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The Song is so nice and I like the genre, so good vibey and fresh song. It's so dope and would love to keep it on ma playlist for sure. Thank you so much for making such a great and song thank you

South Africa, Cape Town

Nice harmonies!


This song is very pleasant to hear, a good musical job has been achieved. It's sounds almost as the old 80's songs. I like it The vocals and the overall melody is well in harmony with the atmosphere of well being of this song. Keep on doing your personal music it’s a real pleasure to hear it. Congrats

France, Marseille

Chorus hook is Tight.


Catchy, strangely unique original sounding track. I dig it, music and hook has that pull you in effect that works but In my opinion The 2 intro verses need something more, the vocals sound sorta thin, to high pitched and kinda “Fill” like instead of setting and building a powerful mood leading into the chorus, they distract, when its obvious the talent is there to captivate instead. Could maybe try the Bowie ese’ style vocals from the end @ the 1st 2 verses w/ similar lyric cadence, it might possibly help set a more powerful mood on the front end of the song setting up the chorus to pop more... Just a suggestion and my opinion, take it for what it is I guess, cause I like it. The music is right. It does the job. And context is good, just needs some rearranging so to speak.

United States, Rhode Island, Exeter

"Hello", Sentinel Alfa - DESIROUS REVIEW


Hi... THERE! Thanks for the review ask. I like the grunge style super cool believe.. one of my favorite review song. Congratulations..SUPER HELLO TOO YOU. Check my profile a great welcome inside, with love and super hellos god bye.. PEDRO MIGUEL.

Portugal, Figueira Da Foz

melodic and comfortable


Great melody, vocals are reminiscent of the "psychedelic furs" has a 80s pop feel. Guitar is solid and dynamic. Soft and comfortable feeling, something you can listen to over and over... If you love the psychedelic furs.. you will love this song

United States, Michigan, Detroit

Very Catchy


Not sure exactly what this reminds me of, but it's a good sound. Very well put together. Great guitar work. Easy to follow along with the song. Sounds like a big production type of song and sound. I believe you are well on your way to the big type. Sounds like you think very artistic and very deep with your songs. Best wishes, and best of luck for success. Sincerely Edward Westbrook (Atomic Energy Society) P.S. Has a little bit of BOWIE in there somewhere. (Which is awesome!)

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Good sound!


Melodic riff and nice voice. The music reach this part of you that like to be charm and you go with the flow of song. Nice construction of music and voice. Progressive sound that concur the universal sharing point.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal



Very very good pop rock very good grove like the sound nice voice very professional and the recording is amazing Very high feeling just get a car drive and listen the song thank you for music Anton

France, Paris



good stuff really and cool music even it is a rock song I hear peace in it, good rhythm too I like the voice rather similar as Bowie, I'm waiting for another song now and wish you a merry Christmas

France, Epinay sur orge

Hello Sentinel Alfa My Review!


Hi first of all cool stuff what I like about this song you have a lot going on in the music which catches the ears without having a problem at all I would be very interested in hearing more songs from you so I can get a feel for where you are headed music wise the vocals are a little different then what I am use to hearing but that's not a bad thing I hope what I have said will be of some help take care from James Milligan President/CEO,New Experience Rec/Rick Ross Music Music Group/UMG.

United States, Mississippi, Marks

Hello it a great sound


Just when I thought the intro went to long the base kicked in and added a new dimension followed by the rest of the band. Nice sound, flow, arrangement, and mix. Good counterbalance between the male and female vocals. Great set up for the break which then delivers. Deep vocal at end is not isolated enough. That Bowie sound should have been better executed through a cleaner mix. That would have put song over the top

United States, Illinois, Aurora

Electric Harmony


Energy has been bottled up, shaken , stirred and spread all over the canvas. . From the very outset of the tune, the energy level is at a high level. That in itself is a good thing. Yet in addition to that you were able to find yet another level. The electric guitars are well done and you have managed to reach that level without sacrificing the interest in the song. Although it was a little difficult to see where you were going from the outset, it was a job nicely done when you did find the apex of where you wanted to be. Nicely done on pulling it all together and then ultimately bringing it down for a smooth landing. I will be interested to see what you do in the future or if you focus on the guitar or some other instrument. Nice work.

United States, California, San Diego

interesting work


when i hear this band there is a special warm characteristic on hard and edgy guitar sounds. especially the low frequency character of the lead singer gives the sound a special flair. good job!

Hello Review: Shariah

The introduction to the song was very ear-catching/attractive to the ears. You sound young yet as though you have a very controlled and mature voice. However I have a hard time understandin your words because the music drowns out your vocals a bit so as far as production, I feel that it can be a bit more efficient pertaining to the high amount of talent you have both melodically and vocally.

United States, Florida, Tallahassee

great tune


very well played and composed! nice chorus i invite you to listen more from this artist. Nice classic rock music with sparks of brit rock. Reminds me something from U2 mixed with Husker du.

Sentinel Alfa


Sentinel Alfa, Hello, Good name to get notice, i like that, What can i say you were Pop Rocking front the start, Sounds hit bound to me, Great track, well mixed, Great Vocals, the vocals and the track are mixed real good together, now the track, well that is a moving track, i like how you got it moving, i can work with that track by it self, i'm not discounting vocals, i'm just saying i think you could hit with track alone, now with vocals you are twice as Great. just go to radio and get your Hit. Much Success to you and All, One World 1 Love

United States, California, Los Angeles

Sentinel Alfa Has Passion

Here we have a well written song with a good hook melody line and chorus. I enjoyed the musicianship and the quality of the production this is a serious band and I congratulate them (although this review is written about 2 years after you posted) Regardless enjoyed the feel and tempo the vocals and instruments are pro.

United States, California, Los Angeles

Good modern rock

French artist Sentinel Alfa has produced a good modern rock track entitled Hello. The driving bass and drums form a solid bedrock for the soaring vocal melody. This is a good song to have on the radio during a road trip!

United States, Washington, Seattle


This is a nice song but You need to put more work in to..make a better arrangement and put more Energy in to the Vocal part also will be a good idea to make an intro a little is ok to be perform life but I do not know haw Music Insiders will react but I know that They are looking for a Fantastic Songs and I'm sorry to say .Yours is not on That level..but is not important what I think..send It to Music Publishers and Radio Stations and let's see what They will say.. I wish You good luck.. I do like some parts of Your song..

United States, California, Los Angeles

catchy song with nice vocal builds

I like the change ups and the guitar riffs...this song would do well on some rock stations that play me check out stations you can submit to are listed on a site called issasongwriters its free great tune get yourself some airplay

United States, Tennessee, Nashville

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