Stephanie "Stevie" Williams / Christian/Classical / I Love the Lord by Whitney Houston (demo)

Beautiful Voice

Your voice is beautiful by itself. You don't need to double over your tracks. It sounds like someone else is singing over your voice, or slightly in the background, which you do not need at all. Just your voice is enough. By the way, this is my FAVORITE SONG!


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

I Love the Lord

BACKGROUND good.but uneven sound.Should sound pretty you and the band recorded simultaneously as in a concert.It sounds very uneven.better blend of background and voice track needed. TOO MUCH VIBRATO.Other than that good try!


Well done! Beautiful song and very peaceful also. This is a nice worship song which gives God well deserved Glory! Thank you so much for sharing this song with the world. Please continue to minister with your gifts and let others hear your music! God Bless you and thank you so much for your faithfulness in serving Christ Jesus! You have inspired me to keep on keeping on and I pray that you continue to do the same! God Bless You!!!

Heart And Soul

When I was a young producer shortly after moving to Los Angeles from Seattle, I became friends with the iconic Gospel legend Andrae Crouch. He taught me so much about music and serving God with that music. One day I brought him a track I was working on to share with him and, hopefully impress him with my efforts. Andrae smiled and said "nice! And you know God can use your song even if the bass guitar is out of tune." I thought that was really a great message. But as son as I got home I checked to see that that bass guitar was in tune. I tell that story here because that's what I m feeling as I listen to talented singer Stephanie Stevie Williams with her soulful performance of this Whitney Houston classic from the hit movie The Preacher's Wife. Stephanie has a beautiful and blessed voice and she is making God proud with her dedicated use of her talents for His kingdom. The backing tracks are not even close to the lovely performance she is contributing. I strongly suggest Stephanie get with a talented producer who can help get a beautiful production behind her voice so more people can appreciate what she has been blessed with in her performance. I gave this a high rating because she is giving her heart and soul to her singing.

Beautiful job

You did such a lovely rendition of Whitney Houston's I Love the Lord. Whitney was truly my favorite singer and I also sing I Love the Lord at my church with the choir backing me. Your voice is beautiful and it is exactly like my mother's voice. I love the music rendition as well. You have such s smooth, calming sound which made it very relaxing to listen to. Whitney really left a mark on everyone who sings her songs. Once again, you truly did an amazing job. Continue to allow the Lord to use you and thank you for blessing us with your gift of song.

I Love The Lord

The title itself speaks volumes, In my opinion the vocals are strong, the choir and back ground vocals were a good blend with the lead vocals, the music was done well.over all a good recording.

Old Time Feeling

This reminds me of listening to gospel music with my mother. Great song.Please support these guys. If you severe feeling down you can turn this up sit back and worship in GOD NAME. Amazing!

Cover of Whitney Houston...

As soon as the track starts there is no denying this is a Whitney Houston classic from "The Preacher's Wife" - one of my favorite movies and songs. This interpretation has somewhat of an opera sound mixed with traditional gospel. The soloist keeps the song "pretty" which is very different from Whitney's version, but she remains true to her sound and for that I commend the soloist.

Beautiful Vocals but poor recording

I love the song and the talented singers here in this arrangement. What makes me sad is that the sound recording was mixed poorly. The proper mixing of the original recording or a new recording if needed; would make this song soar!! There is too much of a swell reverb sound on the main vocal. If you are doing that then a bass track and other instruments if you can. Keep it up! Look forward to hear more.


Hi Stephanie, you have a nice soothing beautiful voice, that can relax a troubled soul. Keep up the good work you are doing and stay encouraged in your ministry.

i love the lord

yes excellent music excellent voice excellent lyrics so on i love this song and yes the lord loves you also and me and everyone he loved us 1st then we loved him i gave this song top rating because it is excellent and i give credit to where it is due not sure if i told you this but i love all christian songs and artist i have herd I can not make up my mind which song is better they are all excellent i recon because JESUS has his hand in our lives and teaches us or leads us by the holy spirit so on lady keep up the godly work in the lord and follow your dream wherever the lord may take it to ok

l Lord

One of my favourite songs and just keep on doing what you are doing for the Lord because the Lord will ll reward you in due season. Would love to hear some of your original songs

Classic voice!

I must admit I'm partial to your vocal stylings as it always takes my to Sunday morning church :-) you have a very seasoned and unique tone. Love the song and Thai mix was a little better however I still hear a little of the box sound . I'm not sure what you're recording with or if you're having it mixed but if you need suggestions or referrals I will help where I can. Da Liberal Soul

Review of "I Love the Lord"

I did not know that Whitney Houston composed Gospel songs. Very interesting. Although our "styles" of singing are different , I can feel the definite sincerity in your singing. That will reach more souls that any other aspect. The only suggestion I have at this time is try cutting back on the vibrata a little & hold some notes straight, especially on the high ones. You hit them so easily ( I'm jealous). Why don't you try it & listen & see how you "FEEL" THAT is critical in reaching souls, how do you feel about your song. God Bless
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