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This song is not bad this artist has much better stuff then this song storm is still a good song just they have other songs that are much better I enjoy this artist wish you best of luck steve from voodoo dancer

United States, New York, Middle village

Bop review


Ok folks it's time for another review so here we go, this song to me sounds rock/reggae I like the intro with the tight bass and drums and the use of the lead and rhythm guitars sound really cool.the song reminds me of the band midnight oil and the singers voice reminds me of the band REM.the arrangement and the production sounds spot on and it definitely has the commercial sound for radio, I really liked this track.

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth



Just have to recommend this track it’s very much sounding like Bowie, but that’s not at all bad and if that’s your natural voice then bring it on. I love the very professional sounding production, lyrics and melody are very listenable. Whoever engineered and produced it certainly knows their stuff. I really recommend this but it makes me intrigued to need to listen to more of your stuff to see how this vocal compares on other songs. The arrangement was superb drawn right in at the beginning and the ending was good too. I liked the consistency of your strong vocal throughout great song, production and performance I loved it

United Kingdom, Bridport, Dorset



Hi your song sounds great keep on pushing make pple enjoy it keep on sharing it everywhere make your dreams come true i wish you all the best in your music carrier may God be with you all the way

South Africa, ekurhuleni

Fill it up


Your idea is quite good, good voices, but try to fill it with more instruments and more feelings and life. The guitar could be louder and more expressive. The climax is quite well made. Your cover is al little bit uncommon. You show a lot of creativity...go on.

Germany, Berlin

Pop very Rock


This song Storm is registered as a pop or pop rock. For me rock pure. And as a rock song, it's pretty cool. Well sang, well produced with cool vocals (although there are some auto off tunes that could be fixed at mixing).

United States, no city



So have you ever tried doing something like pop drop Hip Hop or hip hop and general you sound really really great I love your undertones I love the way you make your ins and outs come to life I love how you just body the music I would love to hear you do a live performance do you have any upcoming shows maybe in my area I'm located in Oklahoma I'm trying to get myself out there Network I want to do different genres of music and I think that you are something that I would be interested in collaborating with that is if you would be interested in collaborating with me but overall you have a great wonderful song and I would say do not give up keep going just keep pushing yourself to the top it's going to take a lot of time and a lot of patience but hard work really paid Soph and staying motivated and encouraged and also disciplined it always pays off so just keep going you're headed in the right direction

United States, Oklahoma, OKC

Let it Storm All Night long... Great job


Excellent introduction, I appreciate the panning effect that encompasses us at the beginning. Great mix on the drums which are skillfully performed with a perfect feel for fills and interesting syncopation. The guitar work leads, builds and even supports. The Musicians feed off each other nicely. Now for the lead vocalist. The quality of the voice is mature and well developed. There is a Welcomed raspiness that adds believability to the tone quality of the vocal lead. The background vocals add a good balance and reinforcement to the entire composition. Sentinel Alfa, you are a true rock star. Great job with this Storm... Keep up the great work. I am Stan Barnes and I approve this review.

United States, Michigan, Detroit



I like This One..they are some mistakes in Vocal parts but they are very easy to correct..You Match The Lyric with Music which is Very Important..after corrections will be made I do think some Radio Stations will put It on Rotation ..Music Publishers are very hard to please but try ..send to Them and let see what will happen..also if You will re record It make a 2 nd version for Them a little shorter around 3,5 min long..I wish You good luck.. keep Up good work..

United States, California, Los Angeles

come over to the dark side

Love the intro....dark brooding and mysterious yet nice harmonies layering a sinister sound...I find myself enjoying this effort very much o and waiting for the next musical passage to come around the the fact that it's not typical 4/4 verse chorus verse chorus.....nice guitar interlude followed by a nice time change...very nicely done and would like to hear more..congratulations on a very cool song

United States, Pennsylvania, Ellwood City

Stormy Weather

One of the things I like about Number One Music is hearing styles of music I'd never hear any other place simply because of how the business works today. With that said, it's interesting the different takes on genre's. Production values and how artists conceptualize their vision of creativity. Here the vocals are earnest, but lost a little in the mix. This definitely sounds like a song that is in the storm!

