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Hi Ronald, nicely done! I love the traditional sound to this song. The piano really compliments the song. Your vocals are superb and perfect for this song. Very meaningful lyrics. I really enjoyed listening. Congrats! on a well produced song.

Canada, Quebec, Montreal

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Oh, Ronald, there are no words to express how completely incredible this tune turned out for you. From the very opening, you know you're in for something special, as always. Melodies are right on target, and the lyrics are remarkable. When you got it, you really got it and that's your gift to have it. Heartfelt chorus and timeless song story makes for a mood set like no other.

United States, Pennsylvania, Lester

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Nice instruments. Piano is a little loud in places. I love the old country. Nice chord structure and melody. I could use a lead guitar, steel or both. Nice lyrics. Harmony is good, bass is good.

United States, Tennessee, Clarksville

Good story, nice song title.

I really enjoyed the story of the song. I liked the music, but I think the steel should have a bigger part of the lead, in place of the piano. Voice and harmonies were a little off key and perhaps I would have a ladies voice doing harmony. It is just my opinion. I do like the song, except for the parts I mentioned. Good luck and BEST WISHES TO YOU!

United States, Maryland, Damascus

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Almost like a Crystal Gale introduction and a grand ol Oprey recognition of a good older coming back for another last audience. Good supportive and generously attributed backing band with good quality key, electric guitar and key boards. As all old style country songs and lyrical stories there is always a great and inspiring amount of sentiment and emotion. Nice harmony overdubbed and classically interesting slide guitar and melodic piano interlude. AOverall a very sweet rendition of a lovely lovely country and Western song which could have been just as well recorded in the thirties just as much as this news one. Well done

United Kingdom, Bridport

Unique Sounds

Good afternoon thank you for sharing your music with me I really like the song is very unique and creative I like the style of your music. It's very creative listen to All general music jazz pop rock ice which is the name of you. Continue state-created keep on sharing the music. Hope you have a wonderful week so far you're you're coming weekend thank you again for sharing your music with me keep posted on what's going on I want

United States, California, Every Where

Short the pieces

Good singing and musiķ. A good feeling in tact. But the song is too long. 4 min maximum. Listeners are too weak can not cope vith more and 3.5 min. A very good composition. Go on and short it and it vill be fine.

Sweden, Stockholm

Great song

Great melody and instrumentation, the piano is awesome, all of the instruments are sitting right in the correct space. The mic on the vocals did not help the vocals, maybe a bit to much reverb on this one.

United States, California, Murrieta

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