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5 STARS!!!!

Snatch Da Spotlite... Brooklyn in the house!!! This song is one of the hottest songs I've heard this year. The music track is catchy and different. The lyrical flow is on point with an original swag that keeps you interested and moving through the entire track. This song should be on everyone's playlist that likes Hip Hop/ Rap. The words to the hook/chorus is so catchy, you will find yourself singing it even after the song has finished playing. Hit potentiality artist and song. Another HOT song from Snatch Da Spotlite. Keep pushin'.

Banquo’s Review

Over all i think the song has a lot of potential. It’s not perfect, but it does hold a lot of Key Elements that I feel are Necessary to make a hit single, or a successful Album or a Necessity. Keep Pushin Broth

your track is fire tho

what it do tho!! your track is fire tho,u got a trap type of vibe!!! keep yo head headed toward million dollar dream because hataz gonna hate but true skill is in your art your musicc!!! god bless & keep bringing that fire!!!

Nice Rhythem & Flow

Great metaphorical lyrical display simple and clear so no need to study hard or think differently about this track. For me it'll be on my playlist and pumping to almost ful volume minding my business because I travel around often! Will subscribe and keep things 100. Today's my birthday going to work this is the types of tracks that keeps me motivated and inspired by original music. Hit me up let's chat and see what we can get into in the near future. Ever since what's been going down and also before I've never been in the mood like this track said to be honest. Happy belated New Year and all the best in the music industry. Great music you have here, keep in touch.

Hot music

Want ???? here's it is. Others can not come close i promise you once you plugged it in you can feel the difference you can feel the magic in the lyric snd you can here it in the sounds keep rocking

I like

This what’s up live in a world feeling like nothing to lose cause we was born with nothin out to get it trying to rise before we die in these dirty dirty cold cold streets playing for keeps praying when we weak no one to turn to gotta keep it on me feeling like they want me to fail gotta stay woke they want you to fold but we keep going cause we in control can’t stop what was meant Stay Bless


heat homie nice n smooth you got a video to this one if not u should shoot one homie mos def feeling this 1 fwm beats collabs etc lets work You on spotify etc if so send melink i follow you etc salute keep mashing respect Lets work homie respect

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA

it's Twenty-Kay Lyrical-Killer ZA here from South Africa and I would like to say your music is magical keep up the good work never give up I also love the recording part as well your quality is on point

arteys review of Not trying to lose

arteys review of Not trying to lose. Its all about the bass, the buttery buttery bass, a real insight into an atmosphere of a lifestyle that to many can be uncomfortable, not just because there is so much unfairness and injustice in the and where we are able to attribute to others in our society and worlds, but the uncomfortable state shows up when we examine our own lives and attitudes, its much more needed than taking the knee. Great job guys


This damn needs to be on Someones Album fuck a mixtape.. you had the right flow and all the harmony vocal dub heard that shit.. YOU know what you doing and thats big time.. its a song i could ride to and some and some would be like yo who that is?... anyways bro keep it up.


This is a smash hit right here! Your flow is literally the definition of confidence! Your production is the most powerful element of the track, the lyrics are very powerful in presentation. Dope song my man! ????


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This choice of compositional strategy is very good. Nice rhyme scheme. Lyrical content is heavy and real. Substance is full. Nice transitions within the challenge to paint this picture. #DopE . #HipHop
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