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Love it, good message to the listener, should be a hit.

Not too often you'll run into a song this good. good luck with it. I really like the music and the engineering. What else can one say here it's a song with feelings and recorded by a great voice

She’s On Her Own

Une bonne chanson, un bon hook . D'excellentes harmonies qui se mélangent si bien avec le chanteur qui a une voix d'écoute claire et agréable. J'aime la la guitare solo. Je pense que cette chanson est bien écrite, produite et maîtrisée. Ce fut un plaisir d'écouter et de revoir.

Nice Beat

Strong opening, and the first verse leads to an explosive chorus which has timely vocals. The chorus builds to an even higher tempo and is totally strong. Radio ready. Great job! Modern songwriting at its finest.

Wonderful !!

Hello david !! First of all thanks for being able to comment on your song. I loved the song from start to finish with a beautiful melody, excellent harmony and a great musical accompaniment. All the musicians performed their instrument perfectly, the voice is deep, expressive,  And always intoned. The mix between choirs and lead vocals is in its exact ratio. The production is very careful and in general the project is to be heard over and over again. Congratulations on this great job.

She's On Her Own ...David Morgan

She's On Her Own is a song that is easy on the heart, even as a love lost song, it still has an instrumental that lifts the spirit. It has star quality like Kenny Roger's song "You were always on my mind." It is one of your best songs yet. I hope it will be put forward in the International Indie Song Contest Country Genre. I would class it as Country Pop. It has all the hallmarks of a classic song with gentle flow of the instrumental and some fancy guitar. Great effort! I hope you will consider posting it in Country Pop genre. You will win fans! Good luck David Morgan and I hope you will make the trip one day soon to tour the UK where there are lots of Country Fans waiting to hear a new Artist.

Review of she’s on her own

A great musical lead in to she’s on her own, A nice vocal with really matched harmony that drives the story line and makes the tune come alive, The band is in sink with the artist and adds to the overall presentation of a ell written country story! David does a nice smooth job with calls and calls for more than one listen. This tune is catchy and believable and I expect you to warm up to this tune and want more from this artiist,

Shades of James Taylor. Good job!

Very good production. Nice musical mix in regards to the music. Pleasant blend and nice choice of instrumentation. The timbre of the singer's voice required a more aggressive equalization mix, in my opinion. The vocal track could be compressed and brightened a bit to bring it to the front. It felt like it was almost smothered by the music tracks. Of course, this is my opinion - I just feel that the message of the lyrics could be better served by highlighting the vocal track a bit. As far as the arrangement of the song, I have to say that I was entertained by the key change structure and modulation path of the chords. As I listened, I couldn't help but comparing the style to some of James Taylor's writing. This comparison was enhanced by David Morgan's voice, which is reminiscent of JT's. The theme is a common one, and your treatment of this idea was strong, in what I could understand of the story. As I stated already, it was difficult for me to hear and understand some of the lyrics because of the vocal track mix, but the storyline gives me a sense of continuity and maturity in the telling of it. Nice work, brother. Hope you get a lot of great response to this song and all your music. You have a fan here.

Great Production.....

This song is easy on the ear... Good production, although I felt they could have pulled the vocals out a bit more and toned down the music in parts... I've had problems with that myself and it depends on whose 'mixing' it and their 'ear', so I know how that goes. Still, that's really the only fault I could find. It wasn't at all that bad and could still understand the lyrics, so that's the main thing ! Good song, good vocal rendering and easy listening !

Rock On

I really nice song I Love The Melody I love the good tire sounds really smooth your voice going well with the track very unique and clear and creative. Thank you for sharing your talents with me continue to be a blessing to the world and other people and never stopped going to the next level never stop making great music the music that you love which is country is still good music always grew up listening to country music. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoy your Christmas and and have a blessed New year and have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you and all that you go to do

In love with this

I really like all of your music but this by far is my favourite. Such a great sound . It’s great hearing the songs made from the heart with real meaning and depth . I loved it . I have added all of your songs to my library thanks

very good

She’s On Her review. this song is a strictly Country piece in the highest sense of the word. everything sounds in Country style as I said everything recalls the Country genre. personally it is not my favorite genre but I can give you a musical judgment that is certainly positive because all that there must be in a Country piece in your piece is therefore complimented and continues. good job

She's on her own

A good song, a good hook with very clever use of revert and slight delay. Excellent harmonies blending so well together with the lead singer who has a pleasant clear listening voice. I like the slight use of distortion on the lead guitar. I believe this song is well written, produced and mastered. It was a pleasure to listen to and review. May it bring success for all involved. Cheers Johnny Shilo from Melbourne Australia

She's On Her Own

This is a beautiful melodic song well constructed and flows nicely. Really good instrumentation and harmony arrangements with nice lights and shades that really helps the song to grow on you. I like the song very much but to me, the lead vocal is a little overshadowed, in places, by the backing. Would I recommend this song for others to listen to.,, MOST DEFINITELY

She’s On Her Own review

This is a great sounding production with good instrumentation in the composition. It has a traditional western cowboy vibe to the song but the lyrical content makes this a sad song. The vocals are crystal clear in the overall mix and the steady rhythm pattern makes it one for the slow dance. Some real hard work has gone into this recording to produce the quality sounds that this track has.
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