good feel

This guy have very balanced and voice with a nice guitar thouch .The band give him the support to make that feel of old school R&B just right .the way he make his fills with nice riffs give him that special which you want to hear from R&B.

I Love ...Cause I Love Ya

very very Nice!..I could see Koko Taylor or Aretha Franklin covering this tune,,very smooth vocals, also being a guitar guy, that solo is very tight, the song overall is very well put together and just moves along nicely.., it is the kind of song that gets stuck in my head..

Motown hallo

Sounds like a good old motown piece, i like the whole thing especially the voice has a lot of emotional connection to me, means i can connect with it. the solo might be more precise, less is more sometimes. the opposite for the text here i am missing some pictures, i wanna know whom you love and why, and why you just hope and not just find it out, there could be a b part where that comes out. But as i said the most things are really good, and pleasant ! All the best Nullus

Great Bluesy Record!!!!

This record cause "I love you" is really a great record from the production, to the lyrics and the presentation; makes this ear candy for the listener. As I was listening to this record, I was hearing influences of Ray charles and Sam cooke. I really enjoyed the parts of the song where the lead guitar had a solo; it made me feel like I was at the House of Blues enjoying some of that great BBQ! The sweet low tones of your voice gave me goosebumps as I was listening, you really did a great job with this record. I also appreciate the authenticity of this record, It really sounds organic!!!! Great Job SharBaby & Friends!!!!!

Classic R&B

Clearly captures the best of the throwback times in the R&B genre when it was at the top of the charts. I'm not sure the long guitar solo is ideal for this song, while well done, probably could use a shorter organ or Sax to express the mood of the song. That's just this producer's opinion. Anyway, nice effort here and good luck with it. EG from Slim Chance


Another fine Blues ballad from #SharBaby & #Friends!! Some really sweet guitar licks on the break here! A really simple R & B track lays a solid foundation for SharBaby's mellow, smoky vocal to stir thing up! Very classy take on a simple but profound message that NEEDS to be SHARED!

Cause I Love Ya Review

What an amazing gem you got here!!! SharBaby, I just love your voice and the overall feeling of the song. I think the track in general is great. It's not overproduced (and that's always a good thing, in my eyes... or ears) and that helps in order to "feel" the song. Nice playing (again, not doing innecessary things). I also like the guitar solo. It's a great solo, it's not flashy at all but you can hear someone's been playing for a while. I will definitely come back for more. Keep them coming!

Cause I Love Ya

Cool song to listen too, relaxing easy tempo it has a number of different styles of music such as Blues R and B alt Country and even a touch of old Motown, Great vocals and Awesome Lead Guitar solo as well as nice fill in work, It would be a great tune to slow dance to or just sit back at dinner with your Loved one and enjoy This tune sounds like it should have already been a hit over the radio similar to other tunes that have already made the charts but yet different in its own way !

SharBaby is at it again

This woman is such a pleasure to listen to ... she has been an inspiration to me... It just doesn't get any better than this.. Happy Holidays SharBaby.. God bless and thank you for sharing your talents ... truly great music...

Old School Rock

Now this tune has a vintage sound that, right out of the gate make you think you time-warped back to 1961. Rhythmic guitar riff drives the song, supported by tasteful and light percussion. Vocals are wonderfully coarse and drip with emotion. Guitar solo fits well in this piece; obvious musicianship, cleanly fitting and expertly played. It's easy to love "Cause I love you"; easy to tap along and dream of yester year. Keep 'em coming like this one and you're on your way Sharbaby and Friends. Well done.

you review

hey, i am listening you work and it is a great expression ,i will check more about you ,it look to like a great singer you are. i liked this song, is nothing bad !

Oh, I like that!

This is good! Not exactly the right voice, but the music and lyrics are good. I think this is good. I think it is excellent. It's not exactly the right voice but you've got the sound and rhythm. I hear how the old stuff is coming back. This is sexy. I think it's excellent. Yeah, it's good. It's real good. You got the music down!

Cause I Love Ya

This is the kind of music that stirs the soul! I love the melody and the lyrics. It has a Etta James feel to it! I see you climbing the charts with this piece!!!!!

I love good blues!

This is a solid track, the slow blues feel of this song is just right! Good production on it, as well, the instruments sound really nice - the solo section was pretty cool too ;)


Reminiscent of back-in-the day Cafe Blues from my Hometown, Memphis Tennessee! Also reminds me of Etta James and "I'd Rather Go Blind", and the guitar solo is SLAMMIN'! Thanks for the memories . . . Great job SharBaby & Friends, Cause I Love Ya!
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