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About SpaceWind

"SpaceWind" learns piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17.

SpaceWind was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20's, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up.

When SpaceWind was a junior high school student, she was impressed ... read more

About SpaceWind

"SpaceWind" learns piano from age 5 and vocals from age 17.

SpaceWind was brought up by a strict father of the company owner, and was denied the choice of course according to her intentions in elementary and junior high school days until 20's, so the surface behaved well, but with an internally suppressed emotion grow up.

When SpaceWind was a junior high school student, she was impressed by the TV show of the "Grammy Award Ceremony".

"There is an energy in the music that in an instant it encourages and changes to the positive, even the heart of people with negative emotions!"

And she decided to be a music artist.

Currently working as an indipendent artist, mainly in Tokyo, as an expert in psychology and vocal methods.

[Music World-view]
A singer-songwriter who specializes in ballad songs that sing beautiful melodies and impressively with magnificent arrangements.

SpaceWind is a female artist whose main point is the ballad by the arrangement that goes up in the second half of the music.

At the same time, she sings up-tempo pop songs in a gorgeous arrangement.

A singer-songwriter who sings "love, dream and hope" with the theme "the universe and the soul" which beyond the mere love story between men and women.

SpaceWind has no Merchandise yet.
3 months ago

"The Mane of Courage/勇気のたてがみ" has just been released on Youtube.

The music video for the new song "The Mane of Courage" has just been released on Youtube.

新曲「勇気のたてがみ」(The Mane of Courage)のミュージックビデオを、Youtubeに、先ほど「勇気を出して」公開しました。

(expired link)


It took "8 months" from shooting to completion.
On the way, there were days when I was so depressed that I was almost frustrated, "Isn't this God following me?"

I also made the "decision" to separate the shooting company and the editing company in order to achieve the "image editing" that I intended.

Even so, I managed to open it to the public on the good day of the Japanese calendar, "Today = the day when one seed grows tens of thousands of times and grows + the day when heaven forgives everything".

I would be really happy if you could enjoy it.

I was worried many times, saying, "What if my videos and music are criticized?" Or "What if you don't like it?"
She managed to overcome the "ordinary fears and anxieties that everyone has in her heart" and was able to welcome today as a singer-songwriter who works as an individual.

If you like it, please push "like" button, and if you include a comment, I will be delighted to climb the tree higher than the mountain! ????







You can do "Like" and Leave your "comment" it if you have your Gmail email address and logged in.

The "machine" judges whether the video is responsive to the "algorithm" of Youtube.

I would be really grateful if you could cooperate with me.

And I sincerely pray for everyone's success.
We wish you a wonderful and fruitful day.

いいね!やコメント!は Gmailのメールアドレスを持っていて、ログインしていればできます。




Thank you.

From SpaceWind


* Lastly:The "lyrics" of "Courage Mane" released today are

"People who have worked hard to put off their lives for her family (especially women such as mothers)"

It's a song I made to encourage my feelings when I hit "Isn't it going well despite my efforts?"

I believe that all human beings in the world live on "the wonderful support of motherhood."

Dedicated to all women who do their mother's business well and all fathers who support financially!






(expired link)


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9 months ago

[Only one way of realize your wonderful value]「あなたの価値は素晴らしい!」 #Shorts

[Only one way of realize your wonderful value]「あなたの価値は素晴らしい!」 #Shorts
(expired link)

My song is in the summary column section
From the URL link for each song below
You can listen to my songs.

(expired link)

You can get new ballad song I sung
"The Mane of Courage / Yuhki No Tategami".

(expired link)

Hello, this is SpaceWind in Tokyo.
"#Shorts video" will be released at 19:30 on December 3rd, Japan time.

[Only one way of realize your wonderful value]「あなたの価値は素晴らしい!」 #Shorts
(expired link)

This short video is a message about my other specialty, psychology-based subconsciousness and aspirational fulfillment, other than my career as a music artist.

Do you know your wonderful value?

