A Haunting Blues Masterpiece

Today we will taking a look at Seventh Blue Sun's "How Long" This review is going to be somewhat biased, because from the opening groove of the track I fell in love with it. SBS capture a dark and pensive vibe here, where the atmosphere of the track clings to you tighter than your sweaty skin. The groove is sultry and laid back, beautifully complimented by the vocal arrangement. I was really impressed with how much ground SBS's guitarist covers musically speaking. This isn't your run of the mill twelve bar blues. The guitarist masterfully incorporates lush harmonic overtones that really give the chord progression and song a huge shot in the arm. It should also be said that vocally, the magic is there as well. From the vocalist's phrasing to his refreshingly original delivery, the vocal lines slither through the track adding a dark and brooding appeal that fits the song so amazingly. From a production standpoint, like I said earlier...they capture and atmosphere that reeks of stale cigarettes and empty booze bottles. This haunting track is simply killer. You don't hear something this authentic everyday and all I can say is Seventh Blue Sun is the real deal. Every one should listen to this, it's just amazing music, plain and simple. Christopher Carrion XXX

Zepplin dreamy quality

This track lumbers along while the vocals relate the driving experience metaphore of a relationship. The overall production is ok but I don't care for the singers vocal style. That said I did pick up the meaning of the song easily so I have to say the style was effective in reaching my brain.

How much longer?

This sounds as if it has been slowed down to half speed. I cannot understand what he is saying most of the time but it seems like he is asking a lot of questions for somebody unknown to answer. I do hope he finds enlightenment in his travels - if only to cheer him up a bit.

Good Song

Bonjour Seventh Blue Sun, Suite à votre "request for review"... Mon Commentaire: Good Song ! Kind of Blues, Beautiful Voice... Carine Dito (Parolière/Lyricist) Ma page Facebook: ............../carine.dito Like & Share on Facebook

Here Comes the Seventh Blue Sun

How Long is to wait Seventh Sun Hot Hit Home! This Light is really warm, really Blue - like nowhere or just in the Nineth Universe. There are many of aquantainces - George Harrison, Jim Morrison, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix - Really Blue Light of the Seventh Sun bringing the Blue Joy to all innocent citizen of the Unknown Planet somewhere there...How Long is to fly over there for many light years from here...

How Long

Unfortunately, there are too many things wrong to rate this in a positive way. Sonically, the sound is way past being acceptable. This may be a recording done awhile back & just uploaded. What is missing is balance. No background vocals, dated chord selection without any overdubs to attempt make it interesting. The best thing about this track is the high hat that is the only thing that seems mic correctly. I don't suggest continuing to work on this unless you change instrumentation. Instead of leaning on guitar, perhaps keyboards. And an overall better mix. Sorry guys.

How Long Seventh Blue Sun

Seventh Blue Sun is on to something here...Haunting vocals. Very nice acoustic feel. Nice eerie reverb on the drums. Strong bass guitar. Put it all together and what do you get? Seventh Blue Sun! Good job everyone!

Cool chill Music

What I liked about this was the immediate mood it set.... if you were able to channel Jim Morrison and asked him for some lyric and vocal in this day and age, it might just sound like this... Distinctly West Coast in it's approach, the laid back feel is outstanding. I can picture myself playing this, watching a sunset, with some weed and wine looking out over the Pacific. Too crazy here in the East to capture that. Oh ya, and a sweet Cali girl at my side would complete the scene. It's the kind of thing that would also bring some smooth long noted solo out of my guitar, or maybe even a blues/jazz style flute as the song and Sun fades. But maybe that's just for the live version...Other than that suggestion, I think you nailed it...

Very cool, smooth and melodic

I really liked this tune. It's smooth, it's got a nice groove and an interesting deep treatment on the vocals that "works" with the particular tune. Kinda cool. Song got excellent potential

How Long Review

This song has great potential. Looking at the positives, it has a great vibe especially with the vocals. It is very mystical and has a sustaining melody that keeps me listening. Now looking at some negatives or areas that need to me changed or just simply finished. - The drums sound like a drum machine. The constant beat kills me. It really reflects an amateurish and unfinished feel to the song. A real drummer needs to be recorded which would make this song way better. - The songs is a little over-produced. The guitars are washed out. You need to get the tone of the guitar out in front so you can really hear the bluesy tone. It sounds like an acoustic. I would record this song with a strat using a great bluesy amp. A great guitar tone would make this song a lot better. You could record the acoustic as rhythm and the strat as a lead. Write some lead parts that work good with the acoustic rhythm. A guitar solo would be good, too. Something simple with great tone that matches the mood of the song. - Vocally, this song isn't too bad. There are times when you go high and strain a little. When you go high, let loose and create the gravelly tone that you can hear in the first verse on the word magical and strong and steady "...but this magical car is built with trust, strong and steady she rides..." You need more of that gravelly tone through the song. The falsetto 3/4 way through the song is cool. "the road hasn't been easy for us..." Right before that, the words "drove us to this moment". The way you sing "moment" is not good. You might want to see if you can get gravelly on that phrase. Go gravelly and then go into the falsetto. That would be great dynamics. Overall, this songs seems like it is written by a great song writer but performed by an amateur guitar player and singer. The singer, guitar player, and a real drummer, need to jam on this song and really focus on finding great tone and dynamics.
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