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Spend Some Time With Scotty Haze

Here is a song that we all wish we could sing. Everyone has met their soul mate at one time or another. We are touched and then we respond. In this beautiful melancholy song we become someone who has found that person. Now what? Scotty's voice portrays the desire in the same way that Willie Nelson or even Steve Earle might do it. The piano is the vehicle that delivers the truth. This is a song for people that have received the visitation of love. Hopefully that will eventually include everybody. Good Job Here!

Ohh, nice voice!

Wow, you have a really nice voice, very professional sounding! You are in tune and have good lyrics. I like the passion you express in your song. This is a good mix of sound. I like the arrangement on the song and it has a good feel to it. I like the piano and the mellow smoothness of this song. The change in sound at the ending is nice and fits well with the theme and passion of the song. Very nice.

Earnest and Powerful

First of all, I appreciate songs in which actual instruments are played by musicians, and songs which have more than five words. This heartfelt, moving tune has beautiful piano and guitar, and the vocals deliver a sweet and wise message in a soft, full setting, with great dynamics between verses and chorus. Nice songwriting, honest lyrics sung well and earnestly; I can dig it!

Strong Effort

Beautiful arrangement. I especially like the blend of instruments in the beginning. While I think the first verse could be improved some, the song gets stronger lyrically as it progresses toward the end. If I were singing this, I might hold the "on" of "on to" in the chorus a little longer to smooth out the flow, but that's just a small quibble. All in all, a strong effort.

Spending Time With You

This is a very emotive song. The lyrics are well written and seemingly quite heart felt. The vocal performance is standout in its authenticity. Technically, neither a great singer nor a challenging melody, but OMG is this made up for in the raw emotive quality of a unique sounding voice and performance. In this case, tone, more than virtuosity, makes for a wonderful experience. Like some other reviewers have suggested, there are some Willie Nelson and even Mark Knopfler qualities present. But certainly less rhythmically spoken and much more musical than Mark Knopfler. The piano and cello (synthesizer?) combination are well suited to the melody, lyrics, and phrasing. But, I would have preferred to hear a well played acoustic instead of the electric guitar. To my ears, the song was set up wonderfully well, but then intruded upon by a thin sounding, unattractive distortion on the guitar. Of course, this is just personal taste. But, for me, an acoustic or even a warm and dark, jazz box could have been magical. Either or both would have added to the heart tug that is inherent in the lyrical content and vocal delivery. I am not certain, and that's a good thing, what was meant by: ”Our lives are narrowed down to a few more months it's true”. Is it a metaphor for advanced age, changing circumstances, or even terminal illness? I'm at a loss, and grateful for the lack of detail. The ambiguity invited me to engage that one line from within my personal experience. Anytime a song makes me think about something as important as the currency of time, it has my respect and has my gratitude. Best, Michael

Deep n Smoothe tune....

I really enjoyed this song. It reminded me of Mark Knopfler tune where the music is rockin all around but the vocals stay smoothe and centered so it has a relaxing yet rocking effect. Sweet lyrics as well to give it depth. Well crafted

Spending time.!!

Hi Scotty Wht a lovely Song.!! I can really relate to this Song God has blessed me with my everything a Man that would change my life for the good forever thanks for allowing me to hear words from your heart keep up the good work.!!!

Nice song and arrangement

Hi, nice song and arrangement, very Willie Nelson-like! I like the laid back vocal. I really love strings, great to hear them here, it adds to the sensitivity of the song. Nicely done, lovely tune.

Good song

I like everything about this song . Really good songwriting and playing and a cool whispery voice reminds me a little of whispering bill Anderson. The song keeps you wanting to hear it till the end.

Sweet love song

Sweat piano melody, slow rythm, rough voice, and cello in backstage introduce this love song. Everything is in harmony all along the song, including the arrival of riffs of electric guitar and drums. I like especially the séquence with the rythm guitar, it brings an efficient variation in the course of the song, avoiding to use the so so habitual bridge guitar solo in this kind of music. Quite classical but very good work anyway!

Hello from Jerzy

Finally I was able to listen a Good Song with Good Recording.. I think need some work on arrangement somehow piano do not make the song completed.....I feel like something is missing..You have a Original Voice..Is good for life performance ..well try to Pitch it to AM / FM Radio Stations and Music Publishers..and let's see what They will say...I think You did a Good Job and I wish You Good Luck...


Very nice soulful tune. Good voice - and tastefully arranged! Looking forward to hearing more from this up and coming artist. I would like to hear what the artist’s other songs are like. Good luck!

Enjoy the trip

Scotty, enjoy your song very much,,It has a feel that takes a person back to their own experiences and also like your voice.Actually I would like to do the song myself in my gig. Believe I could do a credible job with it.....Thanks for the trip....

Very good.

I love the song, the arrangement, the voice - all great! We need more good love songs. This song would sound great on the radio and I could also see it being used in film and TV. Best wises with the song and all your music.

Hi Scotty Haze here is my review!

Hi Scotty Haze this my review first of all I really like this song vocals were upfront and even the lead vocals were nice I am really looking forward to hearing more songs from you keep up the good work I hope you get lot's of airplay I do hope what I have said will be of some help I know you must have put your heart into this song on a scale 1-10 here is my 10 from J.Milligan New Experience Rec/Rick Ross Music Group/UMG.
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