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rustle of luv is the stage name for Milwaukee, WI singer/songwriter/artist/actor Russell Martocci. This site features a selection of the many recordings with various line-ups of Milwaukee musicians, rustle has made over the years.


Player Key

This Image Can Be Viewed In The Image Section And Contains A List Of All The Musicians Who Play On These Songs

Player Key

This Image Can Be Viewed In The Image Section And Contains A List Of All The Musicians Who Play On These Songs

Eating It

Like many another COVID shut-in; I too have let my pate run wild, in the way of hair and it being "long", as it were. I now have the shoulder length hair of my junior high, half-a-Hippie 13 year old dreams. It's a bit silly on a man my age, though. It tends to get into your mouth when your eating and everywhere else, when you're not.

I've decided to incorporate it into a TBA future show. I'll start out with my hair all frizzed out, to be as large as possible. Then at some propitious point, dunk my head in a bucket of water, because that should be a funny sight. Should get a laugh.

Then, at a later point, I'll invite an audience member up on stage and give them two minutes to cut it. That should also get some laughs. Let's hope I don't end up "eating it", in an entirely different sense.

I look for Networkers to share on social media. I do share a few Networkers each day, in addition to Blincoin shares. I don't really understand the mailing list. Maybe it's relevant to the newsletters. I do those, when they're free. I follow-back with Networkers.

I hope these posts get to everyone who writes messages. I get supportive, generous messages and I'm grateful to read them. I will go into messages and answer a few, but there's a lot of those and I'm a live-in aide for a person with Cerebral Palsy and I don't have a lot of spare time.

No doubt I can attach a song to this post, so I'll attach the song Forward Definition. It was included in our Free Luv project, so that's the image I'll put on here. N1M appears to require that I attach an image. Hope they're not too large. This song is taken from something my friend Wes Streeter said to me about our mutual friend, Mickey (who also played Bass on several live gigs. She is pictured on the cover for Luv Honey). The musicians who played on it are listed in the booklet pages, that are stored in the images section of this website.

There's a page which lists the various musicians with a unique symbol next to their name. That symbol appears on the lyrics page for the songs they played on. Match the symbol to the name on the player Roster, to see who played on what song.

That's enough for now, Number One Musicians! Peace to the Out!

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The Science Of Humore

Clearly, humor is about random 'e's. Just plug a randome 'e' in there. Next thing you know, everybody's having a good time. I hope these newsletters are a suitable substitute for answering everyone's messages. Maybe I should go in and answer a few.

I've added all the pages to a Free Luv booklet, to the image section of this website. These were the little booklets we made to go with our home made Free Luv CD art project. We just made them and left them around town for people to find. Ray Hernandez, the person I give care for, would participate in the CD making process; doing things like cutting out the booklet pages. There's all the pages to a complete booklet now. I may have to put a booklet cover in there, I now realize. We'll get there.

There is a guide to which musician plays on which song, on the booklet pages. Each musician has their own little symbol next to their name on the player key (which lists them all with their instruments), then their little symbol appears with the lyrics to songs they played on.

I put three new songs up: Loin Street, Splendor American and Stray Voltage. Here's the explanations for each, which I put on each "lyrics" page. I'll eventually add the actual lyrics to the explanations.

Loin Street - This song is a bastardization of some poems by my friend Sheila Spargur. I just took different lines from different poems in her collection of poems called "Lion Street" and jumbled them around in provacative and loin pleasing ways. Sheila's picture is in the images section of this website, on one of the Free Luv booklet pages. Ron and Don Turner are featured musicians. This song was recorded by Bill Stace at Walls Have Ears studio. Bill and Ron mixed it.

Splendor American - This song is a rather haphazard assemblage of comic book titles, strung together to sound neato and fun. I made it during my Big Lebowski phase, where I wanted to put references to The Big Lebowski in all my songs. There's the sort of meaning in the lyrics, that one derives from an abstract painting. Everyone hears something different. I'd hate to ruin your good ideas for it, with my humble intentions for meaning. Different ideas present themselves to me as a song's arriving at its final form. I had the vague idea of this song, as reflecting culture back upon itself. I included clips from The Big Lebowski, that were all people on the phone. Jeffery is The Dude. Brandt is The Butler.

Stray Voltage - This song was recorded live in the early 2000's, at an East Side Milwaukee bar called The Tasting Room; on a single mic, handheld tape recorder. This song reflects what the three people in the photo for Luv Honey sounded like on stage. Mickey (Bassist) Tess (Drummer) and me, rustle (Guitar). We all sing on it. The lyrics come from something I overheard someone say; that his old man got laid more than he did and something about schoolgirls dressed as hookers.

The song I've attached to this newsletter is called Old Clown. It's actually a sort of medely of 3 cover songs: This song is the real reason for the title of this newsletter. "Jocularity, Jocularity" is something I remember from a M*A*S*H episode, where Father Mulcahy gets drunk.

Old Clown consists of:
A brief bit suggested by The Beatles' "You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
A cover of Milwaukee legend Voot Warnings' "Old Clown"
A cover of Guided By Voices' "Game Of Pricks"

It only streams, b/c it's a cover. The bed tracks were recorded at Walls Have Ears by Bill Stace and Ron Turner; then me and Paul Setser fucked around with it for a while at Paul's home studio. We added some audio to make it sound like it starts out at a live venue and various vocal and instrumental parts, because I didn't like the studio guitar sound. This version is a wee overblown, but It's busy and fun.

