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good afternoon I just got through you and your music I really like the song very clever I love the title thank you for sharing it with you phone being creative and never stopped going to the next level will never be afraid to take a chance.I hope you are having a good weekend I'm a huge fan of music ????... Thank you so much for sharing please keep in touch and stay on your grind have a wonderful day and may God continue to bless you in all your endeavors..

United States, California, Every Where

Elation ? or Depression?

Interesting harmonies... Auto-tune of some sort? I have never heard the original so I have no base to make my review. I like this A Capella thing.. We did one based on the old commercial called .. 'a little dab will do ya', after going to a friends house and 'dabbing' for the first time.. I want to hear the kick drum now.

United States, Washington, Everett

Thoughts that Cover

It hard to find good covers these days. It seems most covers offer one of two templates: same but slow, or same but with electronic “beep beeps”. I was happy to hear a cover that demonstrates some actual thought, and is different than the original in a new way: it adds to the melody and not just the harmony. I enjoyed it extremely and found it refreshing and touching. And most importantly, it tells me something about what this song means to you. Thank you!

Germany, Berlin


Seven years apart by KDV ( missio cover ) i never know that this song was a cover version . these male and female artist sing this song like they owned it .. lol .. which is very good and their voice complement each other very well . and this is a accepella rendition . plus the lyrics is very good .. KILLING DARTH VADOR WITH MY KIT DRUM . thank god for the music

United Kingdom, Birmingham

A tasty musical stew

An excellent song with a blend of different genres making a delicious musical stew. This song captures both pop influences with just enough growl to show their versatility. I look forward to hearing what's next from these guys. This song has a melody with an attitude pleasantly wrapped into this musical gift. Keep it up.

United States, Texas, Austin

Not sure what this is

This is a little hard to listen to. Sorry, but it's just too much...especially since the male voice is not that great...the female is practically on point, and when the male tries to harmonize, it just doesn't work...he's speaking more than singing, so it adds a harshness that is unnecessary to the It's more of a chant, and in order for it to work, you need to use the melodies of your voices more...harmonize better and make your vocals do the's not a winner for me, but I'm interested in hearing more from you, if there is any.

United States, Arizona, Goodyear

G a Do Ré

J'appréci la relation de votres union.Bonne route .instrumental support abs , bébé c'ait bien plus loin endormi .les parant de l'enfant ont réussi leur vibration en moins de 150 caractères. A+ Pierre T

France, fabrezan

Like Milk and Honey

Sounds really good your both keep doing your thing and entertaining us, this reminds me of the XX without the instrumentals .. keep shining .. earth Vader is always a bop for a metaphor used that myself in a particular song myself, the levels between both your voices .. just amazing how you both blend I’m stilling listening still listening ... keep being amazing

United Kingdom, Swansea

Beautiful voices.

Not much to say, clean performance, both voices work well together but outside a brief moment where I thought there was a bit of insecurities in the delivery, you sound like a nice unit. I would be curious to listen how your own material sounds Miguel.

Canada, Quebec, Montr?©al


Step up your music dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ksxhcsksslslslxmcnxndbdbsbssklldmsbvdvdcvdbsjskskskdkfbdldldsnskdnndjslslsbsbhslslsnfbfbnfbdkslsjdhrhhdidkhdvdbdbbdndldlkdnbenkekdjhvdndjdjdjkdkdkkdkdkksodooskdjjdkdlldlddlldhdhdjkdkdkorododkkrkdldkdkdkkdkdkdkkdodid

United States, North Carolina, Winston-Salem

Darth Vader is my friend

yes...darth vader is my buddy...and to hear a song saying.."kill darth vader with my kick drum",i was like W.T.F,i quickly ran into my bedroom and stroked my darth vader and wookie doll,(i felt much better),now back to the review...for a song just on A Cappella,it was a sweet harmony with the blokes harmonies getting a bit ruff just a tiny bit at the end,but altogether a very well put together track and vocals i thought were fun and good to listen to,very enjoyable. i loved it totally......except for Darth getting killed by a kick drum,im over it...over it buddy...i tell you.

Marshall Islands, new yourk

Like a prayer

Okay, first of all, I heard your version without even knowing the original (not even by name). And so I started writing "on the one hand, it sounds like this song definitely needs a kick drum (see what I did there? :P )"... and then I took a look at the lyrics... realizing this is actually a cover for a totally different genre from what I picked up from your version, which is very cool! 'cause in my opinion, that's the whole point of a cover. I think you recognized the potential of these lyrics being emphasized by an a cappella and to my ears your version sounds like a prayer, one that every musician and music lover can relate to. Good job!

Israel, Tel Aviv

Listening from Louisiana

Not everyday you hear some alternative a cappella! Really nice voices and super cool lyrics. There’s definitely real boldness in doing anything without music and strait voices but you guys also managed to pull off the indie thing/sound with it as well. It leaves room for people’s imagination too to pick and choose what we think the chords might be doing. Super cool guys I really enjoyed this one

United States, Louisiana, Shreveport

My Take

My opinion is it may have sounded better with the beat. The voices didn’t quite mesh to me for an a cappella. For this certain song maybe the female should do it solo. But overall it was ok to me.

United States, Texas, Missouri City, Houston Texas

Killing Darth Vader with my motherfucking kickdrum

This cover version of a song from MISSIO´s debut album "Loner" (released 2017) isn´t overly complex, but has an extraordinary style because sung in a cappella. Tiffany sings with a soft vocal projection beside Lee´s charackteristical voice the impressive lyrics of the original. Although that isn´t obviously a studio production, the vocals could use some reverb. Not each listener will like this song without e-music, but overall is this version a nice piece from very ambitionated siblings.

Germany, Hamburg

Killing Darth Vader.... Without A Kick Drum!

It's says on the tin A Capella so I should have known what to expect. The quirky original song lyrics and great voices were a pleasant surprise and refreshing change from the norm. I would have had the male vocals a little less prominent in the mix on this one if I was mixing it and It did get a little too clever for its own good at the end with the staggered vocals which didn't quite work for me but you guys have style, originality and talent. I have to admit I was oh so desperate for that said kick drum to kick in at some point with some music so I could actually hear DV being sonic-ally killed with the aforementioned kick drum but only a minor complaint and maybe for another day and another remix if you went for a cross over vibe?.....but then again, maybe that would have been too predictable? After all, it says your main genre is A Capella so you delivered exactly what it says on the tin. I look forward to your next release Killing Chewbacca with a Tuba. I jest of course....excellent work guys!

United Kingdom, Manchester

killing it with there talent

I'm one of the ones that loves living under a rock and I never heard of or listened to Missio. But this a cappella cover sounds good to me. these vocals are killing it with there talent. I don't usually listen to a cappella but think this sounds good. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars

United States, Tennessee, Kingsport

Hmmm - Didn’t expect that!

So I’m sitting in the studio with Iggy Ice Listening and I’m doodling and he’s on his phone. We’re on the third song already, And I’m just starting to type! I love it. He loves it! Our Label owns the rights to 1000 instrumentals. Iggy Ice said would you trust them to produce one of Your songs? I said I don’t know them yet, but if they did I’d probably give them five stars! I do voiceovers in my studio for information every day, and for different voices. It’s not easy! What you guys do is art! Keep up the good work! If you’re ever in New York City look up Iggy Ice I’ll ask him to interview you and do a promotional video for you! You rock! Android Dior D’Nai Dei & Iggy Ice

United States, New York, New York

snakebite venomous music review


United Kingdom, BIRMINGHAM

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