When I had a lot of painful experiences (eg eating disorders and functional dysphonia when singing for 8 years), I was disappointed that I couldn't do great things anymore and became a mass of self-denial...

However, by regaining self-affirmation and regaining our original dignity, we will be able to lead a more comfortable life.

I believe that "music has the wonderful power of love to instantly snuggle up to any negative emotions and turn them into positive emotions."

How do you feel?

And I think that renewing the subconscious mind based on psychology and realizing your wonderful value is also a power like love.

Today, I will deliver such a message with my own voice with the acoustic version of my original song "The Mane of Courage" as BGM.

Enjoy the #shorts videos you can listen to in just one minute!

(expired link)



[Only one way of realize your wonderful value]「あなたの価値は素晴らしい!」 #Shorts
(expired link)








今日は、そんなメッセージを、私のオリジナル曲「The Mane of Courage」のアコースティックバージョンをBGMにして、私のメッセージ音声でお届けしますね。

わずか1分で聴ける#shorts 動画をお楽しみください!
(expired link)

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11 months ago

3 information news from SpaceWind in Tokyo with lots of love!

Hello, this is SpaceWind.

There are only three months left in 2021 this year.
The Tokyo Olympics 2021 is over, and autumn is approaching.
Many people will go out in the coming season and tourist season, but let's give priority to health and have a good time!

Let's enjoy music and songs together!

By the way, today I have three announcements, and I will share the information by email.

This is the first one.
In fact, in order to properly organize the information on "SpaceWind" that has existed on the Internet for the past month, about lists of all the songs I have released so far, including distributors, Spotify, Apple Music, Google, etc.
I was patiently negotiating with the customer service of thsee sites.

What kind of negotiation is it?

Actually, there was another artist with the same name with one word "SpaceWind", and all my information and song list were tied to that other artist.

Another aritist is an Indian male instrumental artist, but my artist page doesn't exist on any distribution site.

I patiently negotiated with each site in English to separate from him and correct information.

As a result, only Spotify and Apple Music were approved as "Space Wind, a Japanese female vocal artist," and I succeeded in unifying them with my own songs.

For example,
The new SpaceWind page on Spotify called me is at the following URL.
(expired link)

Regarding Apple Music, there is a page of "Space Wind", a Japanese female vocal artist called me, on the USA site and Japan site according to the purchase area.

(expired link)

(expired link)

There are still many other sites that are flawed, but I'll sort them out little by little.

The second news.
Two songs, an up-tempo song called "Now and Forever" and a love ballad song called "Yuhki No Tagegami / The Mane of Courage" for your playlist on Spotify and other music distribution sites, are in the process of being remixed briefly.

I want to improve the sound quality, so I go into a proper recording studio and do it.
When the remixed sound source is completed, I will of course share it with N1M, so please look forward to it.

And if you have an account on Spotify and make playlists, please add my song.
I feel happy. ^o^/

This is the third one.
I'm planning to make multiple music videos, and I've already entered the planning meeting.
I plan to make it a work that focuses on the singing scene and a story-like video work that resembles a short movie.
When sharing on Youtube, I will also introduce it on N1M, so please look forward to it.

That's all for today's news.
Autumn is the season when food is delicious.
Let's enjoy life in a healthy way with music while being careful not to overeat!

Thank you for reading until the end.
With lots of love,

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1 year ago

I have uploaded a new song "The Mane of Courage-Short Version" right now from Tokyo, so I will intro

Hi ????

●I wrote the lyrics for "The Mane of Courage" thinking of three of my female friends who had deep sorrow.

<The reason for the 1st one>
A female friend who was studying psychology with me suddenly lost her fiancée during a company meeting and never returned, and she died from her fiancée.

At different times, in fact, my best friend in high school, suddenly lost and died from her husband two years after her marriage, and she has lived alone ever since.

What an unreasonable thing will happen in life.
Why did women close to me suddenly lose their loved one in their lives at young age?
How deeply sad and lost is it?
How can I be close to their hearts and heal them?

