Only God Can Judge me


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Nice work

Thanks for the support, (F.O.E.) can't shine without the help and support of our fans. It is greatly appreciated when you listen to or share our music, we will continue to give you the best that we have to offer, Thank you so much again.The single (BUILD TOGETHER by Rich Sans is now available for purchase on Apple music, iTunes, and everywhere music is digitally distributed worldwide) Thanks again for your support.

United States, Indiana, Worldwide

Off flow

Not feeling flow or rhythm and u sound like you are having a lazy sad day not enough energy your story is good but that's about the only positive thing I can grasp from this horrible song

United States, Florida, Clearwater

You gonna go along way.

I listen to the song and I like the concept and think it has potential I wanna here more from you and think you can bring some uplifting and good music to the game keep making good music and it's gonna take you a long way..

United States, Florida, Boycetown

very good

Keep it up love the message love the lyrics great song gotta be on radio delivery was dope very good hook looking forward to hearing more from you good sound must been doing this for a while

United States, Texas, Houston


Its funny how you requested a review and the song says, I dont care what you think of me.. lol. I like the confidence in your sound. Some parts were hard to catch the rhythm but keep pushing. instagram @crystalranae

United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Finally some real Hip Hop to review on here! There's a lot of people doing it all wrong but every once in a while a gem is discovered. This track came close to having the complete package of a perfect Hip Hop /rap song. The beat and vibe was golden era and the Rap flow and voice was on point. The instrumental was accompanied by ambient sound effects and overall created the mood for a true banger! The lyrics were abstract and storytelling without the use of profanity and typical mainstream dialogue. This is real art and I genuinely enjoyed the listen. Would have gave it 5 stars if there was tight record scratching turntablism involved as well. Overall this is the best song so far I've encountered on this site to review. Peace and Blessings in Jesus name .

United States, California, Los Angeles


Your music is good and awesome bro. You are good and just keep up the roll.We are here to support you.One love. Your music is good and awesome bro. You are good and just keep up the roll.We are here to support you.One love. Your music is good and awesome bro. You are good and just keep up the roll.We are here to support you.One love. Your music is good and awesome bro. You are good and just keep up the roll.We are here to support you.One love. Your music is good and awesome bro. You are good and just keep up the roll.We are here to support you.One love.

United States, California, Las Vegas


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United States, Texas, Houston


Its good, and flow works, but on a lyrical note. Needs more Bars, like punch lines. You have good ones but not enough, think eminem. Lil wayne, drake, future. They all have off the wall punch lines... keep trying

United States, West Virginia, Charleston

nice but, needs work

Nice but, needs work.. I dig the groove, need the pace to continue stay on the beat...My favorite part is that is has REALISM...The emotion is real....Thx for sharing...Make certain top stay on track rhythmically ... YOU GOT This my brother !:-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles


It's different that's a good thing tho you sound like yourself plus I like the slow beat mento to it, maybe turn the vocals up a little its kind of low, but overall i think its a cool track, keep the good work and go for your dream

United States, Florida, Clearwater

I cant be the judge

Distorted beat kicks in for about eight bars then the rhyme begins. In my opinion the flow is off beat but may be on purpose. Almost to the point where its a talk instead of a rap. Solizs has a message tjats positive but not much to attract attention especially for almost four minutes. Voice is monotone and needs some pitch change to give more flavor to tge song. I feel that if there is a hard effort aimed at putting emotion into the song as well as creating some type of pattern or cadence may bring more for the ear to want to listen to. I give Solizs credit for making the song but if you're going to make, own it as well and give it your all. Not for sure if there was a hook or chorus in the song but sa catchy one is needed as well. But I'm not the judge on this one because only God can judge.

United States, Arizona, Tucson

This the truth my G

The song is a real inspiration to the world my man. Keep that positive energy up and keep inspiring others like myself to keep going strong. All the way from Nola TeeJay Foy #itsfoy #workharder

United States, Louisiana, Marrero

Only God

Our opinion doesn't really matter, you do what makes you happy and feel good. Music is an art and it doesn't always make sense. If this is what you want go for what you know and want. Keep pushing!

United States, Texas, Dallas

Pitty Bates Knows For Sure Real World, Bro Said It All ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.

Real World Talk... I Can Testify That For Me Personally It's Because Of The Good Lord That I'm Here Today, & Gods Mercy & Grace Is A Forever Gift That None Of Us Really Deserve. CHECK OUT DUDES SONG. WORDS MEAN A LOT...

United States, Connecticut, Newhaven

Review of Only God Can Judge Me

So awesome to see you on here, my Poze friend, sounding great. I love the lyrics and the beat is smooth and alluring, I wish you all the best and much success. Keep doing your thang My Friend .HMU anytime to help you with any voting or recommendations God BlessLove TC

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield MA

King sosa

I like your music keep pushing it's all about net working with other artists and helping each other get to that goal go on to my page and listen to my music and let me know what you think kool

United Kingdom, London

Only God Can Judge me Review

This track is nice. It has a nice trap hip hop beat sound and feel. The vocals and lyrics are good as well. However, the lyrics tempo and beat were off sync in some areas and the volume on the beat appeared to be a little low. This track has potentials for moving up the chart with a little more mixings. Good work. Looking forward to more from the group.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

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