Entardecer com amigos Rocks!

Your song, Entradecer com amigos, rocks! The playing and production on the track is superb and would be a great song to chill out to or to pop into your car and take a long drive to. I love instrumental tracks and anyone in the mood for one would love your song. Reminds me of other great tracks I have heard through the years. 5 out of 5 Stars.

80s are coming back :)

ola! :) Well I'm not sure I'm the suited person to revise this music, it's far from my "times" and very different from my genre. I've recently started to like the synth, and I'm using it on my songs too. Synth and other 80s sounds are coming back in modern songs, at least in Italy, so I think this is a music that might work. Maybe it's lacking of dynamic a little bit, it's a bit flat, I would work on it. Ciao from Italy! :)


Great fantastic melodious introduction got me interested right from the very beginnings. Interesting synthesised improvisational series alongside tte announcements of the deep richly tonal sounds of that lovely solid bodied electric guitar. You know that sometimes there will be instrumental improvisations subject to the performers interpretations skills that will have the abilities to turn you to insomnia. THIS certainly isn’t one of those. I could very happily have this playing in my studio anytime. Great job. Artey


The music is nice, and I like it. I think it does have that down to earth vibe to it. I like this one a lot, and you're on your way to getting an award somewhere . Keep producing beat work like this I love the lead vocals, and keep your touch on it. This is unique and original. I think this is a hit for sure. Nice one! By the music you can tell that you are passionate about your work as every artist should be. Never give up and dreams and bigger things will follow! Maybe we can collab one day! PEACE!

nice instrumental

this instrumental is very nice, and a well written piece, i like the chord structures but there is a lot in here i dont quite fancy and i will explain. the guitar sounds could have been better, the guitar effect for me in some of the song is very harsh, and the sound quality of the recording is not great, i feel that in a proper recording studio with the time and finances invested this song would be actually very good

En atardecer con amigos

Muy hermosa la canción . Suenan muy bien . Nos gusto mucho . La guitarra está un poco al frente pero en líneas generales está muy bien . Felicitaciones . Estamos viajando y escuchando las canciones de number one music .


Ola tudo bem? I like your Song very much????I feel very good Vibes in this Song. I'am Portuguise living in Germany???? it was nice when you give me some feedback to my Music too???? wish you merry Christmas with your family. Cheers from Germany


Hi there, I've checked your song to provide you with a review. In the beginning I was listening to quite a clean and pro sounding demo, although the chord progression was noty really surprising. With all due respect, you may want to consider leaving out the solo's played by the lead guitar oriIf you want to take this song to a next level ask someone who's more experienced. Good luck and take care, Nash

Entrenched with Magic

Swaying with agility and aptitude. The music comes around with a familiar warmth. The entrenched enchantment captures with a magic spell over you. The music is what is come to be known as infamous talent coming from a unique artist.

Awesome ????

I grew up listening to all general music and I like all types of music gospel Christian Spanish Christian rock soft jazz to send a few thank you for sharing song with me is very unique and awesome I love to listen to all styles of music. Almost make it today it's not like we used to be like old school from the 70 60s 80 90s eating early to download a lot of change. Continue to stay creative continue to share your music continue to be you unique and be who you are continue to elevate your music and your gifts and don't be afraid to go to the next level. Thank you once again for sharing that wonderful day and may God bless you and all that you go and create God bless.

A mix of influences

This is a quiet instrumental song, the sounds reminds to different influences, as electromusic, so popular in the 80s, the guitar of Carlos Santana and the acid rock. A very well played job!

A Mellow Groove with Engaging Textures

Sid Brazil has put together a mellow medium tempo instrumental groove here. Over a cushion of first organ, then strings, leads by synth, guitar, and overdriven guitar create a gradually increasing and engaging intensity. The song has a solid intro, nice out-of-the-ordinary changes, and an effective outro. Good writing!

Holiday Music ( Feel good )

As I said in the title this is feel good music making one think of good times and holidays good to chill to great keyboard Skills and the Guitar punctuation and the Guitar lead all good Great work Sid its like a film with out the pictures

Entardecer com amigos

Solid intro, drums feel relaxed, even, I like the modulation, one chord to five chord, one chord to five chord, and so on.The keyboard and bass are full and wants to go somewhere which is good. But after a bit it becomes to predictable and even with the electric guitar soloing it begins to become repetitive and you are wanting something to move. Then you aren't certain what the essential melody line is or is there just a dance around the tonic, sub dominant and dominant tones in the major scales with a hint to the 6th degree and major 7th. So basically, you had me, but then you lost me. When the finale came I thought "Oh great; the bridge". But instead the piece ended. Also, there were a couple of flubs on the soloing. Granted, it was slight, but it was present. On a piece like this everything has to be neatly plotted out. And the verse, albeit repetitive must be strong and stand out. The listener must be able to pick it out and be able to discern it from the solos. Too much work went into the basic tracking to throw this away. Just rerecord the guitar work with decisiveness and authority. Granted, it takes work but you can do it. I would also consider keeping the acoustic guitar in play, doubling on the melody, or even coming back around and playing the third above. Also, keep it as a rhythmic track as the selection evolves. You can possibly do a chord run with it as the electric guitar does it's final turn around to add spice. The stew must be stirred to keep it interesting without going over the top. It is subtly difficult, like walking on a tight rope, but then, it makes a good song or instrumental so compelling. For right now it feels like a practice or an exercise. Keep it honest, Viva Brazil. best regards.

Great Laid back mellow mooded

Great guitar work first of all,second of all very well arranged and composed,well put together.Its so awesome to get hear other singer songwriters artists and bands from all over the's was awesome Keep up the the good work Sid Rock on brother!!
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