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Just Hold My Hand... Made a believer out of me!

Nice execution on the introduction. It was appropriate in its length and laid the perfect foundation establishing the genre. The balance of the instrumentation was well thought out. The logical placement and the selected panning of certain voicing added depth to the entire composition. The clarity in the lead vocals was appreciated. There was no compromise on diction for the singing of the verses. I really appreciate the pronunciation of the syllables throughout the melodic lines. The echoing of the lead with background harmonies was well done. Sometimes it was decided to put the single background vocal responses far left with an occasional breakthrough of an additional harmony on the right ever so light but loud enough to give support... Excellent. The lyrical composition tells a pleasant story of a time when innocent pleas were beautiful. Great job on all of the technical necessities. The mix was professionally engineered. The selection of chordal voicings supported the genre from start to finish... Wise choice in choosing the lead vocalist. Notice how she gives full value to each note. Her vibrato is nice as she allows it to fade naturally. The buildup throughout is nice and climaxes at the end with a nice turnaround that leaves you wanting more. Great job on the true fade at the end allowing the music to sustain and fade eternally. The notes still whispered when the music subsided. Nice. Well done. Just Hold My Hand is one to hold dear. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

Becky Williams is of Greatness

Subtle opening but when those powerful and dreamy vocals begin, what an explosion of wonder. Wow, what a thunderous chorus that springs up and just pulls you into the song story and keeps you interested and feeling the atmosphere. Am I listening to the radio or what? This is StarPointe Records at its best. One of the finest tunes so far, and a sudden ending is always the best way to do it. So dramatic.

Great voice, great rhythm and style.

Very relatable to all who enjoy country style music. Hope to hear more from her in the future. Sounds like an up and coming star who should surely make it in the music world. Looking forward to hearing your songs on the radio and hopefully television.

My review(Just my thoughts)

Love the sound made me tap my feet. It is a very relatable song, just my opinion but I think it would be greater if you could make the Chorus a bit bigger like you made the bridge bigger! Not as big as the bridge but you want it to grab you like it does when you get to the bridge! Thanks for sharing! Great song!

your song

Thank you for giving me the chance to review your song. What a pretty country rock song! I like the fact that the song goes so well with the groove and the harmony helping that pretty female voice! I could only add that the song needs a little bit more of punch, what I mean is the volume ist not that loud as other songs I have reviewed from the same type of music, however, what is important is, this song give me such a sadness fell and I wish to listen much more of you. I send you many greetings from Germany, Papa Alfredo from King Mambo all the way around

I hope this is an original song for you. It is structurally great and the person singing is very good. Unique and uplifting. I hope you have more to enjoy. YOu are a great song writer. I would love to hear more from the young lady singing. She has alot of heart. She puts it all in there. It's lovely and I look forward to hearing more soon. I'd love to hear about your writing steps and where you get your inspiration. Keep it up. GOd Bless you.

Just hold my hand

Simple and to the point with the strings and the drum circles all the vocals right in with a great yet simple blend! Enough change to keep the listener ingaged and listening for more, clear and understandable! A nice message and a great format to build upon, sho.uld pullin an audience of listeners that yearn to hear the subject matter, the vocals are good and smooth, a really nice cover to listen to ! Best of luck to you Becky, keep up the good work!


Thank you for sharing your music with me please keep me posted on music coming out tonight. This is very nice. Very smooth very creative world put together and very unique. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season blessed new year. I once again thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with me continue to stay on your grind to remain great music and never stop sharing your gifts with the world. And happy New year once again and may God bless you and all your endeavors.

Nice Tune - but some thoughts

Through headphones, (sony7506) the bass is a bit on the boomy side but through my mac speakers on a 27in iMac the bass is super boomy. Rolling off a bit of the kick at around 70-90 and the bass below 100 should do the trick. Other than that, I appreciate the melody and chord progression variations. It is nice to actually hear that again. Most music these days is boring beyond belief. 4.4 btw, because although it is a really is a nice melody and well thought out arrangement, it falls a little too far out of the country feel I think it would do best in. I think you could and should play with the arrangement to make it more country - IMHO

Just Hold My Hand

Beautifully anointed vocal of Becky Williams. I like the country rock vibe of this song, The percussion makes this song carrying the delivery of the lyrics. It is a classic song of love and a great message "Love will find a way...." Timeless! I bet this will be top in the charts soon. This is a divinely appointed duo of vocalist and composer. You can hear how they go together hand in hand like love and marriage. It also would top the charts I believe in the Christian Country Chart. I hope you enter it in that Genre also. It is sure to be a hit. I don't know about the guitarist but I bet it is the composer/musician. I am glad you found one another to share your talents with mankind. You are both a blessing! So few love songs out there now that are true to heart. This one speaks truth to the heart and faithfulness.

Just Hold My Hand

This is a catchy tune with solid lyrics. I think it could be a nice album cut. I would have a different demo singer sing it to promote it to an artist though. This song is suitable for a male or female voice. I wouldn't mind recording it myself.

Just Being Honest!

Great production clarity on the vocals good song structure doesn't really fit the country genre more folk sound, just my opinion. Or maybe even pop kind of catchy maybe and more backing vocals to your lead singer. overall good song.

Song...Just hold my Hand

The lady that is singing this song is pleasant to listen to. Her voice is lilting and melodic and the harmonies blend well with her Voice. The lyrics are easy to understand and the backing musicians played their parts well.The lady singing this song should be able to have her name to this song and be recognised to the world.Good luck to her...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au


A very simple, but well done tune. I can hear either a fiddle or steel accompaniment along with a harmony vocal in there. Just as it is, It's very refreshing to listen to! The bass and drums seem to call for the accompaniment. The woman singing is pleasant to listen to. Whoever she is, she doesn't sound like everyone else out there. Well done!
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