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How Long Are Five Minutes and 41 Seconds?


I like the drum braeks in the verse. The vocals have good contrast: the verse is sung sad or bored what contrasts with the refrain. All in all a rough mix. Sounds like a recording in a rehearsal room. All in all good 70s rock

Austria, Vienna

Great Song


Nice song love the lyrics and creativity keep pushing stay motivated and stay focus and you will go far i can see you moving up in this industry so keep up with the greatness... Also please visit my page and listen to my newest single "House Party" also dont forget to share and recommend please Thanks

United States, Arizona, Tucson

Great Guitar Intro, Unique Sound, Deep Vocals, Good Song.


I like the style of this song with a mix of various volume, nice guitar work, tight drumming, bass, and vocals fit very well into this tune. I normally don't like to compare 'Bands' but if I have to on this one, it is like The Doors, meets R.E.M. meets Nirvana, yet still keeps a unique freshness of their own. Keep on writing and keep on rocking!! Great job.

United States, Florida, Tamarac

“How Long”, Sentinel Alfa - DESIROUS REVIEW


HI there. I like this rock alternative and deep melodies sounds cool kind tripping. Thanks for the review ask, Check mine profile.. you will love it. Get an super 2019 and a nice ending of 2018. Super bisous, Pedro Miguel

Portugal, Figueira Da Foz

How long?


"How long" trickles into the brain like a song by The Cure. It brings truth and reality of the that truth in the life of the Runaway Rebel. How long will you resist and corrupt your true nature is the thought provoking question I hear behind the lines. This song wakes you up and stirs the sou. It has a kick in it from the electric guitar which speaks to the soul. Fantastic interpretation of these lyrics. Bass guitar is excellent counterpoint and percussive with the drums. Excellent rendering in every way to send the message of surrender to a better way....a new bridge over troubled waters song. The instrumental is hard hitting and worthy of these inspired words bringing revelation and light to dark ways and hidden paths that lead to brokenness. Turn around burn your bridges and go in a new way, cross your River Jordan with your Angel going ahead of you to remove all obstacles in this run for life. Clean your hands and a purify your hearts.

United Kingdom

Good Song


Very interesting song. Almost has a influence like "The Doors" or something similar. Very Groovy sound, which I can dig. Love the Rhythm and Blues or Jazzy feel the song seems to have. I really like the guitar playing. I think with the right Producer this could be a great song. Not saying it's bad, it's just we all need a little input from others to expand our potential. Good going. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Edward Westbrook "Atomic Energy Society"

United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

good job


the piece is very well structured with varying drum parts and guitars that accompany the item really perfect way. I think the sound structure of the song is almost perfect, I would work a little more on the mix of the voice that seems a bit detached from the song, I feel not fully inserted in the structure of the piece, as if it were a foreign body. um mnesione apart merit the guitar solo that in my opinion is superlative, of the highest level as well as the bass ...

Italy, italy

Very creative tune with Retro elements, lots of potential.


Very good background track, it's smooth, relaxing. The vocals, however good in intonation just don't fit that part of the song. Then the song moves into more of a rock track. The vocals actually fit this better because the style of the voice. It needs some tightening between the tracks and some mixing love, but the song definitely has potential, a lot of of potential to become even more. There's a tiny bit of Blue Oyster Cult, some Spirit in there, and some 60's sounds. Contact Unlimited Power Records they might be really interested in this tune!

United States, California, Santa Barbara

Un bon morceau pop / rock bien varié et plein d'influences.


Excellentes séquences de guitares variées, de l'arpège cool au solo agressif, en passant par la rythmique et les riffs qui accompagnent les vocals. On sent trés bien l'influence des Doors dans la mélodie vocale et l'intonation du premier couplet (et ses reprises). Malgré tout, les voix manquent de pêche les gars sur ce morceau quand vous montez dans les aigus, ça fait un peu timide, c'est un peu dommage, et facile à améliorer. Franchement tout le reste est nickel, excellent boulot. Je retrouve même des intonations de Radiohead sur la fin ;-)

France, Toulouse



i really like the chords and also the instrumental all together but i have to admit it surprised me when the vocals dropped.not quite what i was expecting at the time of the intro just seemed to soon.let that intro simmer for a little bit first and then come in but it just transitioned to fast in my perception.the chorus is nice and the verses are nice as well. the tone is perfect i would say just let that intro simmer for a bit and not to come in so strong but very good song.

United States, Idaho, Boise



ROCK N ROLL BABY...! Brilliant, rock out track with great spiritually active overtones and a deep soul vibe arrival of intent, fully competent musicianship sounding very cohesive as a band. Keep up the great work and Rock on !!????✌

Amazing sound **


I love this kind of music, I like guitars and how the voice sound !! The atmospheres are a little bit dark and I love it!!! Great solo on guitar... Congratulations, I could buy an album like this one.

Netherlands, Den Haag

A great song hiding here. Leave off the jazz part of the song, fine tune the vocal performance just a tad.


This is a tough song, it starts out great with good instrumentation for a smooth song, then a stronger vocal comes in and even then it changes to the rock grunge style song. I suggest the song should forgo the beginning part completely and start with the chorus right away, it's the strong part of the song. The strong vocal over the soft instrumentation that doesn't quite work, it sounds like it a smooth jazz song. Instead maybe start with just drums and bass for example. You COULD take the guitar part for the jazz part and make it more power and distorted it would work better. Guess that's it, cross genre in a single song is almost impossible to make work. Make this one alternative grunge and you've nailed it, but the rest into a different song. Otherwise just a little vocal attention to take it to the next level and the instrumentation sounds good, strong drums, good bass, etc, mix is good also.

United States, California, Santa Barbara

Sentinel Alfa


Sentinel Alfa, How Long, not long, How Long, not long, you just need to get some airplay, it sound like what you would hear on the radio, Great groove, well recorded, Great job on the vocals and the mix. i really think you just need to market, promote, do some press releases, then go for all the radio you can get. Much Success to You, One World 1 Love

United States, California, Los Angeles

How long

It's not one of my favorites from this artist this song sound like another song I heard before The song doesn't move for me I'll give 3.5 stars Iove this artist best of luck steve from voodoo

United States, New York, Middle village

Bop review

Alright let’s get started I love that guitar riff to open up the song the riff reminds me of jimmy buffet.then all of a sudden out of nowhere it turns into a doors type of song which I never expected very kool though.very nice rhythm bass and drums tight.nice section that gets harder and rocks.nice vocals and hook.i now hear a section of the song that reminds me of stone temple pilots.overall I’m really digging this song.keep on writing and keep on sharing.

United States, Pennsylvania, Nazareth


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United States, Colorado, Denver


You have a nice song in here but..It need a lot of work..better arrangement and Much Better Vocal ( some notes are OFF The Tune )..which is no go in today music world..Remember that Music Publishers and Radio Stations only accepting Radio Ready Quality Recording re arrange ..and re record It and make below 3.5 min long..( Radio very rear play longer than 3.5 min for Commercial Reason )..I wish You good luck with submissions..I know that You will make It Better..

United States, California, Los Angeles



Canada, Ontario, LONDON


I really like the song the melody sounds good we'll put together I love the I tried the gutar is off the chain keep on making great Music and never stop creating thanks for sharing your music with me and others please keep me posted on any new music you have also let your hater's be your motivators trust me I listen to all types of music I try to be open minded once again thank you for sharing have a blessed day and enjoy the rest of your week peace.

United States, California, Every Where

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