Out of the blue

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And into the black


Song starts out with a nice little bass riff which seamlessly blends into the song as the other instrument join the party. A fun upbeat pleasent sounding hard rock instrumental that still has a sweet laid back feeling. This song could use poetry as the words and get away with it due to its unique structure. The only suggestion I would make would be in the mix of the guitar parts the tail ends of the reverb tend to overlap and cancel out the parts as the melodies drift apart. As they merge and begin to sound like one guitar towards the end the phasing disapears. Shortening the tail end of the reverb should fix.

United States, Illinois, Aurora

sofisticated electronic


i feel this electronic guitar sofisticated, trying to express a contained feeling which stats softly to end up almost a bit angry but keeps it contained.until the last moment when it finishes the song suddenly.Good quality of sound, i like this kind of sound for themes about cars orother machines competition.Percussion is vey good and quiet.which compensates the guitar, I feel it quiet balanced.



This is very a cool instrumental Song! The structure is clear and fine, not to long and not to short. There is a cool Bass-Guitar Riff; nice Guitar Solo with some Pink Floyd touch; also Drums and Keyboards makes great atmosphere. For me the song is perfect!

Austria, Vienna



I really like your tune "Out of the blue". It has a lot of strength, with that well-marked bass and the guitar doing a good rock solo. You seem to be influenced by the great Rock bands like Pink Floyd. A musical greeting from Spain.

Spain, Madrid

Gangsta feel


I don't know why but this track just made me feel like if I was watching a gangsta movie. This tune sounds as though it belongs in such a movie. This track had me bumping my head and stomping my feet.

United States

Good music


I like the smooth evolution starting with the Bass guitar and then aditional instruments as the organ , drums and guitar solo. The good skill on guitar is cool and the whole ambiance make me think a bit as good solo from David Guilmour with regreted Chris Wright on keyboard on the back (Yes I could say a little bit like Pink Floyd when they play their famous tune Echoes) . Bravo well done.

Hit play... and play... and play...


For a tune that heralds a rebirth out of the blue, an awakening bursting with a furious undertone, one may find puzzling that it is with eyes closed that you really can grasp the spirit of the track... the solid intro opens the way to a cathartic guitar solo roaming in a liberating smile... and it build up as you sort of let it take you along, down to the classic outro that cries for more. Classic and joyful. Gimme more!

France, Caen



In my opinion which isn't really that important butt you rocked it this sounds great it reminds me of you know the classic rock back in the days keep it up continue to make great music and share that with everyone because that's what we're here to do share a language that not everyone truly understands well at least within this dimension we are just understand one another and some consumers due to but you have a gift continue to use it

United States, Delaware, Seaford

cool riffs


Nice, easy to listen to piece that reminds me of Floyd and the great days that rock instrumentals were at their peak. There is always a place in the market for a track such as this, with the classic organ chords floating in the background of a singing electric. I love music that takes you on a journey and this sure does. I would recommend this instrumental to anyone and it's a great chill out piece as well.

United Kingdom, Okehampton

a passage ...


musical paths which are filled with nostalgia .... in sounds in your unwittingly refer to classic psychedelic blues ... in pink floyd ..elloy .... musical sounds that haunt our best musical memories ... then that We close the lights in the room and listened for hours this very good music ... So very good production ... excellent Sounds on bass and guitar ... music keys as atmospheric flying carpet ... swinging melody in music but cut a little short ... worth a few musical measures even this wonderful piece ... not to be just a musical passage, but leads to something more grandiose orchestral making each listener can still dreaming... however i enjoyed it even for a while and I am grateful for this !!!!



I really like and enjoy your music keep on making great music and never stop creating Growing up as a little kid I use to listen to all types of music keep in touch be blessed and enjoy your day God bless.

United States, California, Every Where

Out of The Blue

Another great song from SOGP Music definetely for me. "Out of the blue" shocked me from the beggining, and it's full of surprises. Very solid work, well structured, great soud, etc... but he main piont that attracted me it's maybe not very easy to explain, but I'll try to do it. With any doubt it's performed by musicians with a great skills, but they didn't take advance of them skills to make an overperformed and shows all them virtuosity that I'm sure they have. They know perfectly when and how manage theis skills so don't destroy a great musician ambient. You can listen easily that they use just the sound and notes that really gives live to the song. It's from gifted musicians to do that and don't fall into the overshow his skills. That gives youa perfect balance and a great musical work, at least it's my point of view.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Mid side operation

Great ,five stars with 3 + lol. We listen again and again here. Thats what music is for ,listening. We know that this is impossible without mid-side operation ,so we dont say more about that. Great start with very funky bass and we just love the Hammond Tutti Billy Preston stile long chords thats here. Sincerely Yours

Sweden, Vasteras

It okay


It something different I wont mind listening to it again I will share it and support anybody who doing what they love to do. Keep up the good work and never stop doing what you do. Good wrk

United States, North Carolina, Goldsboro

New music now

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United States, Utah, Salt lake city

Loose groove instrumental

This recording has a lot of retro-psychedelic elements, most obviously with the heavily delay and reverb-saturated guitar tracks and the dreamy Hammond organ with it's slow Leslie vibe laced with distortion. There is no new ground pioneered here in terms of melody, chord progression, drums or arrangement, but it might suit the credits for a the right movie. At least it doesn't sound like the boring sterile digital music that is often in the spotlight these days.

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

Solid Sound


I usually don't review instrumentals preferring instead to review songs. But since you asked, I decided to give it a shot. I enjoyed "Out of the blue". It's a very solid musical foundation for a song. The musicianship on each instrument was excellent. All in all, a very solid sound. Now all you need are lyrics and a good melody line to put the lyrics to and you would probably end up with a great song.

United States, Oregon, Mcminnville

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