Quantum State

Space Time Energy Matter

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Good Classic Rock Instrumental


The first thing that caught my attention was the bass timbre. The hammond in the background gives the necessary fill, and the guitar on top "glue" all the elements well, with a good melody. We do not hear here great virtuosities, or an element that stands out from others. On the contrary, the band is very cohesive, and the timbres and arrangements seem to me right within the style and the proposal of the band.

Brazil, Sao Paulo

I'm a Fan.


Didn't really know what to expect, But after hitting play I was hooked. I have never been a rock fan in my Life, but that was excellent. I definitely understand why you named it quatum State.

United States, Georgia, Atlanta

fantastic summer


I love this way of entrance, full of energy, the electric guitar is amazing. Lots of nuances. Cymbals are well played, drums also fantastic in time, redoubles and stops very well done. As I say this is a song to be looking at the sea, watching surfers and their boats, sitting and drinking your tonic, letting the time passes by, listening good music, and relax is what the songs reminds me of, pleasure and peace. Something good for summer time , and if it is possible to know new people, flirt and so on...good work!

Biker Style


Applause to your music. Never seem to stop impressing. I'm giving it five stars and naming it Biker Style simply because that's what I felt. Cruising on a motorcycle in a nice hot summer day with a fly honey on the back seat wrapping her arms around my waist. Keep it up. Your music is an art that people can relate to.

United States

Apasionante soledad


Fantástica recreación musical con solos de guitarra que acompañan sin dejar lugar a la melancolía aunque sí a la nostalgia de los orígenes del rock. Enriquecedor para el espíritu! Un aliento necesario para afrontar el día a día!



This artist has the full potential to bring back what we all love and know as classic rock n roll. If this artist keeps up this specific pace in song writing, we could easily see a resurgence of the genre in the Texas region.

United States, California, Culver city

Cool Track


I really like the track sounds really good well composed and put I would like to hear more of your music stay creative and keep on making great music hope this been helpful for you have a blessed day and God bless you in all your endeavors.

United States, California, Every Where

Good Feeling Tune That Could Be Feeling Better!

It feels good to listen to different ideas. I feel this song could use some strong lyrics. It's set up that way (for my taste in songwriting). Sure the lead guitar parts are pleasing to the ears but, if you think about the feel/flow of this song and just add a theme and go for it. Writers always have a 'theme' or sound or emotion that they try to capture and I'm sure there is a way to express the emotions of this tune with lyrics to figure out the hook. It's 'good' on it's own and I feel, adding a good story or message would make Quantum State a stronger song. It is really ALL about making a lot of people 'feel' what you are telling/selling them, through your writing. Cheers!

United States, West Virginia, Morgantown

Worth a listen


Interesting composition and musicianship. The guitar might have sounded better with less effects, but that is a personal preferance, and I did enjoy this piece. Nice bridge section, overall rating.... a 3 star.....only because the guitar lead was sort of muddy in the final mix. Worth a listen though and I did like this song.

United States, Colorado, Springfield

Mon avis.


Très bien ce Quantique, belle ambiance accompagnée de beaux sons et pour la guitare très belle technique. A bientôt pour de nouveaux titres qui seront tous aussi bons. En attendant un grand Bravo!!

Christo's Review

Cool Song, very funky! Very nice composition with interesting chords, nice sounds and groovy beats. Only for imput: you could also try to experiment with one more instrument, why not... For me as listener this would be very interesting... Great song! Take Care! Christo.

Austria, Vienna

Good vintage sound


Yes it's a really good vintage sound. I like it. This is a sound for all. Guitar gently slide, drop and slide again for all the title. This is more than Classic Rock. It's Rock. So I want to tell you how the guitar man is a great guitar man with airplay game ! REALLY GOOD! I recommend.

France, Marseille

Quantum leap!!


What a track from SOGP music. Quantum state? More like Quantum leap. Its dynamic, fresh, bright and downright groovy. The textures are gloriously harmonic and really add flavour to the track.

United Kingdom, Derby

groove-rock feel instrumental

Despite my relatively negative previous reviews of this artist, this recording has more meat on it than in the ones I've heard in the past. The drums are solidly delivered in holding down the rhythm section. As is typical of several other offerings, the organ samples are used to pad the chords, filling out the sonic landscape without any actual other apparent use, not that it matters if that's the goal. These samples are straight forward overdriven classic rock B3 sounds without any variation using a Leslie, different presets or noticeable expression--a common trait from this artist. If there's anything that I would like to hear more improvement on, it's the guitar work. The tones and effects are fine, but it's fairly stock performance that would not, under other circumstances, even get my attention--as if they were more of an afterthought done in as few takes as possible. The guitarist could be more adventurous and the music could have greater dynamics. That being said, this is the best piece so far from this act that I've reviewed. On a personal note, my previous reviews would have been better if I had heard recordings along this line, but by being honest about what I listened to, I garnered immature flack from what appeared to be a thin-skinned immature artist who was bragging that they were going to block me from reviewing them....SO MUCH FOR THAT, HUH?

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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