United States, California, Huntington Beach



Alfa? Can't you feel? In my ears your opening offered questions in hard harmony, added to what could be described as an death March. This was and is a very nice surprise to me. Honestly the rock God's should be proud. Magic

United States, California, San Francisco

Cool rock cut


Nice to see refresh rock on here! Almost grunge like with a classic rock backing. Vocals are strong and lyrics are timely. Keep up the goo work. Hard to make fresh sounding music these daya

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Viva la France


I find this song intriguing. Very interesting arrangements and garage "raw" sounds. I follow all sort of french music and this is a song worth to listen to. Well done guys. Sentinel Alfa is top!

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Aptly titled


This song is aptly titled. The instrumentals immediately give off a thunderstorm-like vibe. The vocals sound almost growly/metal-esque, which I personally like but might be pushing it for the genres you listed this song under (pop and pop rock). However what I liked even more was the amount of emotion and expression put into the singing. That, to me, makes a huge difference between a song that is just decent and a song that is a hit.

United States, Wisconsin

Raise an Alpha Storm


Great mix, good vocal harmonies. As I am not a recording engineer I cant fault this recording. Lead vocal is very David Bowie in Places. Anyone into Bowie would appreciate Sentinel Alfa. I didn't even know France rocked! Thank to N1M we get to listen and perform to a worldwide audience.

Australia, Finch Hatton

Expertly powerful rock-song


This intro starts off with poweful hard-rock beat of the drums. The bass sounds perfect coordinated on the base drum. It isn´t only the engaging strong, regular repeated pattern of the drums which forcing the music constantly on a higher level. In this arrangement are also genuinely well-played rock-guitars accompaning the whole song. The rhythm varies and the drummer is playing this kick-stuff really powerfull. That isn´t really easy because of the orchestration with great solos from the e-guitar, but the whole instrumentation sounds really virtuos and implements a deep feeling for music. The brilliant played rock-guitars especially in the bridge increases this tune and is another extra factor. The vocalists of the band bringing really a strong feeling into the music. This song consists of virtuos cast of musicians, who understand what rock music is about. The lyrics comes from the heart and touches the soul. The arrangement is more creative than some others, influenced by Hard-Rock and Heavy-Metal. I can´t stop listen to this song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Germany, Hamburg

A Gateway to Rock :-


A few decades ago, rock was on solid ground. The music industry supported it and music lovers could not escape it. All one has to do is check out vintage MTV and you'll get the idea of how Rock ruled back then. Today Rock is in serious competition with new music genres. That's why when a song like "A Strange Kind of Life" comes along it stands its ground among the competition that surrounds Rock. Not only is the authentic style of this song great from its lyrics to its arrangement. But also, the elements of Rock theatrics are well carried out by the vocalist. Every now and then, the vocalists' French accent pops up which only adds edginess to the song. The singer has a melodic voice and the arrangement pays homage to vintage Rock yet it's new and fresh. As a huge fan of 30 seconds to Mars early stuff, I really enjoyed listening to this track. can't wait to hear more music from Sentinel Alfa. "Rock Never Dies"!

Canada, Toronto

Fun to listen to...


Fun to listen to... i found this track to be so reminiscent of so many various bands from the past, within a personal realm of respectful interpreting... This was a very C@@L track to listen to... Bowie meets Seargent Peppers/Beatles... ( enjoyed it!!!) Thx for sharing your Music:-)

United States, Louisiana, Lake Charles

mystic, dark rock song


This is a very catchy, dark and mystic rock tune and for several voices. The voices fit great together though the singer could do some more practice. Some notes are flat, but it's still ok. I also like the energy of the guitar. All in all good composition. Go ahead, Setinel Alfa!

Germany, Stuttgart

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