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Scott Day
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Scott Day

About Scott Day

I put "I Phone Lifestyle" in Pop since as Americana it didn't seem right for Americana appears to be right Country.
I had made early in the new century what I called "Ear Movies". The entire album "I Phone Lifestyle" is more a concept album than the ear movie I aspire to perfect.
Firesign Theater did great ear movies.
Scott Day: Myself. Well it is understood by people that know me I am a poly ... read more

About Scott Day

I put "I Phone Lifestyle" in Pop since as Americana it didn't seem right for Americana appears to be right Country.
I had made early in the new century what I called "Ear Movies". The entire album "I Phone Lifestyle" is more a concept album than the ear movie I aspire to perfect.
Firesign Theater did great ear movies.
Scott Day: Myself. Well it is understood by people that know me I am a polymath. My ideal room of court, is with tables all around and has a center or end Throne & Table. I go round in circles working on whatever different things I push to completion eventually along the way.
I have written books. I gave up on attempting to find any representation of my work from where I was in North Carolina. I have self published and self produced using (expired link) & my work can be found on amazon if you look hard.
Scott Day is my name as a performer but for my books it is Russell Scott Day. If you really want to know where I am coming from there is the book "Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter".
I started as a poet and became a poet filmmaker. I say I am the inventor of the Youtube Epic Serial Playlist Documentary Feature. "Suggested Viewing for Mac DeMarco" is the finished edit while "My New Movie, Movie Quest" is ongoing.
I stopped writing poems and began to write lyrics as part of the campaign for the currency of fame that I require to finish my lifetime's work, a Nation of Airports I call Transcendia.
As a 60s & 70s Revolutionary by 1978 I had come to believe the US could not be reformed and I needed to found another nation, and it was to and is to be a tool for peace. Now I am certain I could found a real nation from art & particularly from a love & war VR Scratch & Sniff movie. Normally to found a nation there is a bloody war that consecrates the ground. With the right movie and game no real war is now required.
South Koreans have pioneered the 4D movie tech I am talking about.
With increases in the Currency of Fame I can pull it all off.
Importantly I have been a "Successful Artist" proven by the big show at Alexander/Heath Contemporary Art Gallery curated by Ed Hettig Sept to Oct. 2015.
This album "I Phone Lifestyle" was in the works at that time. I spoke of Transcendia, the work of conceptual art, we played instruments I had made, and there were 12 sales that night and have been two or three since.
The Political Artist must be a successful artist or is suspect in association with the "failed artist" stigma of Hitler.
Fame is only properly achieve as a result of your good work, not your bad.
The aim is to do as much good as Hitler did bad.
I am behind the power curve in my goal of preventing the Apocalyptic Riot.
I have to say I want the same audience as Mac DeMarco has. I have hoped to sell him one of my songs, to tell the Truth.
I knew I had a hit with "I Phone Lifestyle" and I have showed up on N1M because of my friend Joff Wilson whose work "Screaming Bloody Murder" is now charting. Give him a listen. He is great and a fine songwriter singer guitarist working primarily in the East Village. Joff has slept in a church vestibule with his guitar.
I was born in White Plains NY in 1952. My Father was a Drama an Speech teacher having finished college on the GI Bill after serving in the latter stages of the Battle of the Bulge. When teaching at Iowa State he met my mother who was pretty dramatic herself. She had worked on early educational television and eventually achieved her Masters in Library Science. Both my parents had their Masters Degrees.
I took to heart all that "those that can do and those that can't teach" garbage.
I can say "My past is your future." for a lot of reasons. I've been Sag eligible and held a gaffer IATSE card.
My adolescence was spent in Elon College, NC. I eventually went to high school in Greensboro, NC, and on the South Side of Chicago. When at Kenwood Sr. High as it was then I got essentially two scholarships. Initially I was in Urban Gateways Writer's workshop and they somehow sent me to the Cranbrook school's Summer program school "Adventure in Creativity".
Cranbrook is in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. & is where Mitt Romney when to High School.
I worked on the Security Force for the Experimental College Rochdale College.
Later I went to Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.
The idea there was to learn just the tools of my art and self direct. I took AV tech. It served me well.
Thanks for your interest in me. I really appreciate it.

(expired link). CDs are no longer for sale on Amazon.

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Scott Day
5 months ago

Prohibition & what It means to me.

