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This is awesome! Keep it up! Check my music out at I opened up for Rick Ross last year! Follow me on twitter too @NileRoss


this is very nice, great mix! its different electronic and acoustic. keep it up!

Little Things Review

Love it! Interesting start, well produced, well written. Very interesting voice. The vibe for this song is very cool. Love the topic. So true. Although it is larger than a little thing, this song is one of the things that helps you get through.

Review of the little things

What a fantastic song, beautiful intro then wow the vocals kick in with lovely emotion i would buy this and hope there is an album out to buy. You have done a superb mix and job with this one i love it.

the music

very warm felt. very attention grabbing. swinging in and out of every dose of feelings that are in the lyrics. #itsiron


wow...excellent voice Sarah... really nice song,composition and lyrics. We expect for more to come... :) Keep it up!

Feel in love

Sarah Spicer – Didn’t expect this when I hit the play button, Gorgeous tone – uplifting lyrics and a great positive message which I am a sucker for, (positive mental attitude) PMA all the way! I would collaborate with Sarah – she would bring value to any production based on this song. Reminds me of the 80s /90’s (In a good way) Would love to remix this !!!! Keep doing you Sarah , fully enjoyed the journey ! P.s The arrangement works just as it is ;-)

good vocals and lyrics

very good vocals and lyrics. keep it going but just need to add a few bridges or little more staff to the instrumentals

Yeah man!

Very Nice!! I like it Nice groove, sweet voice mixed with conscious lyrics...Yeah!! Keep it going..just like that!!

Review of "The Little Things" by WC


The Little Things Review

Very intriguing vocals, on occasion it was flat, BUT the attitude works for the track. Very well done instrumental as well! Good Job!


Keep it: up

Review of The Little Things

nice and smooth groove with soft clear vocal. It would make a great song to listen to when you want to mellow out, like in heavy traffic.


Very lovely track. Lyrics are vey well written. Feels like wonderful cruising or laying back and relaxing music. Delightful ride sis.
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