That's enough for now. Peace!

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Most Peculiar, Momma; Whoa!

So, those newsletters are 500 schnizz at a crack. I did not grokk that, when I put the first 500 in. We're going to have to scale back our expectations on newsletter frequency to: once, every time it's free. I will do more of these things, instead.

Not for nothing; strawberries and radishes not only have a similar size, shape and red/white appearance; but they also share certain subtle flavor points. This is an entirely unscientific conclusion; drawn upon the basis of taste-buds, alone. There's a flavor Venn diagram of their shared ground, I'll wager. Just sharing my thoughts on that.

As I have said in previous communications; I'm a live in aide for a person with Cerebral Palsy, named Ray. I include Ray in all these art projects. We made many CD-Rs of rustle music with little booklets and passed them around for free. We called them Free Luv.

I've posted pages from the Free Luv booklets; which have lots of pictures of Ray, as well as pictures taken by Ray. Ray cut out the booklets, and the little album like sleeves for the CD-Rs, on a paper cutter. Eventually, we'll get all the pages to a complete booklet up there.

I've put up some pictures of Ray Rustle wall art, that Ray participated in. We will offer some of that for sale in our catalog.

When I do newsletters, I'll include a song and explain something about it. Now I see, that this thing will let me upload a video or songs. Guess I could do that on these posts.

I'll attach a YouTube vid that The Orchard put up there, of a slightly better mix of Angelynne under a slightly different title: Angel Leah. I attached both versions. This song was recorded at Walls Have Ears, by Bill Stace. Jason Lovall played the violin part. Mike Skeff on Drums. Ron Turner on Mandolin. Don Turner on accordion. I sang it, wrote it, played Guitar and mixed it with Paul Setser. Sarah Kozar sang back ups. We have a version with Ray singing along. We'll get around to sharing that, too.

I guess that's enough for now!

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Standards And Practices

Hello Number One Musicians! The point of these newsletters is to avoid doing all those thank you notes. This is intended to thank everyone at once.

Thank You!

When it comes to cross promotion, what I do is look for the most Blincoins offered by any act and cash in on that, then once or twice a day share a song from 2 or 3 people from my network w/o any recompense. I'll try to do different names and get to every one, eventually. If I don't get to you, send a message and I'll make sure to count you in.

In each one of these, I'll attach a different song from my link page and explain what it is and where it came from. For example: Bimini Flow, above.

This song was recorded at Walls Have Ears recording studio and Bill Stace dialed the knobs. Ron Turner and Bill mixed it down. Ron Turner is a Milwaukee "band slut", as it were; which is just a mean way of saying he's a really good multi-instrumentalist and plays with a lot of bands. He played Bass, lap steel and six string Guitar w/me. He plays Bass on this track.

Mike Skeff plays the Drums. Don Turner, Ron's brother, plays an Accordion. Ron and Don played on a lot of my recordings. I played Guitar, wrote and sang it. I took those bed tracks over to my buddy Paul Setser, who had a home studio and we put backing vocal tracks on it. Mine for sure. I don't remember if anyone else sang on it.

Then we brought over Freddie Lee, a Milwaukee guitarist who makes his own records and had him play two lead parts, against each other. Then Paul mixed it all down.

That's Fred's picture on the front of this track. He's playing guitar at a place called Quarters in Milwaukee's Riverwest district. That picture was taken by Ray Hernandez; a person with Cerebral Palsy, who I work for as a live-in aide. You'll find lots of pictures of Ray and all the people I mention, in the images section of this page. Ray took a lot of them.

I guess that's enough for now. I'll do these once a week? Is that cool?

Goodbye everybody, goodbye!

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I'm back, so here's what I wrote the first time:

When do you give up on a bad movie? As soon as you think, "oh, I see. This is total crap", or do you wait a minute and keep watching. To study the form. To consider the relative merits. To gawk at the wreckage and ask yourself, "Where did they go wrong?" Except, maybe it rots your brain a little bit, each time and probably you're better off just cutting your losses and moving on. Which o' deez, Charlie Partannan?

I've decided that, instead of sending thank you notes to every new networker; I'll just follow everybody back and send a newsletter to everyone, all at once. I'll include a song in each one and attempt to explain my actions regarding it, to the rest of the class.

In this newsletter, I've attached 'Mary Woronov' which is taken from quotes she actually gave about being a 'Chelsea Girl' at Andy Warhol's Factory, plus some of my own words I thought were cheeky enough, w/which to waste your time. The 'Chelsea' being a New York hotel many women who hung out at the Factory, all lived at. Mary is an actress who made movies with her husband Paul Bartel, like 'Eating Raoul'. Here's what Wikipedia says, "an American actress, published author and figurative painter. She is primarily known as a 'cult star' because of her work with Andy Warhol and her roles in Roger Corman's cult films."

I'm backed on this record by the Milwaukee band MAKI, which includes Jeff Buckley on guitar and vocals. I sing it and play guitar. I wrote it. Al Weatherhead played drums and also recorded, mixed and produced a great version; but the DAT got lost in Jack Koshack's office at The Rave (a Milwaukee music venue), by my dead buddy Kurt (who we all miss and love). Bill Stace took the masters and produced the version we have here today, which is nice, b/c he recovered Don Turner's keyboard part, that had been left out of the original mix. Well, I do go on. I'll redo the text for the first newsletter tonight or tomorrow.

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