Had I not gotten old and ill I would not have been given a prescription for time release morphine. At the time I was forced to sign a contract saying my prescription would be withdrawn if I smoked pot. There was drama in the room when I said the doctor was made into a cop.
I asked the doctor why they gave me the prescription. "I've seen the XRays."
This is a long time ago now. I am disabled by pain without this prescription. I had for a long time stopped any use of pot 3 weeks before doctors visits as concerns their prescriptions. I am fairly certain the psychiatrists I visited told them what I was doing. I told them I didn't like it that they kept writing. I had developed the habit of expecting confidentially from Psychiatrists. I don't see psychiatrists on a regular basis and in the system of the doctors in the hospital conglomeration don't care about my "Privacy"? secrets.
This is about pot mind you. The Pain Clinic doctors allowed that marijuana represented no threat to my health. It did not interfere with my other battery of drugs. So far as I have been concerned, and finding it helps me get along, I smoked it when I could get it.
There was more drama that ended up putting me through morphine withdrawals. The experience of that was terrible and painful. My wife found for me another pain clinic. I probably failed many of the piss tests and the doctor just discontinued speaking of any failures and continuing my necessary prescriptions.
Now they have retired. I was handed off to another Clinic that demands I use no pot and don't drink beer.
I drink 3 beers a day. I smoke pot. While these vices do me some good here and there they cannot keep the pain at bay, at a level that allows me to do much of anything else but pace in fury around the room, consumed by pain and Dis Ease.
I am in the grasp of fear. Today I would fail the piss tests upon which my prescriptions rest.
What gives them the right to punish me in the manner facing me? If I could live without these drugs, I would.
I have written my Congressman. While their is a bill, it does nothing but extend Decriminalization federally which does nothing for my situation for I live already in a state that has decriminalized marijuana.
Our Federal Government made marijuana illegal in 1952 or '53 against the recommendations of doctors.
During the Nixon years there was created a War about it so that hippies and beatniks could be captured and their lives disabled. I forget Blacks. Especially urban Blacks were targeted.
Police became soldiers of the Drug war more than peace keepers. Probably 30 percent of policing has become about arresting people for having pot and using it.
"It's our policy." is the position of the doctors demanding piss tests looking for THC markers and nothing else. Has nothing to do with healthcare.
I encourage my followers to do what they can to bring us to the day when pot is "LEGAL" Federally. If they haven't figured out how to make money from it, aside from retail business taxes, that is not our problem.
Our problem is our doctors are hurting us.

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Scott Day
8 months ago

I Need to Get Serious, I'm a Grandfather Again

My Daughter has had another son. I am undercapitalized. In June, on or before June 4th the CDs I made as Scott Day will cease to be sold on Amazon. What was offered here for you all to listen to for free was intended to help sell the CDs. At the time I made them 25 percent of the market was in CDs. Crosby said only way to make any money regardless was to sell the CDs. That has not been happening. It is your last chance to get the whole ear movie as a CD. As Scott Day I did make two other CDs. "Can I Love the Masses" & "Beatniks & Spiders by Outdoor Cats" (me) & oh yeah "Trump Jam [Historic]. "I Phone Lifestyle" as a beat ear movie is something. Thanks

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Scott Day
11 months ago

Still Alive

Mostly the heading says it all. I am still alive. I have finished one good painting out of three. Many artists do sketches before painting a canvas or panel or on something else. I started painting on pieces of steel.
I start with photographs I have made. I think landscapes are easier than paintings of people. Getting what I want is easier the bigger the canvas.
Otherwise I've written a good number of comments to articles on the NYTs.

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Scott Day
1 year ago

China & ETC.

Maybe Communist China will attack the US the way Japan did? I hope not.
I've been reading a great deal. Read the book "Tower of Skulls" by Richard Frank. His description of the negotiations between FDR and the militarized Japanese sounds eerily similar to negotiations between the Communist Chinese & Trump's administration. Randy Newman wrote songs about things like that when I was in high school. We thought we were smart because we understood and agreed with him.
I don't know if I can be smart enough about anything anymore.

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Scott Day
1 year ago

Nuclear Weapons

One of my things was to attempt to be a stand-up comic. It was something I did for about 3 years in the early '80s. Then I was living in Fort Lauderdale. It is so long ago now I will have to refer to notes to have surety of finding whatever reasoning was behind my visits to the Comic Strip there in Fort Lauderdale, FLL. FLL is the airport identifier. I worked at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International for Business Air Center. It was a good job for me to be walking around the ramp helping people either get off the ground by giving them fuel or moving their plane into a parking spot and tying it down.
I had never really got with the employment program where you get a job and just keep it for your whole life.
Of course on top of it is the fact that the world changes.
You do change as well, moving towards what is a realized destiny if you are proactive about it. So I was apparently destined to make the CDs that I have.
My orbits in the small town of Carrboro, NC, or Not Conscious as a stand in for North Carolina were to drive over to the little airport and see if I could influence it's continued life as a completion of the port function of the town. I'd taken to stopping by the Music Loft and buying things with which to make music.
Then I might swing by to see Sid art Surplus Sid's.
No this was after I'd gotten ill and was no longer working as a carpenter doing renovations.
Now I just stay home. The Music Loft is something else now. The combination for the fence into the airport is changed. It is supposed to become a solar farm. Since it is Corona days and I don't drive anymore, I don't go anywhere.
The CD is something I'm proud I did. Warrior Sound and Al Jacob are recommended.
I need to take a nap.

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