music is good and it has enough in it to appeal certain sector of our listeners just my humble opinion. You have a great talent and with little changes in no time you will see amazing results of your work. Dream hard & make things happen. Thank you, El MAGICO

United States, Minnesota, Woodbury

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