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Está bien la canción, la interpretación, la instrumentación, todo está bien, un poco regular los coros de las mujeres que parece que andan un poco desafinado. Otra falta que le veo es que en esta música es muy importante el bajo y no se escucha, tengo que estar atento para escuchar algo del bajo y debería predominar sobre el resto de instrumentos. The song is good, the interpretation, the instrumentation, everything is fine, a little regular the choirs of the women that seems that they walk a little out of tune. Another lack that I see is that in this music the bass is very important and it is not heard, I have to be attentive to listen to something of the bass and it should predominate over the rest of the instruments.


I love the good Reegae!! Deep Sound and perfect rhytm. Magical voices, duo, trios etc.. The band sound very good!! Congratulation for your Music and your Lyrics!! Perfect for listening a evening free day!!

Enjoyable to hear Music this Honest

It is so enjoyable to hear Music this honest. As a Producer, I can share; This is so refreshing to hear the melodies and the lyrics that (aren't perfect, BUT) carry you into a story that puts the positive message right in your face and heart. So Enjoyable to hear TRUTH !!! Thanks for sharing your Music. Many Blessings ! :-)

Scratchylus Kiddus

Salut j'aime bien la rythmique et le tempo !!! c'est un style de musique qui s'écoute bien et facilement appréciable. a proposer a un large public aimant la joie et la bonne humeur. très très sympatique.

Catchy music

Music is life music is art music is a passion and it shows you guys have a ton of craft .your music is super awesome and amazing .love the feature on here especially.were looking to network and collab with artist such as you guys .keep up the super heavy weight work .you guys are bomb


I would love to hear an intro before the song begins. I love the sentiment of the song. I find the only issue I have with the song presently is that there is some much going on you lose the focus of the song. A couple of the vocals are out of tune slightly. I think a couple of overdubs and remixes would turn this into a popular song. The music track is great but concentrate on arrangement to bring the best out of the track. Take out some of the instruments at certain spots to let the track build. The message needs to be a bit more focused to capture the public's much needed attention. The children's spoken word sounds too much like an adult wrote it. I would think about re writing a bit with the child's help. All this commentary is to say one thing: I LIKE THIS SONG! I just think some more work needs to go into the mix before making it final. The message is much needed and important.

Empress Reggae for blessed children

Sometimes I like to start with a conclusion. Reggae is one of the most important styles of popular music. This song is a beautiful example. A very cool mixture of Reggae and Pop with a light groove. The composition characterize smooth sounds and effects from the synthiziser which are creating a nice space. The wonderful played trombones and horns in the backround bringing some more interest into the music. The rythm of the drums and percussion forcing the music constantly. The unique vocal from Empress Raggae enhancing the intensity and brings increasing feeling into the song. Sounds really perfect together with the expressive voices of Scratchylus and Sizzla Kalonji. This song has definitely a important message. The lyrics goes hand in hand with the future of our children and touching heart and soul. The excellent chorus and the refrain on this recording could be used for a film score. The music is more creative than some others. A very impressive arrangemend of a very talented musicians. When I listened to this song for the first time, I heard a sensation of music perceived in the heart and soul. I´m sure, you will also enjoy what you hear and like to add. Let others know your recommendation.

Weird & Wonderful

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song we have echoy vocals to kick off the song and I'm wondering what in the world is going on. Musically, the song is fine, but vocally, this is a mess. But that may be the effect you are going for.


A track that sounds like someone was having fun in the studio—that’s a good thing. The backing track gets a little confusing and overly busy sometimes, but that does not detract from the overall lovely listening experience. Hope you make many more of these tracks. Good luck!

I don’t like it

The vybe is not there I’m not catching a rhythm when I hear the music or a melody it’s just like all I hear is music but not really a good song to play back again it definitely needs more work the idea behind is perfect but the delivery of the lyrics and the music don’t fit together

Scratchylus feat. Empress Regg

Great lyrics... this track expresses happiness and make people relax while listening. it is also motivational and inspiring. The reverb of the track actually complies with the track and builds a great dynamics to make it sound stereo.


This is good Idea for a Song..but just an Idea..You ask for opinion ..You must re record this song ..put some Good Arrangement , good vocal ( this is Very Bad for many reasons )..I do NOT Recommend it to send out..Trust Me like I say this is a Good Idea but some Pro Studio and Singers must work on It..well I also know That Your Friends are telling You that "This is a Great Song"..but not.. work on It to make It Much Better.. good Luck..


This is a Great Idea for a song but some work must be done Vocals.. arrangement and Quality of Recording ..I think this is 'Work in Progress" not ready yet for Publishing Consideration..You have all in one place..Good Lyric message but again put some extra work in to to make It better..and when You will re record make sure that Everybody are in The Tune because some parts are off..I think if You will send It to Music Insiders as it is..They will agree with me...I wish You good luck with submissions..

Scatcgtlus, Empress Reggae, kiddus 1 - Review

Thank you for asking me to review your music. This is an interesting approach in the beginning. I would maybe give it a little bit of a lead in with some music to get your listeners a good introduction otherwise it may be a little confusing to follow in the beginning. This would help prepare your listeners. The chorus is good and is a good way to come back to the story. Just remember that your are telling a type of story for your listeners to follow along or you will lose them from the start. The melody is good and catchy and the message is good overall. Nice work, I think you are off to a good start. Just needs a little refining. All the best!


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