Yarek - Jarosław Degórski
Poland, Szczecin
Yarek - Jarosław Degórski
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Yarek - Jarosław Degórski

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About Yarek - Jarosław Degórski

Jaroslaw Degorski Instrumentalist, sculpturor, sound and picture engineer, producer TVP
The debut composition "Elegia śmierć planety" or “Planet death Elegy” was featured on the CD compilation "SAMPLER vol.2" (1996) produced by Tangram & X-Service. Mastering by Jerzy Kordowicz.

In Szczecin he set up the first Lover’s club “El Music Sigma”, he also organised various concerts in addition he hosted radio shows with various subjects.

Other accomplishments include filing some 500 reports for 8 different stations as well as documentaries, commercials, video clips one of which “Trabant” was nominated at the Yach Film Festival in Gdynia 2004.

In the November edition of the periodical Estrada and Studio 2003 saw favourable and positive opinions about his 2002 record “Global”. Apart from the opinion piece the magazine also featured a sample of this track.

The album Dreams released in 2003 featured a guitarist Karol Tejchman. The music was presented on the program “El-Mania” Piotr Lenarta who hosted the show also let listeners in on some teasers of the album. Mark Synowiecki also presented some fragments of the album on his show “pod Napieciem” (Under pressure) in Szczecin.

After a few months in the year 2004 a new album originated by the name “Fale” The difference between this album and its predecessors is that 90% of the recordings were live. Only a few fragments were added in the studio.

The album “Fale” was also presented on Piotr Lernata’ show El-Mania as well as at the Ricochet Gatchering festival . Witku Reku from the USA was so impressed by what he heard that that he invited Jaroslaw to the following festival "Ricochet Gatchering 2004" where he played with some of the famous musicians of the world (one of only 4 polish artists). The music festival was presented on Bill Fox’s show on electronic music of the world. A documentary can be found in DVD format on the festival, which was held in Jelenia Gora, this is available in the US.

In 2005 Jaroslaw Degorski organized the first big “festival” of electronic music in Poland called “Electronic Woodstock Kruszwica 2005. Apart from the role as organizer he also took part as an artist. In the same year a new album was produced “Organix” which was presented on Polish radio by Jerzy (expired link) again Jerzy was invited to the "Ricochet Gatchering 2005" festival held on the Canary Islands. Along with other Polish artists and artists from around the world he participated in recording a track for the album of the festival.

In 2005, in Szczecin’s club “Delta” he organized a night promoting Polish Electronic Music:"Emotroniczne wieczory" – (Emotronic Nights), other artists who took part in the festival were Karol Tejchman, Konrad Jakrzewski, and Jerzy Jędra.

In 2006 he recorded the album Techni Colour, this went in the Trance direction. Its premier was once again at the "Ricochet Gatchering-2006" festival, which was held in Toscana Italy. Here the artist was once again asked to participate in recording a track for the festival’s album.
In 2006 he organized Electronic Woodstock 2006 in Kruszwica. The star of this meet was Józek Skrzek, a Polish artist who many times had recorded with Jarosław Degórski. Apart from being organizer, Jaroslaw also took part as an artist.

Currently Jaroslaw is working on new material, as well as collaborating with other Polish artist. He also is taking part in other music projects such as, Contemporary Electronic Soundscapes , vol 1, vol2, vol3 as well as other international projects.

Distribution in Poland
„Noc na zamku”- rok 2008 GENERATOR W-wa
„Organix” - rok 2009 GENERATOR W-wa

„Spirits of the dust” - rok 2010 GENERATOR W-wa

"Last train to Berlin" - rok 2013 GENERATOR W-wa

Distribution other country

“Muflon Sorcerers” –Syngate Records - Germany rok 2010

"Koncert Rathaus Berlin" - Label Ricochet Dream USA rok 2014

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