SharBaby & Friends / My Life Down Under / Washington Street Shuffel

Mellow Groove

I am impressed with the rhythmic cadences SharBaby Uses. It Melodic and soulful. The life experiences shine through. I support your music as another mature blues musician. Thanks for your Inspiration. Geo and ARCC



SharBaby St. Blues Guitar

A wonderful dual guitar blues song with a down home southern country vibe !! It's like the two guitars are speaking back and forth on your speakers discussing the Washington Street life. SharBaby & Friends are top notch players and it really shows on this track !!!

Washington Review by #PsychocoucH

its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound ! its a very bluesy track ! with some guitars that have a nice sound !

Birmingham Visit

Once again SharBaby & Friends slide into the groove, keep it flowing with an excellent feel. The sweet, smooth shuffle had me in a Memphis mood from Birmingham. Production is solid, crisp, clear - overall great mix, I might have brought the fluid bass line a bit more to the front and given the guitar tone a bit more bite, but that's just me. This is a band I'd love to sit in or write with - love the way they're keeping it simple, sweet and comfortable as an evening on an old porch swing.

Now this is a shuffle!

I'm watching the sunset on my hometown bay and this song is the right soundtrack. I'll grab a beer, sit down on my rocking chair and let my senses be captured by these strings. Excellent work SharBaby & Friends and this song really doesn't need lyrics!!

Washington Street Shuffle

Sharbaby & Friends obviously have a firm grasp on the blues. This isn't a shuffle as the title suggests.This is a pretty typical 1, 4, 5 blues progression but Sharbaby does a good job with it! Competent playing all around. My only thought is it may be just a little too long for what it is. As an instrumental it does get a little repetitive. For what it's worth, maybe trim it to about 3:30 and come up with an ending. Or just start fading out at the 3:30 mark. Other than that, this is another good bluesy effort from Sharbaby. I look forward to hearing more!

Good Tune!

It's a good tune. It's a typical blues song but I like the sound. I'd like to hear a verse or two in it, lyrics, you know what I am saying? I'd like to hear either some harmonica or sax in it to really round it out but I think it is a great tune!

Washington street shuffle review

Not to bad. I'm a big fan of blues. When I heard the beginning of this song, I thought, hey this is kinda cool and I was right. it has the right feel, but it's lacking something. I'm not saying go off the deep end, but I think it needed a little something spicy guitar wise in one maybe two spots. I liked it over all I just thought it left me wanting something else in it. I thought that the drums could have used a spash of extra spice also.

Shuffelin' Blues Yeah Now!

$harBaby☆☆☆☆☆♡, You know how I feel about the Blues Girl! You and your family of friends always deliver. Really nice sounding guitar tones all around. sounded so good I grabbed my axe and played along! It's not hard to review when everything is naturally harmonious. that's what I hear when I listen to you all play. you gotta live the blues to express the blues It don't get any more blue than that. Nicely done☆☆☆☆☆ One thing I really liked was the fact that all the instrument had room to breathe not one time were I had to work to hear what was going on. No show boating in the mix, no dominating tone. Everything had its place in piece and when music is played with the listener in mind especially when it's not the intention it's second nature for you guys to play what you feel and that emotion comes through. Your a Tripped Crown Class act becaues you delivering a feeling. I could sit on the porch and play all day with you guys and Lady and feel right at hone. hopefully on day me and my six string will cross paths with you and we'll do just that! I've got tons of preperation before I can truly break away from this Rat Race and do nothing but travel and play but when that time comes I would like to visit and lay down some good feelings with you all in my travels. it would be an insult for me to say keep doing what your doing because you know and i know it's not a matter of visions of grandeur it's just the way it is, the music that you exuberate is pure passion down home forgive my over extended welcome to express the fact that when you play I feel at home I'd Shuffel down Washington Street _it a guitar stapled to my back any given day oF The year. thank you for bringing the blues to the masses the worlds a little dull unril you blues it up youf fan and friend Always ~Ã ₩ Z~

Swampy Atmosphere

Well executed and delivered instrumentation and musicianship. While maintaining elements in the structure of rhythm and blues, the song spices it up with some swampy sounds to create an atmosphere that lends itself to a candidate for being in a soundtrack for a movie. I could hear this being played while sitting at the edge of a swampy lake fishing and - perhaps accidentally catching an alligator. Though not a hit, and not the most original piece, it doesn't have to be because it is what it is, though the swampy guitar work lends it a blend of genres that gives it a dose of originality.

Sound from the heart

I love blues music. Its honest, it tells stories, i love the blues rhythm, istruments especially guitar and blues harmonica, good voice for sure, real sound from the heart. Blues sounds simple, but it is the most difficult music to do it right, it is more than just techniques and licks. The Blues is the most powerful and soulful music i think, the root for every music. "Washington Street Shuffel" is a great tune, slow instrumental blues, the guitar is telling the story, i luv SharBaby guitar sound and playing, its clean and soft. These is very relaxed song. It would be so great to have a chance someday to hear SharBaby´s Live Show. With Love. Greetings from Finland. -Ari

I love the instrumental

As I listened to the took me back to my childhood neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. The music, laughter and happy times. I mean I was soso caught up in the music that it put me into a trance of my past. Thanks for allowing me to listen...Vivian Vance Kelly

12 honkytonk bars

This track is well recorded and mixed, in tune and in time. There is however something missing. It feels almost like a good backing track that is crying out for a melody or a hook. I like all the guitar sounds and the groove but I'm looking for something to grab me. Do you sing? Try writing some honky tonk lyrics. It has that feel. Nice effort, keep it up.


wonderful relaxed song, would be great to sing something over it. in the beginning it reminded me some mali - bluesy style, and then many Pictures come into my mind from the desert, the Cowboys, and some great place to enjoy time.
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