How can I alleviate the sadness of my friends?
What kind of words should I use to snuggle up to people like them?

However, even if I don't have words, it may be enough to just be with them gently.

The reality is that even we, who live in peaceful times, can experience unexpected and absurd things in our lives.

And when I was in junior high school, I remembered that the pop songs on TV, radio, through media healed my heart.

Just as when I was in my teens and twenties, I was healed by music and songs and had the hope of living, I wanted to encourage my friends with the songs I wrote.

I wanted to write lyrics that speaks for the feelings of my dear friend.
It was because I decided to sing their feelings instead.

For the first time, I decided to put the feelings of the listeners into the lyrics instead of singing the song I want to sing.

Music works directly on the human brain and mind.
Music has the power to propagate in the air and warmly snuggle up to your heart.

<The reason for the 1st person>
●And, the feelings of another fellow who studied psychology with me are included in the second chorus lyrics.

It's a friend who has worked hard for her sick mother and younger sister, for her family since she was little enough to cause herself panic disorder.

She is a woman who "has left behind what she wants to do and her personal happiness" for the health of her family.

By writing these lyrics for "The Mane of Courage", I got a voice of sympathy from men.

A man who works and his wife also works hard, I mean double-income earners.
Sometimes, he is a man who takes care of his children and supports his wife and family by doing the housework hard so that his wife's work can be prioritized and made easier to work.

That man said,

"I also put up with what I personally want to do in order to prioritize my family as well as the lyrics of this song.
I'm happy, but if I've worked hard for my family, I was worried about what to do if my family didn't go well or my personal dreams weren't rewarded.
That's why I really liked the lyrics "for my family."

I got the above impression.

Where, under what circumstances, what kind of life milestones are you spending now?

Although it is a song sung in Japanese, I deeply hope that "The Mane Of Courage" will reach your hearts in the westerlies of the earth and through the internet.

If you, or someone near you, are having a hard time or feeling sentimental, please listen to this song and heal your mind.

The corona/covid-19 virus hasn't diminished yet, but are you happy?
Is your loved one or someone nearby healthy?

It's okay if you can enjoy the music!

Music, songs cross national borders.
Music goes beyond age.
The music industry is thriving mainly for listeners in their teens and twenties, but no matter how old you are, music will enrich your life with your own lifestyle of that age.
It also exceeds gender.

I want to deliver music and songs for people in their mid-life and beyond ages.
I hope that by enjoying singing throughout each one's life, everyone's heart and life will be happy and enriched.

Whether you're from any country, wherever you are or how old you are, letting you know that your wonderful life shines like a diamond, through the song "The Mane of Courage", through all of my songs.
I sincerely hope and support everyone's success.

Thank you for reading it until the very end!

Next time, I will deliver a sentence that translates the content of the lyrics into English.
Please look forward to it.

With lots of love from SpaceWind????

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1 year ago

My song "Now and Forever" won the 4th place on the World Indies Radio Chart.

Over the past year, the influence of the global virus has forced everyone to refrain from activities in the entertainment industry of music and movies, as well as the restaurant industry, and have been having a difficult time.

Are you all doing well?
I keep making, singing and listening to music to keep my mental health.

We can connect with people all over the world through music and the Internet!

I sincerely hope that you all enjoy music, heal your heart with music, and live with a smile without losing hope for tomorrow.

The song I wrote and composed, Now and Forever, reached number four on the World Indies Radio Chart.
Since I am working alone, I am also doing all the promotion and SNS development by myself.

And, over a year ago, I uploaded a promotional video of Now and Forever on Youtube by "self-editing".
The quality of the video is not good, but the quality of the music is perfect, so please enjoy Now and Forever with Youtube videos!

(expired link)

I would be very happy if you could write your impressions in the comment section of Youtube and press the like button.
Your comment ane like button makes me create the next good song and deliver it to everyone!
It will be encouraging, so thank you.

Well then, I'll email you again!
thank you for reading it until the very end!

(expired link). I create my own official website:
(expired link)

Enjoy music together forever.

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