Rounded Brainary - Harpsichord Solo

Songs from the Trailer Park

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Rounded Brainary


I founded fascinating this versin on Harpsicchord of "Rounded Brainary" from Songs From the Trailer Park. No doubt about the excellence on the performing, but the composition, structure, balance and the development really impacted me. I enjoyed a lot, and I have to say that it's not easy to compose on that style, not only because you have to have a real background on that field, also because you have to respect the style in some way. And this work does all, and the most important thing it's that's really an original work, very interesting because of the construction of it. As I said, requires a lot of knlowdgment and a great sensibility, to get a so enjoyable work.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Stellar Harpsichord solo in the style of Bach - with a touch of Romance!


This is an absolutely lovely harpsichord piece composed and performed by a talented artist! It has the form of a theme and variations with the main theme introduced followed by alternating sections which vary in affect and style (although all consistent with Baroque techniques) while keeping the main harmonic progressions as far as I can tell. The song is in 3/4 and also yields the flavor of a music box waltz (and I'd love to hear this on a music box as well)! After the variations are developed there is a satisfying return of the main theme to close out the piece. Though convincingly Baroque overall, there is a touch of romantic sensibility apparent in some of the minor progressions and arpeggiations, which make the piece all the more interesting. The playing technique, involving rubato and articulations, is quite excellent as those are the only two things that can give a harpsichord performance life, absent the availability of dynamics. Some reviewers have objected to too much reverb, yet for a film or video game score situation, the reverb would work quite well to evoke a sense of nostalgia. This is an amazing little musical gem which I'm adding to my collection and I hope to discover more gems from this artist! Bravo!

United States, New York, New York

Great playing


Your keyboard skills and compositional ability are top of the line without question. It's fine as is of course, but I could hear it being backed by rock instrumentation. Although that might not be at all something you would want to hear with it. Great playing and songwriting.

United States, Oregon, Clackamas

Very good


I love the harspichord sound, this is a very good solo, beautiful harpsichord harmonies, it sounds lovely, smooth and reminds me of those movies and music about Mozart. Great work. Keep going.

Portugal, lisbon

Rounded Brainary Review

This track is track jem. It has a nice smooth soothing vibe. Excellent for collab into a nice trap beat. The track has all the ingredients for moving up the charts in several genres. Looking forward to more or some type of collab from this artist.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

Great work


This was a great composition, I could easily see this as an soundtrack or on Broadway in a musical. Compositions are time consuming and can get tricky as well. Keep up your craft, there is room for you as long as you don't quit. Great job.

United States, Florida, Miami

Trailer Park


Hello, well for a moment I revived Bach, John Sebastian though his very melodic and sequential song. Rounded Brainary - harpsichord as Trailer Park song I believe to be quite convincing, harmonious and appropriate to the theme, you have overcome. Congratulations!

Brazil, Paulista



I must admit that this takes me back to Tetris for the Game Boy handheld system. Music wise the instrumentation is well played and well arranged. A bit spooked at the same time which takes me to another opinion as I hear the melody. Due to it's dark sound in my opinion you may want to pitch this song to a Dracula theatrical play or movie set if possible. Music is just beautiful and can be used in many ways. Best wishes to you and your artistry

United States, New York, Queens

Check out some of my tracks

Check out some of my tracks and tell me what you think Check out some of my tracks and tell me what you think Check out some of my tracks and tell me what you think Check out some of my tracks and tell me what you think

United States, California, Whittier

Unique Sounds

I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Review of Rounded Brainary-Harpsichord Solo


This song is very unique, and I'm sit here wondering how he does that? stratches her head and sighs. It really is rather brilliant if you think about it. Just think of all the years of practice that must have gone into it to pull off this seemingly flawless solo. Well needless to say I'm very impressed by the whole thing to say the least....ROCK ON!

United States, North Carolina, Morganton

Classic Track.


Rounded Brainary by Songs From The Trailer Park is a classic track. Beauty and effortless class drip from every note. The layers and textures are an insight into their way of working. Terrific job.

United Kingdom, Derby

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