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lovely technique sensation


this group plays always a fantastic electric guitar, and notes are special is like living in other galaxy, is a relaxing music without losing the force that a electric guitar expresses, i have always associated your music to the relaxing summer at the beach. just lovely relax

Great sounding instramental


SOGP delivers once again. The song starts out with a "Big Log" sounding Strat guitar which is beautiful in its own right and then it is followed up with a rich creamy guitar solo on top. As usual the production is top notch.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

Mood oriented masterpiece


From the first bar to the last I couldn't find anything in this song that I would change. I found it to be very comforting and could actually listen to this piece for hours. Very well orchestrated and played!! The musicianship is impeccable and the melody is haunting and stays with you. I've heard this song a few times before but never had a chance to review it, I'm glad I was finally given the opportunity as it deserves not a five star rating but should be 10!!! Fantastic song writing and playing here!!! Can't wait for my next chance to review another song of yours!!!

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Persistence 4.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This track has a lot of great tones and instrumentation that's builds a great instrumental track. From the very start it takes to ambient places of your psyche. I strongly recommend it to everyone to listen to this track. you will not be disappointed

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport


Ok it’s a guitar song, but it’s very well written, and played. I’m always afraid guitar songs will have shredding for 4 minutes and a blowout ending. This song has verses, a chorus and a bridge. It has structure. It feels good, and the ending was….. Exactly. Well done SOGP, your guitars have created art; I think I’ll play it again.

United States, Washington, Lakebay

Outstandingly Beautiful SOGP Music!


Outstandingly Beautiful SOGP Music! I have just experienced listening to magical sounds of music to this track. I can relate to this Production musically lovely relaxed lead vocals and the harmonies are also very good. The compatibility is also very mellow. Best Wishes. Brenda Lawson

United Kingdom, London

Persistence Pays Off


Very Led Zepplin classic rock. Love the soft guitar and arrangement. This is a great example of a song that would be perfect for a movie or television project. More of a movie song, though, because this could be in the "journey" of the character and play the entire song instead of just a clip. I'm enjoying this music a lot. I hope you're still making great songs like this every chance you get!

United States, California, Huntington Beach

to enjoy


Good topic. Ballad with touches of ambient music and heavy guitars. Sit back behind the wheel of your car put the player at full volume and begins to devour miles leaving enveloped by those high notes or sit relaxed at home and enjoy a cold beer until the last note.

Spain, Santiago De Compostela

Again and again

The song "Persistence" is shaped by a very warm and pleasant guitar sound. The catchy melody keeps its sensual atmosphere and excitement without lapsing into stereotypes.Probably a change or variation in rhythm would be interesting but it is a successful song and I like to hear it again and again.

Germany, Goettingen

Takes me somewhere else

Like the title of my review says, this track takes me somewhere else. Can't put my finger on it but that doesn't really matter. Taking me somewhere is what matters most. Keep going man, its mood is what took me there. Cheers, Marakiel

Australia, Sydney

We love your Hammond

We of course give you 5 stars. This is not critics but this song schould be with with the Hi Hat just slightly lower level . Also the bassdrum more Subbas .Snare more Smaschy , but then its Hard Rock . Snare can still be in the Backround then. if you had done that , weschould have given you 5 + also Sincerely Yours

Sweden, Vasteras

Pure talent, pure brilliance

I absolutely love this Artist, really has that early Sky vibe. This just melts into my Brain, sets up camp and lives there for a few hours. Stunningly controlled and mixed to perfection. For my money I would like to hear this Track get mastered to a really immense standard where its jumping out at you (this is just my opinion & is no way meant as a negative towards the artist).

United Kingdom, Cardiff


I can listen to this all day!!! Such a dynamic piece of music and so well played. The musicianship is impeccable and the writing is beyond compare of what I’ve been hearing these days.. The vibe of the song almost took me to a foreign land as it had a very unique melody line to it which I loved. I was really impressed by the guitar lead which took it to the end of the song and sang its own melody as well. This is an artist that will go places!! I dig his music!!

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale


I like your song! It's hot! I would definitely right a song about coping to smoking and my projects, and it would turn out good! If you want a writer, to write you something for it and put some vocals on there, I will be more than happy to. I love it! It's a 4.8 rating from me and I will give you props for that! I would call it smoky melody, I would and write about something smoke official with sexy in it!

United States, Washington, Westport

Moving instrumental

I love the guitar work on this song although I don't think I would call it classic rock as much as contemporary rock. It was produced well and I was itching to add lyrics to it since I am a songwriter myself but it does stand on it;'s own as an instrumental and you would lose some of the wonderful guitar work by adding lyrics.

United States, Washington, Greater Seattle Area


Hey, I just heard SOGP Music and it is not easy not to remember good and balanced music as we were used to listen in 70`s. Some of the roots of american music that will please a lot most of N1M audience. Congrats !! Really cool!

Brazil, Santo André

SOGP Music My Review

Hi here my review first I would like to say the production is very good to listen to not to hard on the ears well put together and most of all it is radio friendly a lot of music today is not radio friendly I like something I can play in front of my children and not have to worry keep up the great work I will be looking forward to hearing more great music from you from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Records/Rick Ross/Music Group UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks


Another signn of high quality music from SOGP Music, now "Persistence". I always feel attracted to their music either than I don't makenowadays this kind of style. But it's always surprizing to listen to their compositions. On this one and I perceive on all I've listened and enjoyed from them you'll find clarity on concepts, direct messages, well transmited. The same way I can say about the way they structured the usic, balanced and a great quality of the groove. On this in particular, I felt a kind of cofortable and relaxing created space from the beggining, performed with a pleasure that I could feel it. And from that they start to envolving you in a more complex situation and you get deeper interested on having the experience. Also they take always the freedom to explore with no boundaries the development of what they wish to perform. Always enjoyable for me.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Very cool

I like the production, guitar sound reminds me of the first couple Robert Plant solo albums. I think this would really lend itself to a lead vocal. Solo is cool, don't get me wrong, but before it comes in I'm thinking this would really work with with singing. Another great track from SOGP.

United States, Oregon

Very nice

Hi Dear, It’s very nice track, I loved it, very attractive guitars playing , melody as well as chords, in my opinion only you may need more variation in melody but it just a personal view, but overall it’s perfect track

Egypt, Cairo

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